Danielle Harassed At Jesse Mac Show


Kasey met Danielle Deleasa with her friend Sarah [Kevin’s the godfather of her soon to be born baby] at a Jesse McCartney concert in New Jersey on Feb 28: ‘They both seemed like they were having so much fun!

They were singing and laughing the whole time. After the concert we followed them down to the front entrance Danielle was nice enough to take a picture with me. Right after I heard Danielle ask Sarah where they wanted to eat, and she jokingly said Hooter’s.

From Jasmine: After the show when things started clearing out, I spotted that Danielle with Sarah. As we were leaving there was this group of ridiculously rude girls and they yelled out to Danielle that she was a ‘nasty skank’, But Danielle and Sarah just kept walking until they yelled, ‘yeah nasty whore walk away!’

That’s when Sarah turned around and was like ‘are you kidding me? Shut up and get your own life!’ Danielle had to pull her arm and yank her away it looked like she was about to hit those girls! It was crazy and yet very entertaining. I can’t believe that girls could be so rude to Danielle!’

  • Katie

    okay is this for real! I mean why are people such losers.That girl Sarah was right, those girls need to get a life! Danielle has nothing to do with anything, I mean shes normal girl who happens to be dating Kevin Jonas…who cares! I’m sure shes a super nice girl and those girls need to get over themselves and learn some manners. If I was there I would have said something to them!! But thats just my opinion. :)

  • anon

    Sorry – not buying that harassment story. Find it hard to believe that fans at a Jesse McCartney concert would even recognize Danielle as the girl going out with Kevin Jonas.

    And I don’t mean this as a knock against Danielle. Just think the story is bullshit. Hope so anyway; she doesn’t deserve to be harassed.

  • Anonymous

    MUCH respect to Danielle. You has a lot of class and she can tolerate a lot.
    I would have got into a fight. No doubt.
    Go Sarah for defending her.
    Those girls need to get a freakin’ life for trying to hate on someone they know NOTHING about.
    If you hate on a Jonas girlfriend that’s famous, at least you can TRY to disguise your retarded jealousy by saying you hate them for their work.
    But there’s no reason to hate Danielle.
    SHE IS GORGEOUS. Point plank. And really lucky. But maybe Kevin is the lucky one, we don’t know.

  • Anonymous

    i really hope this does not do anything to their relationship. Those girls are so stupid. You can tell Danielle was a bigger person by the way she didn’t say anything back. I’m glad Kevin is dating a person like Danielle.

  • Anonymous

    If somebody seriously said that to her that girl needs to get smacked. Who the fuck do these people think they are? You don’t yell stuff like that to someone you do not even know.

    god people these days. I’m sorry Danielle. People can be bitches.

  • Annette


  • mileyfan7

    Omg.. that is SO rude!!!

    They SHOULD get a freaking life!!!

    I feel sorry for Danielle.

  • Anonymous

    hey she is amrried to KEVIN. DAH!!

  • blackskittle

    thats rude!
    if i was danielle, i woulda went off on that girl. seriously, idc if my boyfriend is one of the jbs, or anyone for that matter.
    it woulda been on.

  • bridget

    Wow that sucks. I’m not a JB fan but that was really classy of her to not react badly like that. It shows a lot of restraint. I dunno if I would have been able to do the same in the situation. Even if you don’t like a person b/c of what you read online about them(though I’ve never really heard anything negative about her) it’s not your place to say something like that to them in public when you don’t even know them. They have no right to harass that poor girl like that. I really hope this isn’t something she has to go through on a daily basis.

  • Anonymous

    they called her a skank. what’s wrong with pointing out the truth?

  • sara

    that is fucking insanity.

    danielle never did anything to those girls…except maybe steal “their man”, who was never theirs to begin with.
    but she definitely never did anything to deserve being called a skank or whore.

  • alexa

    and people wonder why the jonas brothers dont want to bend over backward to make us happy??? this is gunna piss them off…..

