Kellan Lutz KISSING Ashley Greene?

Kellan Lutz kissing Twilight costar Ashley Greene, cute new couple? Thx Mel!

  • Anonymous

    awww that would be cutee but 1. i dont think thats her, her nose isnt as pointy or wierd, 2. he’d be cuter with me. :)

  • Jackie

    that’s not ashley green. the nose is different.

  • http://oceanup samiej

    they make a great couple (ahsley and kellan)
    i do not think that is ashley greene
    but whoever it is
    is a very lucky girl
    kellan lutz !! hott!

  • Imperio

    hi she is ashley in the movie warrior
    ash & kellan are th protagonist of the movie and they are a couple

  • jenjenjen

    luckyyyy ;)

  • lawrie

    that is not ashley greene

  • Tori


  • Anonymous

    lmaoooooo , thats definitely not ashley greene.
    she has short hair. and plus, that’s not her face wow

  • Anonymous


  • *

    that’s not ashley greene

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • *

    that’s not ashley greene

  • Anonymous


  • Morgan


  • Anonymous

    it is her. like the people said before:
    1) they ARE playing a couple in warrior (charlotte, youre a moron)
    2) and yes, your nose does go down when you kiss. so stop making comments about her nose. kthx.
    and just shut up about it, okay?

  • annie


    ewww considering their characters

  • Tru

    Well Well! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    well you can suck a nut!…cause obviously you dont know what your talking about!! and your probably some low life with a bad attitude taking it out on other ppls lives cause you cant handle your own problems in your own life!!!

  • Luciaaa

    haha not ashley greeene

  • Anonymous

    i thought he was going out with the girl from 90210?

  • Anonymous

    in seventeen mag it said he was dating a co-start from 90210 the blonde one with super curly hair the really pretty one

  • Anonymous

    Emmett and Alice??!

  • brittany

    that is definitely not ashley greene.

  • mj

    NO! him and nikki blong with eachother!

  • Anonymous

    you guys are all a bunch of retards.
    first of all, stop talking about Ashley Greene’s nose…try making a kissing motion with your mouth and you’ll see that the tip of your nose goes down so yes Ashley’s nose turns up but when she kisses, it wouldn’t be like that.
    Secondly, that is absolutely not Jessica Lowndes or Kayla Ewell or anyone else. It IS Ashley Greene.
    And for all of you who are like “it can’t be her – he’s in a relationship with annalynn mccord” haven’t you ever heard of cheating? or “pictures being taken before that relationship began”?
    the bottom line is, whenever this picture was taken, whoever he was dating at the time, that IS ashley greene and he IS kissing her.

  • Anonymous

    its not ashley greene….anyway LOOOOVE kellan lutz hes amazzzzzzzzzzing

  • Anonymous

    ashley greene has a perkeyer nose thats not her plus he is dating AnnaLynne McCord from 90210

  • Anonymous

    ashley and kellan are so cute but that girl is not ashley…asley and kellan are only friends

  • Jodi

    one. that is ashley greene, there are pictures of her on a fan website of her in a costume like that but without Kellan

  • -S-

    not her!!!

  • Bethany

    They amke such a cute couple!I wonder if Kellan’s a good kisser?lo=D

  • Anonymous

    why does everyone close their eyes when they kiss including me lol its wierd

  • Stephanie

    That doesn’t even look like ashley… nice try though.

  • Anonymous




  • Jamie

    Ah, kellan is so cute.

    But, that ain’t Ashley. :/

  • humm

    that is SOOO not ashley greene! look at her! really

  • jury

    whats the fan website?


    olaaa algien save avlar spañol?????
    ueno pes avlare ingles
    i’m from barcelona

  • Anonymous

    awwwwww whoever that is they would make a cute couple

  • Anonymous

    that aint herrrr


    this looks like halloween.
    something needing a costume, so it might not necessarily be old.
    and yeah, i read he was dating annalynne mccord.

  • Anonymous

    awwwwww they are a CUTE couple

  • Rachel

    I don’t think that’s Ashley. Not to be rude because I love her but Ashley’s nose kinda points up and this girl’s doesn’t…This looks like something from Halloween lol

  • CCord

    well ..first its not ashley greene at all..and second selena gomez? come’n ..she and kellan? is that legal ? she’s 16 or what? kellan’s dating with no famous ones…maybe he just wanna live his “private life” not front of media ah? well..he’s the clever one to decide this

  • kdsjhdfjhgklj

    that is her ok and they are sooo cute together.

