Hannah Montana New Episode Cheat It

New Hannah Montana episode CHEAT IT. Part 2-3 under!

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    haha, I loove season 3 :D

  • Dana

    I think so too, but I think it might only lose the older fans. I know when this and SLOD is finished I won’t have any more reasons to watch Disney. But they are only trying to appeal to a new generation and widen their audience

  • xxJadexx

    haha the fart…lmao!! and she has gotten really good at acting =]]

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand a word that they are saying.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If you didnt notice the blue shirt she’s wearing is the same tank top but in different colors to the one she wears in the theme song thing in the beginning.

  • Sinai

    Haha Jackson is learning the same stuff as I am ^^

    P.S. This is kinda a copy of SWAC’s “Cheater Girls”

  • jessica

    I wish HM could do a season 4, but it will take a
    miracle for that. I was so excited for the JB’s
    new show, the one named “J.O.N.A.S”, but since they
    changed the spy plot to some star-and-normal-person
    double life or something like that, I’m gonna give
    up disney shows for good.

  • sdfsfd

    no mitchell.

  • KaiRob

    She’s still not a good actress but Jason Earles is funny.
    And Disney is not going to “die” when this show is over.
    There was Disney before Hannah Montana and there’s gonna be Disney after it.
    Need I remind you of HilDuff’s show?
    That show was my only reason for watching Disney.
    As a matter of fact, I can only remember watching Disney when Lizzie McGuire was on.
    The way most of you fans are with Hannah Montana.
    There will be another hit show, another new Disney pop star, and another way for Disney to make money. Case closed. Problem solved.

  • Anonymous

    i agree disney would be nothing after the suite life on deck and hannah montana. those are like the only ORIGINAL disney shows. all the new disney crap stinks. its not even funny. now disney revolves around music and all that their shows arent classic disney anymore.

  • Anonymous

    super amazing!

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  • Anonymous

    so so funny! i love this show! shes becoming such a good actress!

  • Anonymous

    I love Miley and Jackson’ scenes together – they’re hysterical!

  • Anonymous

    Miley and Jackson

  • Anonymous

    soo funny!

  • Anonymous

    I Have My Eye on You!

  • Anonymous

    “now i see why you had to cheat on that test, you’re unbelievably upid-stay. -what? -up-stay. -excuse me? – YOU ARE STUPID.”

    miley never fails at making me laugh!

  • Anonymous

    maaad funny :)

  • Anonymous

    gotta love her.

  • Anonymous

    aha..i wasn’t going to watch it, but i decided ill just watch it again on sunday

  • Anonymous

    when she says “future??what kind of brother are you”

    love this show!

  • heather

    ya its like cheater girls but this episode was filmed in 2008, swac was in 2009
    and disney wont be that popular when its done. i wont watch disney

    and disney was almost bankrupt then miley saved it. not only did she save it but she gave them their reputation back, and went bigger than lizzie mcguire ever was

    that is why miley is the hbic

  • Anonymous

    i love this episode its great..=)

  • Anonymous

    darn nabbit,
    y’all i cant stop wacthin this show its darn right hilarious

  • Anonymous

    lol that was funny at 3.20

  • Maylor FTW

    Miley’s hot. And funny. And tall. This episode was really funny. I missed Oliver though.

  • Smiley


  • Anonymous

    AWESOME! When he farts!! lolol

  • Anonymous

    jackson!!! poor boy!

  • krys

    she looks pregnant. i know she isn’t. but with those layers she looks pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    haha i love miley

  • mimi

    i like her show i think is super funny!

  • :)

    I love this show, Disney will die when its done

  • Tru

    Dang I Hate when ya’ll put this stuff up early! but I had to watch it! LOL! It was good! I’ll watch it again on Sunday! Much Love Miley!

  • Cassie

    Is it just me, or does it sometimes seem like Miley’s real life?. Like the last ep, everything she says always get twisted. And now, for some reason it seems like her & Justin’s relationship :p. Yeah, its kinda weird.

    Anyways, loved it … like always :

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    6.07 – the third one
    so cute