Jamie Lynn Spears COUNTRY ALBUM

Jamie Lynn Spears ‘has been quietly working on a country album since last fall,’ a source close to the family confirmed to E! News. Although Jamie Lynn‘s only musical credit is singing the theme song to her Nickelodeon series, Zoey 101, that hasn’t stopped Lynn from ‘trying to get Jamie Lynn a record deal.’

Jamie recently recorded demo tracks in Nashville but hasn’t landed a label yet. The sessions mark her first attempt to get back into the entertainment since she and fiancé Casey Aldridge welcomed baby Maddie last June.

Jamie told AP in the past: ‘I’ll probably do a lot of acting first, then go to singing, but I am going to definitely sing someday. So when I do start singing, buy my album!‘ New video of Jamie, Lynn, Casey and Maddie leaving Britney Spears’ hotel in New Orleans, where she opened her Circus tour.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she looks so tired maybe because of the baby lol

  • uvu

    love her :)

  • KorverLuvr



    I’m not first.

  • KorverLuvr

    .. this should be interesting

  • stef

    still love herr :)

  • Anonymous

    uhm good for her????
    idk wat to say :| hahha

  • Anonymous

    well.. she’s confident. i wish her well. cue teeny ‘slut’ comments.

  • RealityCheck

    another way to make money yet still suck?
    i think yes.

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  • Anonymous

    ha ha ha…. oh u were serious. um?? well i hope it works out for her!

  • listen uuppp

    she looks beautiful and seems like her and her sister are starting to pull through.
    i’m so happy for them, and wish them the best of luck. fame really does mess with

  • Anonymous

    oh hunny i think its time to go to bed, dont let the bed bugs bite. on second thought….

  • bbb

    yay jamie

  • brettyy

    shes awesome
    and so is britney’
    don’t hate, appreciate

  • Anonymous

    i’m so happy for the spears family.
    and i can’t wait for my Britney concert March 16th! :)

  • Anonymous

    does anyone else look at her her and automatically think zoey not jamie? I just can’t imagine her as a ‘Jamie.’

  • Anonymous

    i LOVE jamie lynn

    i still watch her show on the n :)

  • Jane

    that sounds like you’re proud of her for getting pregnant at 16, haha. but i get what you’re saying. she still shouldn’t have been stupid and ruined her career though

  • Meeeeeee

    I’m just glad that her and casey are staying together :)

  • Anonymous

    i met her at the nashville airport. she was holding maddie briann. shes so cute and jamie lynn is so pretty & so quiet. she’s very nice to be around!

  • Tory

    i think she should focus on her baby and fiance
    she’s not a very good actress and probably can’t sing
    so stick to raising your child so she doesn’t end up like you.
    we have enough train wrecks in this world.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting don’t like her but oh well somthing to read lol

  • Heping

    that bodyguard behind her looks creepy :p

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  • steph

    i keep forgetting shes a mum lol, when her daughter is like her age shell be really young. Like a young hip mum lol shes so pretty though im sure maddie will be too

  • Chanel

    wow….. she needs to stay at home and be a mom.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Anyways, I feel bad for Jamie Lynn.
    She isn’t a slut or whore people.
    It was probably an accident, just experimenting can lead to pregnancy as well.
    I wish her only the best in life!

  • Anonymous

    i love her, i still watch zoey 101 sometimes…im happy things with casey are working…and her baby looks cute on the video!

  • Joe

    Yeah really, its just a matter of being in the public eye. We all have issues but we dont have a caravan of camera people following us around. Joey

  • blackskittle

    i am so proud of her. getting pregnant at 16, then having to deal with all the haters and press. must be hard for a young girl.
    im glad shes doing well.
    Stay strong!

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  • lala

    uhhh yeah…
    she looks hella tired..
    annd country??
    ummm alrighty then…

  • Anonymous

    she looks so tired maybe because of the baby lol
    are you kidding me ?
    shes got pepole watching & taking care of her baby for her.
    she aint doin shit.

  • AliBoulala

    ooo oui she looks hot