  • Tia

    Thats so rude! I bet their jealous of her, if anything.
    Poor Danielle. -.-

  • typical

    that is insanely out of line
    why would those girls say that?
    they had no right; they didn’t even know her from the sound of it
    if they did it because they were jealous she was dating kevin, that’s pretty sure
    and i’m sure kevin is SO pleased
    she has a good friend. and she’s right. seriously, girls, grow up

  • Samrah.

    OBVIOUSLY those girls are jealous.
    I’ve never net Danielle but she just looks like a great person and I’ve read nothing but good things about her.
    I’m Happy for Kevin!…because he has Danielle and because he’s going to become a Godfather!!
    that’s soooo exciting!

  • love it!

    Shes seem lie such a sweet down
    to earth person to be with
    and is a hell of a more mature then me,
    i went have went the fck off
    with my friend,
    not hold her back,


    love this girls
    thet other girls
    are bitches.

  • typical

    that is insanely out of line
    why would those girls say that?
    they had no right; they didn’t even know her from the sound of it
    if they did it because they were jealous she was dating kevin, that’s pretty sure
    and i’m sure kevin is SO pleased
    she has a good friend. and she’s right. seriously, girls, grow up

  • Popfan

    I really have a lot of respect for Danielle. It takes a lot of self confidence and class not to yell something back :)

  • Ashley

    they called her a skank. what’s wrong with pointing out the truth?
    You don’t even know her! you’re just as bad as those girls who called her a skank/slut. here’s a question for you, if you can answer me WHY she’s a skank, a legit reason to call her one, then i’ll start respecting your opinion. and if you can’t give me an answer, you’re just a jealous immature girl with a peanut size brain.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    danielle is the better person.
    she has class.
    psssht, bun those other bitches.

  • Anonymous

    wow jealous much
    danielle’s sooo sweet n i feel sorry for her
    glad she didnt turn it into drama

  • Anonymous

    That is SO mean! Danielle seems really really nice.

  • Anonymous

    fangirls are insane
    they think jb are seriously gonna marry them?
    GET A LiFE

  • Steph

    That is seriously messed up. That makes me so mad. Obviously those girls were JB fans, otherwise they wouldn’t have recognized Danielle. Those are not the kind of fans JB wants, and if you’re going to act like that, they’d rather not have you as fans at all! So rude!

  • Lily

    I think she can hurt someone with her nose

  • janelle

    if i was Danielle i would turn around
    and smack those bitches. Danielle is
    nothing but nice to Jonas fans and its
    not like she tries to be in the spotlight

  • laurrren

    so immature.

  • blackskittle

    .. i cant wait till jb hears this. i wonder what their gunna think of their fans.
    i just hope they know that they still have some fans who dont care who their with, or who they date. someone of us just love them for their music, and the kinda of people they are.


    I think Im gonna like make a frigging site for how awesome and sweet and classy Danielle is. Seriously, she needs to know that like 99.9% of all Jonas fans love Kanielle.
    Well thats what I see from the comments on oceanUp.
    And Yvonne would be like the site’s second head.

  • Brittnee

    I Really think Danielle and her friend Sarah are nice girls. I feel really bad for Danielle and Sarah . And, those girls need to get a reality check. I hope Danielle is ok. But,I hope for the best for her. And, Danielle is so cool and she is so cool. I Love You Danielle and keep on being Strong. And, you have to respect the Jonas Brothers Family and there friends and also girlfriends . She is so part of there Family. I will keep you in my prayers Danielle.

  • blackskittle

    you dont even know her! what the hell gives you the right to call her a skank?

  • Anonymous

    ew those girls suck…. danielle is amazingg

  • Anonymous

    i dont see why anyone owuld wnat to be so rude to danille…personally i think she is freaking aweosme
    and her kevin are like perfect together and she is
    so nice to the jb fans, i owuldnt be suprised if she
    had fans of her own=)…all i can say about those
    girls is watever they r just jealous because danielle
    has the sweetest boyfriend a girl could ask for and
    the fact that kevin is truly in love with danielle
    and not some one in that little group that was dissing her just goes to show that they are jealous of her

  • Desiree

    That is so rude. I don’t care if those girls firmly believe that they’re going to marry Kevin. Common courtesy is expected. They don’t even know Kevin or Danielle.

