Matt Dallas SHIRTLESS Tyler Shields

Former Kyle XY stud Matt Dallas shirtless in a video portrait by Tyler Shields.

  • Ivy

    Gosh… he is attractive, haha. I love Matt.

  • s2rob

    holly mother of god, are you people blind?
    that is a piece of heaven on earth for goodness sake.

  • Jessica

    What is wrong with you people? I think he is VERY attractive…

  • Anonymous

    I would do this guy in a second.

  • CDK

    First! and only becuz no one cares about this x)

  • Anonymous

    he needs a tan

  • Anonymous

    Not that good of a body…..he’s not tht good lookin either

  • Kristy

    Honestly, Matt Dallas is one of the best looking male celebrities out there, I just love him so much!

    It’s a shame Kyle XY is being canceled…I hope ABC Family comes to their senses and gives the show another chance!

  • Anonymous
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