Sterling Knight Tiffany Thornton DANCE

Sonny With A Chance costars Sterling Knight & Tiffany Thornton dance off at their BOP &Tiger Beat photo shoot. Tiffany talked to Popstar! about Sterling’s secret musical talent under.

  • KaiRob

    That girls eyebrows are so exciting.

  • Hevin

    really oceanup…really?

    i like sterling, but this is stupid

  • Em

    haha her eyebrows do look excited! I knew they looked different! lol. Oh yeah, I love John Mayer :D

  • Kai

    By the way, that are you 23 thing is gonna show up in 10 seconds. Literally

  • Kai

    Gasp nevermind. It started going down and counting negatives

  • Bree


  • DS

    theyre so cute together :)

  • joefan

    so i just found a deleted scene of twilight is at

  • Anonymous

    haha i love them

  • Anonymous

    ha, i give less than a month for a video to come up of sterling knight saying he’s working on a new album. getting record deals is easier than going shopping these days…

  • Sean

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