  • http://myspace.com/london731 catherine

    aww thats such a shame! Danielle seems like the sweetest person ever! Stupid girls.

    Danielle should have been like “well, lets look around and see who of you is dating a jonas brother? oh wait, thats just me!”

  • Anonymous

    thats so rude

  • Anonymous

    Danielle is absolutly amazing and gorgeous. She and Kevin deserve to be together, those jealous bitches shouldn’t be hating on her.

  • jonas


  • Yvonne


  • Bree

    Yeah You might as well not even friend request sarah everhart on facebook because she didnt accept me i tried like 3 times…. but this sarah girl is really pretty from her default.. i cant believe kevin is going to be a godfather of her baby team KANIELLE!

  • lovestory.ox

    These girls that shouted that should’ve been cussed up so bad.
    If I was there, and I was where Danielle and those girls were, I would’ve walked up to them and totally cussed them till they were speechless.

    Stupid Teenie Skunts.

  • Sadiezz

    The girls who called Dani a ‘whore’ are mega-bitches.
    Just because she’s dating a Jonas she’s a whore?


  • Anonymous


  • Makayla

    Aww, I feel so bad for Danielle!
    She doesn’t deserve to be talked to that way!
    And TO THOSE RUDE GIRLS: Think of this, Danielle caught a Jo Bro’s heart, and they didn’t.

  • Maria

    I don’t doubt whoever yelled that.

    i’m like…99.9% sure danielles a slut just using poor Kevin.

  • Anonymous

    and then fans wonder why they won’t tell us who they’re dating…

  • Anonymous

    danielle seems so sweet, especially after that whole manicure thing. i want her and kevin to get married :)

  • http://gothgirl29.wordpress.com/ AnnAlolz

    that’s disgusting.danielle is so nice!they wouldn’t have said that if kevin were there.those girls are so mean!

  • Anonymous

    How is she using Kevin? They’ve known each other for years. It’s not like she’s just some girl who attached herself to him after he became famous. She seems like a nice girl and there’s no valid reason to dislike her as she hasn’t done anything wrong.

  • Daniela

    Danielle is the best. (:

  • Lois

    Wow, thats just plain rude, its obvs those girls were JB ‘fans’ or they wouldent have known who she was. Seriously it just shows how jealous these people get of celebrites’ girlfriends. Really Danielle a ‘skank’ you got to be joking she’s NO Way a ‘skank’ shes REALLY pretty i bet thats why these ‘fans’ were shouting abuse at her. This makes me Soooo angry cause JB are probarly thinking that all their fans are like this & they do their best for us & this is how their ‘True fans’ repay them? Seriously these girls Need to grow up!. Kevin & Danielle are Amazing! x

  • chinazo

    yeah she does but i do too and look at me im gorgeous too

  • Allie

    oh my god!
    that’s so rude!!

    I love Danielle.
    She did the right thing by walking away.

    i love you dani!

  • Anonymous

    danielle is nothing but nice to all jonas fans and doesn’t try to jump in the spotlight.

  • Anonymous

    people can be so rude these days.
    so what, she’s dating a jonas.
    those girls will never have a jonas
    anyways, danielle should of been
    like bitchhh but htat would be a
    waste of her time.

    anyways she’s pretty.

  • Anonymous

    i love danielle.
    her and kevin are the CUTEST[=

  • Dumm Blonnd


  • Dumm Blonnd


  • Anonymous

    she is pretty but she has a huge nose…rlly

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i dont believe this

  • Anonymous

    danielle is such a sweetheart. i dont know how people could be such bitches to her.

  • Mandy


  • sahfjhrf

    firsttttttttt :D
    i think

  • sarah

    i hate when fans do that, than people wonder why they dont ever tell who there dateing, those little preeteen girls are the only ones that act like that.