  • Joelle

    ok. a few things, 1.this might not be ashley.2.This might be from there new MOVIE warrior.3.This might be an old girlfriend or something.

  • anonymous

    ashley and kellan make a pretty couple it would be awesome if they would really go out in real life.anyways i think they were just goofing off

  • Anonymous

    it’s his ex Kayla Ewell!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is saying that’s not Ashley…and I agree. But I’m also pretty sure that that’s not even Kellan…it looks nothing like him!

  • Andrea

    I think it’s not Ashley.. but would be so cute ;]

  • adrew

    i dont know if thats ashley but he is hot and she is cute.. haha

  • Anonymous

    haha because it’s weird to kiss with your eyes open its like your looking to make sure your doing it right hahah.

  • anonymous
  • K.M.

    they’re boyfriend and girlfriend in their new movie Warrior they’re probably rehearsing.

  • Anonymous

    this pic is on ashley greene’s myspace profile

  • ghjk

    thats kellan for sure : ) , ashley ? hmm..
    yeah , maybe thats ashley :D

  • It’s NOT Her !

    Okayy; So I saw this photo &A few more that were taken in that place &No it’s not Ashley so yea, whoever says it is ,is an . . .idiot?(:

  • abby jonas :)

    Im just wondering what the fuck is all over kellan.

  • Anonymous

    why are ppl saying first and i dnt think that’s her

  • xx

    that’s not ashley greene. it’s his ex girlfriend, Kayla Ewell.

  • chloe

    thats not even Ashley Greene, her nose is completly different than ashleys! just search for pics of ashley greene and you’ll see thats definitly NOT HER!

  • Kim

    I think this was taken on Halloween or something before he started to date that girl from 90210..

  • teenspeak


  • alicia

    ummmmm that is ashley bc they hav pics of her n that costume and that is a costume on kallen lutz dahhhh!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    that’s not ashley green

  • Anonymous

    ashley greene and kellan lutz make a super cute couple

  • Anonymous

    it’s obviously halloween

  • xoxoxo


  • Anonymous

    Gosh people! That’s not Ashley Greene, and he’s dating AnnaLynne McCord from 90210! Good Lord you people have no knowledge at all.

  • Anonymous

    i dont know who the girl is.
    it could be ashley greene or kayla ewell or anyone else
    but yeh that definitely is kellan lutz.
    it could be an old halloween pic
    or im thinking its from his new movie warrier where ashley greene plays his girlfriend. so it wouldnt be surprising it is was her. they’re probably doing it for the movie..
    no big deal

  • katie

    it dosent look like ashley…but if it is, it might be for their new movie, where they play a couple.

  • kassie

    wtf? lol.. that’s effing jessica lowndes..

  • rachel

    she look like silver of 90210 not ashley

  • anynomous

    thats not even ashley greene

  • jkhjk

    Well Well! LOL!
    lol well well.:P

  • athena

    thats not ashly greene

  • Anonymous

    it doesnt seem like her,
    bt if it is. meh.
    its kinda odd though,
    considering how they r known as
    alice and emmett so yah…

  • Anonymous

    that looks sorta like her but not reeally god hes amazingly sexy
    i wannna be her omg
    i love him so effing much!


    thats jessica lowndes
    it is

  • Anonymous

    it is not her you dip-shit. so get your facts straight. it is his ex so get over it and stop wishing it was you rather than any of those girls!

  • Anonymous

    i think u should get a life and quit makin lies because u know for a fact that that is NOT ashley greene a monkey could have told that stupid

  • Orls

    Whoever she is..
    She’s a lucky girl. lol

  • Anonymous

    even if it’s not her.
    that cast have all had sex w/ each other.

  • Anonymous

    I believe this is Nina Dobrev? Kellan was filming Deathgames with her.

  • Anonymous

    that is not ashley greene you nub.

  • ASh

    isn’t mandy, i’m pretty sure

  • LaraCullen

    That could be Ashley Greene, but I’m not sure.
    And they played together in another movie, Warriors.
    Maybe they have a kiss scene in it?
    I’m not sure about this, but this is what I think about this picture!

