Jemma McKenzie Britney Circus Dance

starlet Jemma McKenzie-Brown dances to Britney Spears’ ‘Circus.

  • Anonymous

    hmm not bad


    No wonder she got in HSM3
    my mouth just like dropped open when I saw her dancing. I thought that she was going to dance like she needs to pee or her butts on fire like *coughcough*miley cyrus*coughcough*

  • Anonymous

    that wasnt good at all. im sorry. ive been a dancer for 13 years i know what good dancing is and she has no extension at all. not gooood

  • cassie

    omg that was goood! she danced rly wellll :ooo

  • Ana

    i hate her voice.

  • Anonymous

    haahahahahahahahaahhaha that was so bad i cannot believe people enjoyed that
    it made me cringe

  • Carolline

    I hate her voice too! She’s beautiful but hm, the dance… they just need more practice

  • Anonymous

    fail . all hsm people fail .

  • emily

    ok im a dancer and they are good but they arnt in time with eachother and they kept forgetting it

    no-one hate on me im just saying my oppinion

  • Jenna

    I thought she was pretty good. And I love her accent. People shouldn’t hate it, it’s not her fault what she sounds like.

  • hannah

    she is good, amazing actually. i’m english as well and i sound like her in a way, it’s natural for english girls to have lower voices. and posting really longs comments like asking oceanup to post the tour dates won’t make the do it faster. go on jjj, they have them already.

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    She’s a good dancer xD lol

  • Anonymous

    you must not know what real dancing is.