Mitchel Musso‘s debut album cover, new promo and picture with Emily under. He updated his official blog: EMILY SNOWBOARDING IN BIG BEAR
Hey guys! Now that we’re back safe and sound, I can let you know that Ems and I went snow boarding at Big Bear this week.

Very fun! It’s not the first time we have been snow boarding together. We Love it! We have a blast! No broken arms or legs and it was really fun!

PEACE-OUT! ..I hope my album cover will reflect that I am a positive person..

..and that I have something to say worth listening to and that I love my fans very much. I want a picture that says All of that! Let’s hope I find it.

Here’s something Very cool.. Marc has a SAYNOW number! Give him a call at 323-767-8115
and don’t forget to call mine too!

I will be at Dancing with the Stars premiere night on Monday. If you get a chance to watch, look for me. I am going there to support my friend Shawn Johnson who has my vote to win this season!

Have an awesome week! Let me know what’s going on with you..


  • Anna

    Aww, I love him. (:
    And that pic of him and Em is adorable.
    I’m so buying this album. :D

  • KaiRob

    Ummm Demi is definitely not the first Disney singer.
    She is the best though…I mean she can sing circles around the rest.


    I agree.
    The first of MY Disney generation would have to be Hilary Duff.
    I think……
    Then there was Raven.
    Then Ashley Tisdale.
    Then Vanessa Hudgens.
    I remember when there was talk about a Zac Efron album.
    I’m glad he didn’t do one.
    Not that he can’t sing but what would his music sound like?
    Anyway, then I guess it was JoBros or Miley.
    Then Demi.

    Those are the decent or extremely good disney singers. The ones that WILL make it big. Or already have. Selena Gomez, Emily Osment, and Mitchel Musso are good at ACTING. Not SINGING. I’m embarrassed for them. Secondhand embarrassment. It hurts me. :[


  • kabee

    You guys need to stop bagging on Mitchel! He’s so amazing and has so many talents that some of yall don’t have , I think you are all just jealous of him. He worked his butt of everday to get this album out and all you can do is bagg? that is just stupid

  • Anonymous

    he might actually look good if he cut his hair. its like mullet nightmare to the extreme. CUT YOUR HAIR

  • Anonymous

    Why must everyone on disney have an album?!

  • Anonymous

    he’ll be the only looser voting for that looser! not even miley can help him sell cds

  • Anonymous

    wait…you’re joking…that is NOT the album cover! if it is…so sad, what disney is having financial difficulties or just doesn’t care to support him? he is NOT even atractive!

  • Anonymous

    Mitchel is such a sweetie and I can’t wait for his album and hopefully histour! He is amazing! =]

  • Anonymous

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!! u rock that pic is soo cute xx

  • bojo

    How does he know SHawn Johnson??? She is fuckin awesome and I’m watching for her to win DWTS tonight too!

  • Anonymous


  • WEED.

    hell no, ill be impressed if it even sells 1 copy.

  • Anonymous

    why does he end it with PEACe-OUT! ? he sounds so much cooler on his twitter…he sounds like a total fag on that there

  • Anonymous

    he actually looks cute in the first one, normally his hair takes over his head!

  • jenjenjen

    he looks gorgeous on the coverrr ;)

  • Creep

    HAHAHAHAHA. If anybody actually buys this, I will laugh my head off.

  • laurennn


  • Carolline


  • mmm

    EVERYONE in disney is getting record deals, geez. let me guess, next it will be emily osment, then chelsea staub, then that girl from the JONAS show.then alyson stoner, debby ryan and so on, until EVERYONE has an album

  • sara

    woo woo! sexy!

  • tazz

    he’s so cute on the album cover.

  • A.

    That picture makes me really horny.

  • Anonymous

    Mitchel should probably stick to acting.
    leave the disney singing for Demi.

    Demi rockkssss!!!!

  • Anonymous
  • ArdenMarie

    hes a cutie:]

  • lex :)

    he looks cute on the album cover. :)
    but WHY does everyone on disney have to get a record deal?!

  • $@tNjBfAn@$

    Sit yo tail down some worst then selena,shoot and miley

  • Anonymous

    why is his hair all fcked up…

  • Anonymous




  • KaiRob

    I’m usually supportive at the strt of Disney “singers” careers but………..BAHAHA.

    I don’t think he is going to go far.

    Did you hear that recycling song? I think it was called, um, EPIC FAIL?

    His voice makes my skin crawl.

    He’s not ugly.

    He’s not a bad actor.

    He’s just not a good singer.

  • Anonymous

    That first picture makes it look like he’s saying, “Please buy my album.”

