Jake Toranzo Austin DHenrie TwitterTalk

David Henrie told Jake T. Austin on Twitter, ‘Oh Jake Toranzo Austin if was a woman and you were of age I’d want to have your babies. I’d him little Toranzo.’ Thx $c@r@h! LOL.

  • Anonymous

    david rocks ;)

  • Vanecia


  • Vanecia

    umm… no comment.

  • me

    and so? …

  • Anonymous

    Haha gotta love David henrie.

  • Anonymous

    hahahhaha LOVE THEM

  • Anonymous

    damn, i’d want to have babies with DAVID

  • Anonymous


    lovee them bothh!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, David Henrie. You sexy beast, you.

  • rach

    lmao ‘if i weer a woman id want to have your babies’
    i always sayy thatt :)

  • http://popstarsrock.onsugar.com/ Kara
  • Anonymous

    LMFAO oh my lanta xD

  • Anonymous

    LOL, well good thing David isn’t a woman, they might have done something already.

  • Tru

    LMAO! David is so crazy! My sexy boos! I Love the both of them!

  • Anonymous

    Chewbacca has a twitter too. So does Darth Vader and practically EVERY character from Starwars.

    Adam Sandler also has a twitter AND Russell Brand.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA david henrie is the best

  • yomama

    my sister is always like,
    “I want to have will ferrells babies.”
    it’s cool that they’re just normal teenagers.

  • rii

    think he meant “i’d name him..” lol

    and im likin david henrie more and more lately. one of the few disney stars who has… “mature” humor. not afraid to make some sex jokes here and there~

  • KT

    I saw that and died laughing :)

  • Vanessa

    i love david because he has
    bad gramma like me :p
    this is like

  • Shanze Zar

    they’re hilarious.
    and cute.
    if jake was my age, i’d want to have his babies, too. :P
    or david henrie’s. doesn’t matter. lol.
    although it WOULD be illegal. ;)

  • R.

    wellll, he can definitely have my babies.
    i wouldn’t complain about that.

  • Anonymous

    I love david cause he is a normal 19
    year old like me and he is not all oh I
    have to be perfect cause I’m on disney
    and he has tattoos which is very hot
    in my book

  • Anonymous


  • briiii

    i say this all the time
    finally a disney star who isn’t afraid to be funny.

    jb forever

  • XJ9

    ahaha not gonna lie, i love david henrie, but jake t. austin is pretty darn cute!
    too bad he’s younger than me…lol

  • Anonymous

    to bad he’s older then me, cause i’m only 12!
    dumb middle school, lol.

  • Anonymous

    I love how close and funny the WOWP cast are. I pretty much died laughing at this =D

  • XJ9

    think he meant “i’d name him..” lol

    and im likin david henrie more and more lately. one of the few disney stars who has… “mature” humor. not afraid to make some sex jokes here and there~


    he knows how to be a normal teenager.
    and i respect that over the whole trying to be perfect image that some other people do.
    like i feel like he acts like every other guy my age that i know. :]

  • natalieee

    that is so funny

  • Sadiezz

    I soooo want to meet Mr. David Henrie.
    He seems so fucking cool.

  • ss

    okay? lol this is kinda funny.

  • Anonymous

    if only i could have david’s babies… he is so damn SEXY

  • Anonymous

    LOL guys in my high school play like that lmao

  • Anonymous

    they are so aweosome. their humor gives me some hope that Disney hasn’t brainwashed everyone.

    did anyone else notice all the WOWP siblings have a twitter?

  • Camy

    LMAO. I’ve always loved David, but this is just awesome.
    And Jakey..”Oh my Lanta” XD

  • doodles

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane

    hahahhahahhahahahahahha that’s so funny! my friends and i say that a lot, it’s cool because they’re just normal teenagers. Oh My Lanta! hahahahhaha gotta love em

  • Anonymous

    that seriously just made my day

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.youtube.com/xoJennaRamdialxo jennalou.

    bahhaa; oh david. and jakers. i bet they were making fun of the teenies. ;D

  • Anonymous

    thats so funny

  • Anonymous

    lmfao. That’s hilarious. David reminds me of my brother. And Selena reminds me of my best friend. :)

  • Linds

    David Henrie loves twitter.

  • KaiRob

    They’re so funny. :]

  • Leena

    rofl!! :P