  • ashley

    Why are people so rude to her?
    I bet she is one of the down to earth’est girls anyone would ever meet.
    she seems and looks nice and she is certainly most deff. GORGEOUS!

    ohh kevins gonna be a god father, how cute<3

    I sure do hope that Kevin and Danielle get married one day!<3

  • sam

    wow thats ridiculous!
    it comes to show what jonas fans have become!
    so who gives a shit if shes dating kevin! its their lives not yours!
    this makes me soo madd!

    danielle looks like the most down to earth girl and shes very pretty! KEVIN is luckyy he has a girl that has class

  • Anonymous

    they are sooo cute together
    i love danielle
    hope her and kev get married

    sooo cute she’s wearing his scarf :)

  • Anonymous

    im so pissed right now.
    [nothing to do with this post]

  • Milly

    God I wish those girls would fall off the face of the planet.
    Good on Danielle to walk away, it takes a hell of a lot not to retaliate.
    Aww Kevin’s going to be a godfather =)
    People are just jealous because she’s so pretty and she’s dating a Jonas, that’s where hate comes from – jealousy.

    I really do hope those girls weren’t Jona sfans, not all of us scream abuse at their girlfriends, or run after them, or cry and scream when their around. Some of us have to wait months for them to release a show near us, be happy they actually live in your country.

    Speaking of JB = 15th June [through my exmas but still wooohooo] London <3
    Okay end of essay, I needed to rant =)

  • Chanel

    aww that sucks. poor Danielle. jealous fan girls.

  • Jayme

    If I was there, I would have hit the girls
    They are such assholes, ugh I am so
    Mad right now.

  • Anonymous

    i find it so strange how everytime theres a danielle post and i read them like 98% of them are saying how nice and pretty and great danielle is and whenever theres a post about any of the other jonas girlfriends like most of them are really rude comments.

  • Em

    if i was danielle those girls would of been dead but she had respect & walked away. i feel so bad for jonas gfs sometimes cause the fans are crazy. FOR EXAMPLE:
    miley – fans made fun of her
    selena – oh my, oh my, jealous little girls
    taylor – goodness

    FYI YOU’LL NEVER HAVE A JONAS even i know that and im in love with nick haha. but im kind of sooo over jonas bros now lol.
    Haha hey! I just noticed that now! I really do feel sorry for their girlfriends now! Why are people so mean!

  • Ashley

    that’s really horrible! it’s sad that those girls have nothing better to do than publicly harass Danielle just because she’s dating Kevin. Mad props to Danielle for walking away from the situation(: I seriously can’t believe there are people who there who would do that. Especially to Danielle, which she seems like the sweetest girl!

    these die hard Jonas fans are crazy. Newsflash to the girls who did that or who would do that, you’re jsut embarrassing yourselves.

  • jbhb

    Danielle is the better person and to me it’s funnier to leave those girls without answering, she did the right thing, she shouldn’t waste her time with immature little girls, she was there to enjoy a show and it sounds like she did! I love Danielle and Kevin, they are a cute couple!

  • Anonymous

    that is absolutely uncalled for. ugg. i hate people that have nothing better to do with their lives but show how unclassy they can be in public.

    ps. hooter’s have some pretty amazing wings. they should have gone. lol.

  • Yasmeen [Jonas Obsessed]

    i bet you they were jonas fans.
    and jealous that shes kevin.

  • nikki

    kevin + danielle alwayss

  • Ava

    Well, she kept it classy and mature and didn’t say a word, no doubt, Kevin heard about this. I’m sure he is PISSED. I tihnk it’s funny that girls do this, it’s like okay, he is going to leave her for you because you called her a skank? Okay, idiot………God, people need to learn exactly what class is.

  • blackskittle

    yeah, fans can be pretty cruel.

  • Kasi

    Dude i found their friend on facebook.. her name is sarah elliott everhart! i hope she accepts me…

  • Anonymous

    Justjaredjr posted pics of kev and Dani kissing inside a car from a few days ago and a report of them looking for engagement rings..