  • Anonymous

    Wow, even HE’S coming out with an album? God have mercy, what’s going on with the world? Why does every Disney star THINK they can sing?
    The only Disney stars WITH an actual music career is:
    Miley Virus.
    The JoHoes.
    And Demi Fagvato.

    Now Mitchel? I feel bad for these kids. I really do. Disney is making them into more of an epic phail than they already were by promoting them everywhere and making them look like complete fag-morons.


  • Maggie Jonas

    i dont think he will do very good

    i mean all these disney kids think they can get recording records! i mean ALL of them

    selena gomez
    emily osment
    and now mithcell musso?

    its not gonna work
    im deff. not buying this

    demi was like the fist, cant copy her ppl!
    demi and the jonas brothers are the bestttt!

  • thinking of you


  • AlYsSa

    HAHA like im praying, pleae buy it.

    Seriously, the recycling song was like ok… 3 is a magic number…

  • Shanze Zar

    ummm, actually,
    Miley was first. Then Vanessa Hudgens, then Jonas Brothers, then Ashley Tisdale, then Demi Lovato, and it all went from there.

    Well, actually. Before all these Disney stars, there was Hilary Duff (ew, as a singer) and Raven Symone, and the Cheetah Girls.

    BUT. you are right.
    Miley, Jonas Brothers, and Demi Lovato are the only Disney stars that can actually sing well.

  • KaiRob

    Honestly, if I worked for Disney and they offered to sign me to Hollywood Records, I would definantly turn them down and if I had no choice, I’d quit. I’d rather lose a job than humiliate myself in front of millions of people.

    These Disney stars need to know when to stop.
    A lot of them can’t sing and it’s getting sad.

  • iloveyou

    i dont care what anyone says, he is HOTTT and he seems really nice. and you guys dont even know if he can sing because the only songs you have heard are like 2. you guys need to stop judging.

  • Anonymous


    too bad he can’t sing.

  • Meg

    There is one thing that absolutely no straight girl can deny, and that is that he looks completely BANGING in the first pic! DAMN!

  • bob

    Ummm Demi is definitely not the first Disney singer.
    She is the best though…I mean she can sing circles around the rest.

  • *kayleigh*

    Ok, let’s count how many Disney actors have or had a deal with Hollywood Records. Shall we?

    1. Miley Cyrus
    2. Jonas Brothers
    3. Demi Lovato
    4. Selena Gomez
    5. Mitchel Musso
    6. Raven Symone
    7. Vanessa Hudgens
    8. Corbin Bleu
    9. Ashley Tidsdale (Also signed with Warner Bros. Records)
    10.Hilary Duff
    11.The Cheetah Girls
    12.Zac Efron (Offered, but never signed)

    Ok, there you have it. Now let’s count how many actually CAN SING.

    1. Miley Cyrus
    2. Demi Lovato
    3. Jonas Brothers

    Wow. Only 3? Now let’s see some people with SOME POTENTIAL.

    1. Selena Gomez (We will see about her later…)
    2. Hilary Duff (She was ok.)
    3. Raven Symone (She was ok too.)
    4. Vanessa Hudgens (Alright, I guess.)

    Ok, now let’s see ONE PERSON who can actually sing that was NEVER an actor on Disney Channel.


  • Anonymous

    he cant even sing!!!! everybody thinks they can sing now

  • Anonymous

    ahah i agree his hair is just too long.


    yeah he does take after mason they r both very very good looking! I wonder wen its coming out

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hes a horible singer and he cant come up with his own

  • megan

    Mitchel Is Amazing I’ve Seen Him Live And Met Him Ha Is Sooooooo Down To Earth

  • maddie

    awww… takin after his brother and LOOKING NIIICE!! Gotta love Mitchel.. and Mason.. hehe

  • Jane

    he looks good in the first picture because all his heair is out of his eyes

  • Anonymous

    Emily is Sooooooo Hot!

  • ahaha no.

    okay, seriously, people you need to get over yourself,
    he can acutally sing, so can emily, selena, and every
    other disney star you hate. but if you think they cant sing, tell someone who actually cares?
    geeze, no lifes much? 8-)

  • Anonymous

    he kind of scares me.

  • http://Http:// Claudia

    Are him and shawn Johnson dating?

  • Anonymous

    Big Bear?
    im guessing theyre in california?

  • Chanel

    ahhah iv been waiting for this for a while now….

  • Anonymous

    i will be surprise if someone buys it…

  • Anonymous

    well, I like his voice… so I will be buying that

  • Anonymous

    omfg… he actually looks NORMAL in the first picture!
    emily looks so cute in the last pic

  • Joe Jonas

    His hair looks shit ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Unlike mine ;)

  • Anonymous

    I Love Mitchel And Emily I’m Getting Mitchels Album He Rox And His Singing Is Amaizing…