Dakota Fanning Runaways With Kstew


Dakota Fanning is negotiating to play lead singer Cheri Currie in ‘The Runaways,’ the biopic of ’70s all-girl band that has Kristen Stewart playing
Joan Jett, reports Variety. Production in late spring.

Dakota, 15, is the same age Currie was when she made her debut with
the Runaways as lead singer. Currie became caught up in drugs and a hard-partying lifestyle.  Credit: PR Photos.

  • Lisa Lisa

    lol, WTF?

  • Anonymous

    Well fuck off then, lady.
    Go back to disney.go.com

  • Disney Supporter

    omg i lov dat pic of her shes very pretty and talented i loved her in war of the worlds

  • Jane

    she is so talented, and super pretty, but i’m not sure if she would be right for this yet. i would turn down any movie with kstew in it, she’s a bitch

  • Anonymous

    ahahahah me 2 me 2 (:

  • Anonymous

    I need a Demi post :)

  • Anonymous

    yeaah I’d love to see dakota in this role

  • http://www.justjared.com Kay

    dakota’s amazing. practially the next kate winslet or cate blanchett! Kstew on the other hand, will probably end up like lindsay lohan.

  • Anonymous

    uhhhhh dont care. i don even freakin know her stop posting stuff bout her.


    You claim you ‘don’t care’ yet here you are.. hmmmmmmm.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.lenanj.wordpress.com Lena

    She’s very pretty, and talented!!

  • Anonymous

    awesome! I can’t wait 4 this movie, the runaways are one of the best punk bands EVER, seconded only to the ramones!

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Momsen should play Cheri Currie, she looks like her

  • Rebecca

    I hope she gets it, it’d be awesome to see her in that film!

  • m

    She would be amazing! She’s such a great actress, and she can take on so many new, interesting roles and turn them into something truly amazing.

  • http://google.com idk

    she’s a goddess

  • Jar ;)


  • Ali

    Finally a post about a good actress. Thank you.

  • http://www.google.com em

    haha whoever called kristen stewart, Kstew,
    good on ya, fuckking hate kristen steward shes
    a tryhard smoker fugly bitch with a man voice
    and cannot act to save her life. shes shit.
    dakota is waaaaaaaay more talented and pretty
    and doesnt bloddy smoke.
    ew KSTEW,
    yes dakota fanning :):)

  • Anonymous

    Shes GREAT, talented, and pretty. She is amazing, I love her.
    One of the only child stars i like…..

  • Anonymous

    thats just stupid.

  • Michelle

    She’s so versatile and passionate – I’d love to see her in a role like that!

  • Anonymous

    No, no, no! Theirs this girl Kendal Evans, she looks like Dakota Fanning too, but she’s my friend and she’s the most phenomenal actress I’ve ever scene. She started in theatre theater, a lot of Shakespeare and musicals and because of her incredible talent has moved here. She’s doing great, but has only done commercials. She’s done a ton of themm m m though. She’d be perfect for any of the parts Dakota Fanning is up for. You can check her out at The Wallis Agency. She’s going to be HUGE one day.

  • Ally

    Uhh, what the hell? Cherie Currie was much more mature looking. She was more “sexy” in a way, and “fully developed.” -Cough- Fanning still looks a little androgynous, you know? They should find someone else. Dakota isn’t good for the part at all.

  • Ally

    I think Taylor would make a great Cherie Currie (they do look a bit alike!) but then again, I would rather see someone who isn’t famous. Someone new please.

  • Anonymous

    uhhhhh dont care. i don even freakin know her stop posting stuff bout her.

  • Lisa Lisa

    She’s a great actress, fer shure. But, she just isn’t “sexy” enough if you know what I mean. Have you seen any Runways concerts on Youtube. I think in one of them Cheri was wearing a corset. And Dakota has no curves yet, so physically she’s not all there. But acting wise, yeah!

    Kristen Stewart being Joan Jett will make me want to download a torrent of the movie instead of watching it in theaters. Joan Jett is hot, and she’s…no. And her acting is like cardboard, it’s bland, it’s monotone. What an insult to Joan!