UP Movie Trailer

Extended UP trailer, Disney/ Pixar’s newest movie hitting theaters on May 29.

  • Anonymous


  • Christina

    saw the 3D trailer when i was @ the jonas brothers movie…

  • Dumm Blonnd


  • Anonymous


    I want to see Monsters vs Aliens.
    And Toy Story 3.

  • emmmmaa


    looks stupid, but in a funny way,
    defantly gunna go and see thiiss, lmaoo. this is guna be hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    Omg cute little asian boy!!
    Awwwww i cant wait for this movie :)

  • Anonymous

    yayy. miley sucks.

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait to see this!!!!!! hahahh hes so chubby and cute :)

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