Kevin Schmidt Chipmunks SQUEAKUEL

Princess Protection Program‘s Kevin Schmidt on Chipmunks & Stoner Project.

  • Anonymous

    Stoner project sounds…potheady

  • MOnica!

    alvin and the chipmunks are being shot at my school!!!!!
    AHHHHHHH im so excited!!! iv got pictures and stuff ill take them tommarow!

    and if you think im lying, then so be it

    just to tell you that i am NOT lying…
    when you watch the movie
    thie schools mascot is the “Screaming Eagles” there colors are maroon, and gold, and navy.
    the school’s name is west Eastern.


    there shooting here for five weeks
    oh yeah, and i heard a romor that miley and the jonas brothers were in it too. idk for what but thats the romor

  • selina

    he is soo sweet.

  • 1st


  • 1st


  • Shelby

    ahhhhhh he is at MY high school
    its kind of amazing
    i saw him today outside of spanish class where they are doing a bulk of the filming
    and about miley and JB im pretty sure thats just hype
    it would be amazing if it was true tho
    but jesse mac and chris warren jr are apparently there!

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