High School Musical 4 PLOT DETAILS

D23: East meets West in a classic love triangle set against the cross-town school rivalry between the East High Wildcats and West High Knights in the upcoming High School Musical 4, the fourth story in the celebrated franchise that became a cultural sensation, fueled unprecedented digital music downloads..

..and underscored the strength of Disney Channel and Radio Disney’s connection to kids, tweens and families. High School Musical 4 brings the franchise back to television in a music and dance-filled Disney Channel Original Movie that will introduce a new cast of characters.

It is scheduled to begin production later this year for premiere on Disney Channel in 2010. The announcement was made today by Gary Marsh, president, entertainment, Disney Channels Worldwide.

Gary: ‘The High School Musical trilogy introduced a new generation to the celebrated genre of movie musicals. In crafting this next iteration, we’ve challenged the entire creative team to raise the bar again, and create something truly worthy of this extraordinary global phenomenon.’

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  • Anonymous


  • lexy

    I’m with ya!

  • Anonymous


  • http://yok ARDA

    çobuk ç?kar in?allah

  • hillot

    first! ?

  • Jane

    that movie is gonna suck

    and i guess that’s what the 23 thing was….it’s stupid

  • hilto

    YAY I <3 HSM

  • Anonymous

    why do people spam? i mean seriously, what is the point? it doesn’t make u seem cool. it just makes u seem like an asshole

  • :)

    i’m not watching if zac and vanessa aren’t in it.

  • Jordan

    If this is really, tell Sharpay(actor) to BLOW ME!!

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  • cdk

    damn disney give it up already o_O



  • Allie

    N O N E of the original cast is going to be in it

    it’s gonna be so gay
    i’m not watching it.

  • Anonymous

    i’ll watch it if it looks interesting

  • PLluvDL

    they shouldn’t name it high school musical 4, they should name it “College Musical” or something like that since they graduated…

  • Anonymous

    They should stop at 3!

  • Anonymous

    not watching it.

  • Anonymous

    wtf! the ultimate disney fan experience?
    great, i thought this was gonna be a jonas thing and now disneys starting one…

  • HsmLuver

    i am not watching HSM4.they should stop at 3.I think that’s why none of the original cast wants to be in it because they think they shouldn’t make hsm4.If they do i’m not watching it becaus it will suck.

  • tatyana

    i also think the same thatgabriella andtroyhav ogetmarried

  • Anonymous


    hsm4 = no.

    whoever thought of the idea of HSM4 is an idiot.

  • Chanel

    they should have stopped at 3.

    is not gonna be the same without the original cast.

  • Anonymous

    High School Musical IS NOT High School Musical if the Original, Main cast isn’t in it.

    It will suck if its that way.

  • Anonymous

    this is starting to sound like West Side Story…

    but YAY NEW CAST..

    hopefully that jemma or jenna girl wont be in it.

    ill watch just cus vadge and zac wont be there

  • Anonymous

    gabrella and troy better get married

  • HsmLuver

    guess what zac efron who played troy is like 21 years old he wouldn’t wanna be in a movie like that movie.hsm4 will suck.

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  • carol keene

    i cant wait till its in the cinemas

  • carol keene

    that will be shocking

  • lagi

    im not gonna watch if gabriella and troy are not in it.I love them.Lets just say that hsm4 is gonna suck.

  • carol keene

    will the origonal troy and gabbriella be there

  • Anonymous




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  • bellz.

    there not in high school anymore, so wouldn’t they be in college?

    since there going to college, it wouldn’t make any sense because there not high schoolers anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, haven’t they all graduated yet?

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  • Anonymous

    wat! zac nd gabriella better be involved. And arent they graduates its meant 2 be called college musical. I want d original casts.