  • Anonymous

    you’re right girls get really catty and jealous,
    ex: how they treated Miley,Selena,And Taylor Swift, just for dating a Jonas brother uggh.
    – but you forgot (though they dated a long time ago) AJ from Aly and AJ.
    Some of their fans can be horrible and just downright cruel.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    how can those girls be so rude to her?
    she was good to walk away, if that was me i would have said something back to them.

    it makes me angry to think that people would say such things to her obviously because shes going out with kevin.
    its so childish and rude

    seems like those girls need a few lessons on respecting other people…

  • Anonymous


  • Lindsey

    That’s so incredibly rude. If I saw her, I would be so excited! I’d be like “Omg, your so lucky because you get to kiss a Jonas!” Haha, jk.

    But seriously, that’s so horrible and those girls should be ashamed of themsleves.

  • Anonymous

    this is exactly what i was thinking

    i really dont want JB to hate all of us! just because they have some seriously wacko stalker fans

  • Yo

    Gosh! People really like to cause drama! Wow that’s really immature to just yell that at someone. If you’re going to yell something at someone at least say like “YOU COULD BE A POWER RANGER! THEY’RE AWESOME! GO GO POWER RANGERS” or something random. lol ok yeah that was pretty random. I would have loved for someone to catch this on film! haha. No, whoever this “Danielle” girl is -supossedly she’s dating Kevin Jonas- she seems nice. At least she had self-respect and ignored it.

  • Joy

    BAHAHAHA those girls who made fun of her are the biggest wussies in the world.

  • Jayme

    I mean she is awesome, why can’t people
    Leave her alone god. I hate it when people
    Make fun of people. I would have kick them
    In the asshole.fuck them.

  • Jenna Bean

    Yeah, Her name is sarah everhart. but please respect kevin and danielle’s privacy she is one of their best friends and I dont want everyone friend requesting her on facebook..

  • Anonymous

    Thats awful and so childish.

  • http://oceanup.com Alyson D.

    Girls are sooo rude im proud of sarah and danielle for being classy- jonas friends! They really represent the boys good. And i found sarah on FB!!!!

  • alliegator.(:

    oh man, if i would’ve been there, i would’ve said something to the girls in defense of danielle.

    people dont understand why the boys dont reveal their dating lives, ummmm…yeah, this would be the reason why.

    jonas fans can be ridiculous.
    come on now, and grow up.

  • Katelyn

    they’re just jealous cause Danielle is gonna be
    married to Kevin one day (:

  • Jane

    danielle is so pretty and sweet. i wonder why people would make fun of her? it’s just stupid and immature

  • Anonymous

    Danielle is awsome

  • Anonymous

    agreed. i think i may have just helped you out. haha.

  • Anonymous

    she is so down-to-earth and sweet well she looks like it. i really do hope kevin marries her :]

  • cookiemonster

    I’ve never met Danielle but I still would have beat those rude obnoxious bitches.

  • http://twitter.com/Kai_Was_Here KaiRob

    Idiot bitches.
    Danielle is so nice and she has so much class for not hitting those girls.
    I mean ‘whore’ and ‘skank’? Immature.
    I know I wouldn’t have been as classy as the wonderful Danielle Delease and I would’ve jumped those girls right then and there. I woulda drop kicked every single one of them. -_-
    Danielle doesn’t look like a skank.
    She’s gorgeous and to me, she looks innocent.
    I mean, remember the story about paying for the girls manicure? Super nice!
    And you see how she dresses? Fab and NOT skanky at all.

    Those rude girls are so pathetic.

  • Jayme

    If Yvonne see this she is going to be
    Pissed off.

  • Anonymous

    i see it this way atleast who know kevin has some crazy fans like joe and kevin and maybe this is why he wont admit that he’s dating her

  • Anonymous

    thats disgusting.
    what jealous whores.
    who completly ruin a persons night
    they should go die.

  • Anonymous

    Even if you can’t tolerate Danielle, there is still no need to be rude to her. She didn’t do anything to you personally and I am glad Sarah defended Danielle.

    Danielle seems like a sweet girl :)

  • mandy

    omg, i love danielle. she’s awesome! there was no reason for those girls to harrass her

  • Katie James

    Dudes! Respect sarahs privacy!

