V-Factory SECRET Hollywood Concert

V-Factory had a secret concert in Hollywood on Friday night and Tiger Beat & BOP were invited. The boys performing their new single ‘Love Struck. Like it?

  • V Factory Street Team

    They’re V Factory. Warner Bros. Boy Band. myspace.com/vfactorymusic
    Check them out.
    Asher Book has the lead role in Fame.

  • Anonymous

    Warner Bros. are you kidding me thats crazy that these guys got signed, wanna bet who ever signed them is some old fat gay guy (lou Pearlman type) without a clue what’s going on in 2009. Did they just get signed I never heard of them. I agree boy bands are so 90’s WAKE UP WARNER BROS. lmao

  • Anonymous

    one of those guys was from quest crew.
    but he’s listed as an inactive member now
    therefore, i feel no need to support them.

  • ??????????????

    losers first

  • Anonymous

    I love that song but the group is like so 90’s, give it up

  • Samalili


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The Secret Is No One Cares…..

  • Alexa

    Actually, no. They got signed by Tommy Page. He had a
    number one single in the 90’s. Also, the one who signed
    Ashley Tisdale. He knows his stuff.

  • CDK

    i have no idea who the hell they are….

  • Anonymous

    dude theyre hott dnt mess with them theyre gna b big soon watch

  • mimi

    the are good love the dancing! why dont disney or hollywood record get them they seem very much into their work! umm they are good! but they need more promotion! only disney and hollywood records are really good at that!!

  • Anonymous

    yayyyy i lovee these boys!
    they are really really sweet and will be huge once fame comes out

    (btw one of them is ashley t’s boyfriend for those of you who dont know)

  • Anonymous

    They don’t do it for me