Meaghan Jette AND Tiffany Thornton BETSEY JOHNSON DRESS Faceoff

Meaghan Jette Martin wore the same green and black Betsey Johnson dress to Jonas Brothers 3D Movie premiere that Tiffany Thornton rocked on Sonny With A Chance. Thx Nica & everyone else who sent it :]

  • Rebecca

    Tiffany fills it out better, Meaghan is way too skinny for that kind of dress… I can’t believe why people would vote for her, this isn’t poll about who’s got the most fans…

  • Anonymous

    I love Betsey Johnson. I have about four of her dresses. Her and Nicole Miller are two of my favorite designers! xoxo

  • gabby

    am i the only crazy one to absolutely love that dress? its so cute. i saw that after i watched the sonny with a chance episode and was like whoa meaghan jette martin wore that to the 3d premiere!

  • La dee daa

    I’m really not a fan of the dress.
    But Meaghan is really pretty regardless, so she pulls it off better.

  • Anonymous

    i REALLY hate that dress, which is unusual for me because normally betsey johnson is amazing, but this time FAIL

  • Anonymous

    Neither the dress is fugly.

  • Kirsty

    Much better on Meaghan!

  • ew

    tiffany is fat.

  • laurennnn :)

    bleh…i don’t really like the dress to begin with
    i’m not a big fan of betsey johnson but their earings are adorable!!

  • take. a. b r e a t h x3

    i totally noticed that!

    anywho i dont really like this dress
    but i think Meaghan looks better in it

    cant believe its bestey johnson -well i can
    but usually i like her stuff better

  • Anonymous

    yuck!! the dress is the most hideous thing ive ever seen and i dont even know who either of the girls are

  • Anonymous

    How embarassing…its like showing up to prom with the same dress as someone else…

  • tracy

    well i think tifanny wore it better cuz she has a curvier figure than meghan..idk thats just my opinion

  • Anonymous

    they both look awosemo but u guys said the it look better on meaghan martian.if u were tiffany thornton and u WORE that dress wat will u said so it look better on both of them. NOW U GOTTTT SERVEE!!!!!!


    ahh i love this dress
    it was soo cutee.

    i think meaghan wore it better though!
    it was waay better on herr!

  • brianna

    i love both of there dresses

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  • katie

    lil mama wore that dress on ABDC too.

  • Anonymous

    tiffany. i dont like the dress at all, but meaghan is to skinny for it. plus tiffany wore it for a character and meaghan actually stepped out in public with it.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress haha, meaghan def pulls it off better, it goes better on her really thin figure.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, it’s funny because on Meaghan Jette’s post of her wearing the dress, the comments were like, “It looks more like a party dress.”
    And then in the episode, Tawni/Tiffany wears it for a party.

  • :]


  • QChFOpbl


  • HCkUkxP


  • Nikki(:

    i like this dress! like its really pretty on meaghan but it fits on tiffany……

  • Anonymous

    tiffany is not fat what the heck you saying

  • baw

    first & this dress is ugly.

  • calgboi

    im probaly 7th lol
    uhmm they both look HORRID

  • Anonymous

    definitely tiffany. she has the boobs to fill it out

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  • Anonymous

    Yah, same goes for you.

  • Anonymous

    girl on the right looks angry

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  • sophieeeeee

    ur all fat fuking fags

  • Anonymous

    and you fucking can’t spell ‘fucking’ sophieeeeee. God.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. Tiffany IS fat. Look at her.. Waaaayyy too FAT

  • Anonymous

    The lighting is better in megans but i thot tiffiny wore it better

  • selena #1 fan

    tiffany is really fat!!! that drees is so ugly! but megan makes it look good

  • WuYRki