  • Anonymous


  • kaylee

    what is the point in posting things about people who just want their privacy, i don’t understand it honestly

  • Anonymous

    Awwh that was horrible. How dare they. And how mature of her to walk away. She seemed to handle that situation well.

    Sarah had every right to turn and yell at those girls.

  • Yvonne

    This shit really pisses me off cause I dont want Kevin to put her back in hiding. I love seeing these 2 together. She cant disappear again

  • Yvonne

    That a girl Danielle. Show these bitches what class looks like. I love her and hope that she and Kevin get married someday. I like this Sarah as well. she seems nice. Dont let these idiots get you down Danielle. Your the luckiest girl ever!

  • Jasmine

    Wow. Rude.

  • cat

    those people think they are jonas fans and hate her because she is dating Kev, but real fans would be happy for him no matter what! and she seems sweet and isnt a gold digger or trying to gain attention with their relationship and she really doesnt deserve that! I hope the rude ‘fans’ dont put a strain on their relationship (meaning she and Kevin’s) but judging by how she handled them, she seems to be able to stand it (plus hopefully she knows they are just jealous)

    on a side note, must be Dani will be Sarah’s babies Godmother, makes sense, people tend to pick couples as Godparents

  • Jacey

    OMJ! Im so happy for kevin that she is going to be a godfather! Awww i bet sarah is such an awesome person.. well she seems that way for standing up for sweet danielle!!

  • Anonymous

    if i was danielle those girls would of been dead but she had respect & walked away. i feel so bad for jonas gfs sometimes cause the fans are crazy. FOR EXAMPLE:
    miley – fans made fun of her
    selena – oh my, oh my, jealous little girls
    taylor – goodness

    FYI YOU’LL NEVER HAVE A JONAS even i know that and im in love with nick haha. but im kind of sooo over jonas bros now lol.

  • Anonymous

    Danielle is so beautiful, even without makeup!!

  • brittany*

    siiiickkk life those girls have who made fun of danielle. she never did anything for those girls to call her that.
    & honestly stop with the whole sarah on facebook respect kevin & danielle’s privacy but most important sarah’s privacy.
    im sure she doesnt want a bajillion fan girls creepin’ her face book and asking her about JB, so she deff wont accept you. stop.

  • Kelly

    Thats just uncalled for.
    Danielle seems so sweet.
    Those girls were just jelous.


  • Anonymous

    its oceanup… this entire site is about not respecting peoples privacy. as long as people keep coming, and commenting, it will all continue.

  • Anonymous

    cant wait 2 see what yvonne has to say ’bout this!!!! you tell ‘em yvonne!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    she is such an amazing person and she and kevin love eachother

    NO ONE should EVER say something like that to danielle EVER

  • lawreignd

    and i bet when they walked away danielle was like Jealous Bitches! cause thats what they are! she’s so sweet! they are just jealous

  • Anonymous

    yeah i would do the same thing as sarah too but more like “bitch, why hate on danielle just cause she stole your loverboy” lol but kevin will be like “no don’t no” haha

  • Anonymous

    omg i was going to go to that concert but i dint ughhhhhh this make me upset soooooooooooo much right now

  • Anonymous

    you’re all wrong.. i was first :)

  • lezzy:]

    DON’T mess with danielle! i will flip you over the couch for realz!

  • kiki

    wow if i saw that going down i totally would have told those girls off, then smile and ask for a picture with Danielle.

  • Anonymous

    ok honestly do those girls think they’re going to marry kevin? seriously.

  • Maddie

    Poor girl. She really does seem like such a sweet and good girl. She’s a keeper, Kev.

  • katee.

    if i was there. i would have seriously smacked the whores that yelled that out.
    seriously. you have nothing better to do than to yell insults at someone you probably don’t even know?! get a fucking life.
    she seems like a sweetheart. and it sucks that people would be so rude.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I seeeeeee Justin! LOL

  • Anonymous

    i think Danielle did the right thing
    to not start any fights with those girls
    no matter how rude and obnoxious they were