JONAS Fan Van Promo Clip

Promo for Disney Channel’s new Jonas Fan Van. Thx Kimberly!

  • Anonymous

    wtf is a fan van?

  • Anonymous

    I see the paparazzi are following camilla now?

  • Yvonne

    Nicole seems so friken adorable. I think I’m gonna like her. Sometimes I think Kevin gets poured into his pants, not that I’m complaining :)

  • Anonymous

    Nicole Andersen is really pretty.and JOE,NICK,AND KEVIN?WHOOO!they are looking hot as hell…i cant wait till the show!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry ladies i can tell that non of the JoBros like
    so there’s no need to ripe her a new one.

  • someone

    nicole is cute. but i think the jonas brothers should just stick with music. nick cant act, kevin over acts sometimes, and joe sometimes over acts too. they did alright in camp rock for being their first acting job, but if u compare them to other disney stars, they will probably be on the bottom of the list. jason dolley should get his own show!

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO Kevin does have a creepy Pedosmile.

  • Anonymous

    ewww i can totally wait. they suck! ppl will just watch cus “oh is the hot jonas brothers..ahhhhhh” OMJ!” lol…no!

  • anon

    they should really stick to singing. oh no wait…not even. just go away jonas go away!

  • ugh

    God stop posting about them. who cares!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • DemiandMileyPones:)

    It looks like it;ll keep you entertain!

  • “roll eyes”


  • Anonymous

    eh. looks dumb!

  • Sadiezz

    Jonas looks cute.
    I’ll deff be tuning in.

  • ashley

    i love them but yeah..ummm. no! since i’m not a teenie i think this sucks and they shuold stick to singing!

  • Anonymous

    shut up stupid haters
    woooo goo jb! ;)

  • http://oceanup laurenj

    nicole seems like a wonderful person with a great personality….the jonas brothers did admit they were new to the acting bug and are working on it so stop slamming them about it….AT LEAST THEIR TRYING!!!!and ill also bet each person blogging including myself will be the first to watch JONAS even out of curiosity so lets not be bitches about it… for ocean up they cant give us anything new becuz there is nothing NEW!!!If your bored go elsewhere……..hi yvonne how r u matey?kevin looks hot as usual….

  • Anonymous

    I already see JONAS show!!!

  • Anonymous

    gtfo jb

  • Anonymous

    jonas rules!!!

  • Anonymous

    jonas and nicole asre soo BEAUTY!

  • Anonymous

    God stop posting about them. who cares!!!!!
    i care

  • alexa

    she looks like a good actress, and really funny

    sorry buys i love you

    but stick to singing

  • jbhb

    My sister is on this!-she is next to the girl talking at 0:43, we had so much fun that day at the Jonas Brothers 3D movie premiere!

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Shut up bitches!
    JONAS will be an awesome show!
    She and Chelsea are cute, and JB are going to be great as well!
    JB 4 LIFE!

  • Anonymous

    The chick in the video seeems SUPER annoying

  • Dumm Blonnd

    I love them more than anything, but this’ll flop. :(

  • Dumm Blonnd

    Joe looks so sexy though. :D

  • you
  • Anonymous

    they suck! jonas fags!

  • Anonymous

    im pumped

  • baha

    who cares? not me.

  • ame

    this is a really pointless post. ugh oceanup! you suck but less than gayASS bros.

  • Dr. Pepper

    JONAS looks hilarious

  • Anonymous

    until next time .. jonas!

  • DALLASjonas

    I CANT WAIT FOR JONAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Anonymous

    she’s so cute! haha i can’t wait for JONAS. them jonas boys are amazing.

    quizilla – jonasgirl3

  • Anonymous

    ugh another stupid post, GREAT!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    spending the night i wish i was looking into your eyes
    ur like an idian summer i the middle of winter klike a hard cand y with a

  • Anonymous

    Sweet sweet adorable Joe. Love the close-ups. Can’t wait for the show;