  • robsten

    waaaaaaaaw.oh my god.very good.beatiful and handsome =]

  • Kami

    Wow that was real interestng!!!!!:)luv ya kiss kiss, shenae

  • robsten

    they are great wampir!!!!they are very nice kellan lutz and ashley greene

  • bonnie

    its for their new movie

  • Chelsea

    That isn’t Ashley Green. You can tell by her nose.

  • Anonymous

    i just cant tell if thats her… would be kinda cute if it was though……

  • burnage

    doesn’t look like ashley greene at all. besides isn’t he going out with naomi from 90210— Annalynne McCord? Plus that looks like halloween from a long time ago. wtf

  • Jane

    how do you know that’s her? i don’t think it is, plus he’s dating annalynne mccord

  • Anonymous

    thats not ashley…it looks like anna kendrick.
    she played jessica stanley in twilight

  • Anonymous

    thats not ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    lol i call it twatlight

  • Anonymous

    u guys really dont know anything talking like u know everything when u dont really makes u look like complete morons

  • Anonymous

    u guys really dont know anything talking like u know everything when u dont really makes u look like complete morons

  • =]

    Yes it does…He has blonde hair that’s a little curly…It’s Kellan.

  • Anonymous

    No I belong wiv Kellan Lutz He is 2 hot 4 Ashley Greene or Nikki Reed!!!!!!

  • Charlotte

    That is not Ashley Green and as some people suggest,
    NO Ashley and Kellan does not play a couple in the next movie, get your facts straight.

  • Anonymous

    NOT ashley greene

  • jess

    that is not ashley greene

  • idk

    hot stuff but idk if thats ashley greene… :/

  • Damn Oceanup

    Your dumb because that’s not Ashley Greene who that
    retarded because that’s kellan’s ex girlfriend from
    Senoir Skip Day ….. get it right and evenly tight.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Charlotte should get her facts straight – Kellan and Ashley just wrapped the movie Warrior where they play each others love interest.

    The only thing I know about this pic is I wish I was the girl…

  • Haha

    Ocean up, yet again are total idiots. That’s his girlfriend, who is definitely not Ashley Greene.

  • Anonymous

    NOO i dont think its ashley greene!!
    At the twilight conventionHe said he’s single. He said that he did hear rumurs about him and Ashley greene but he said they are not true. Even he joked about it and his “girlfriend” ashley greene. “apprently me and my grilfriend” like that!!

  • Anonymous

    Aw darn.
    too bad it’s not her..haha.
    I was like whoaa. lol until i read the cmnts.

  • ashleigh

    thats kellan’s ex girlfriend. she works on a soap opera now.

  • Anonymous

    not ashley

  • Anonymous

    she’s not asley

  • Anonymous

    i feel like this could be for their movie Warrior.

  • Go_girl64

    Thats the chick from
    prom night.
    the first one to die :D

    and kellan was in pron night too!

  • jonassxo

    thats not her..

  • jonas

    one this is not ashley greene
    two this picture is old its a pic.
    from an old project he was working on.
    ive seen the pics.
    and that is Mandy Musgrave shes from
    south of nowhere and they dating for a
    long time,besides ashley greene’s nose
    is more weirdly shaped.

  • Anonymous

    that is not Ashley Greene!!!!

  • peace maker

    they are cute together

  • dianushka

    what the hell arent jakson and ashly DATEING
    and thats not ashly

  • Anonymous

    that is not ashley greene and i dont care if she is so… but yh lookin at her face that doe snot look like ashley greene, may be similar but yh.. =S

  • MrsEmilyLaunter…x

    I love kellan!!! x x x x And no its not! I think that may be and old picture! x

  • just me

    ya.. actually, for those of u who dont know, that is ashley greene.
    and no they are not dating. its about time someone figured out that they are together in a different movie.

  • Anonymous

    Its a girl called mandy,
    they used to date ages ago lol. theres loads of pics of them :)

  • kora

    That’s his ex-girlfriend who used to play Vicki on The Vampire Diaries – dunno her real name

  • candy

    it’s not ashley..!!! i think she’s just good friends with kellan so i doubt that’s her..

  • Anonymous

    cute pic but thats not her.

  • Anonymous

    omg people it IS ashley greene they are making a movie together called WARRIOR and they are boyfriend girlfriend in it obviously if u think she has a pointier nose u dont know much about her

  • Anonymous

    personal i think that they both really cute and that if they were to get together it would be cute but if they dont then they dont and you have remeber that there actors and there doing there jobs and just because u see then together in movies does’nt automatically mean that they have to be together