Hayden Panettiere KISSED A GIRL

Hayden Panettiere drowned her Valentine’s Day sorrow from her breakup with Milo Ventimiglia, with a wild  night out with her girls! Thx Krystal. +4 more! Click to enlarge.

  • Anonymous

    I can safely say i really don’t like her..
    Even though she obviously didn’t kiss any girls… just posing for pictures.
    People take things way too literally etc.
    But i still don’t like her!

  • Tonie

    ok, everyone always rags on miley cyrus, when hayden panettiere is only 19
    and shes underage drinking. not that that really matters, but theres pictures
    of it, and i dont see it any magazines!

  • bojo

    oh hell yes

  • Anonymous

    She acts like such a whore tryna be way older than what she is.
    I can safely say i don’t like her either!

  • Taylor

    that girl she is about to kiss used to hang out with that hanna beth girl

    her name is devan evangeline or something like that

  • Shanze Zar

    Uhm. There are pictures of her drinking underage all over the internet now…

  • ma

    Serious actress right there, serious actress…..:(

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Shes 19 and having fun! I dont really care about her underage drinking tbh!

  • nikole

    actually she admited to a magazine that she has kissed a girl… she said it was experimenting

  • gloriaaaa[:

    no one says anything bad
    but if it was some other celeb
    it would be all over the news
    this shit is stupid.

  • ILoveHayhay

    OMG she looks soo hot and drunk in the last pic!!!

    I want to marry her :D

  • josie(:

    haha, these are adorable.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with all the Hayden posts around here lately?

  • Bj25492008

    Lose some weight Hayden you look fat, midget!!!

  • Jane

    she’s a bitch. and thats not really kissing her, but if it was, oh well she already admitted she has

  • Anonymous

    she should date shia labeouf next or jesse mccartney

  • Anonymous

    she should date shia labeouf next or jesse mccartney

  • sylwia

    i love her

  • jess


  • Anonymous

    she might not have kissed her.
    a lot of people take those pictures, but dont actually kiss them

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    She kissed a girl…and she liked it.

  • LimeGreen

    I wouldn’t necessarily say she kissed any girls. Some people do that with their faces to pose for pictures for fun, you know? So, I doubt she kissed any girls …

  • Anonymous


  • http://oceanup.com megan

    coool, but i doubt they really kissed
    she probably posed

  • Anonymous

    OceanUP is a douche

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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