AnnaSophia Robb & Alexandar Ludwig Race TO WITCH MOUNTAIN Premiere

Alexandar Ludwig and AnnaSophia Robb hit up the red carpet for their new movie ‘Race To Witch Mountain‘ at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Wednesday night. Photos: Fame. 8+

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  • Anonymous

    Love this girl. The open toesy heels are perfection! calves and ankles excellent! As an exspurt on all the pretty girls seen an unseen,I would rank her style,smile,and overall cuteness,hotness against any girl. All you dudes know she’s the new princess on the movie screen and in our dreams!!

  • Anonymous

    they really look good together!!!

    i really think that they should
    try dating sometime…

  • Anonymous

    she has gorgeous eyes.

  • Anonymous

    damn that boy is HOT. annasophia’s gorgeous AND SHOULD BE JANE NOT DAKOTA!
    eww camilla? :P yuck

  • Sammy

    By the time Anna is a mature woman guys will be unable to take their eyes off of her.LIKE I CAN’T NOW HOLY STYLE PRINCESS!

  • KaiRob

    Her face looks wierd in some of those pictures.
    She looked like a bug in the first picture..
    An evil bug.

  • Jane

    i think she’s really pretty, she kinda looks like dakota fanning

  • megan

    i think shes gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    woah, is it me or did he grow, in the previews he looks smaller!


    he def grew. she looks tiny compared 2 him

  • amanda

    he is soo cute & his teeth r like perfect.
    annasophia looks gorgeous.

  • abel

    AAAAAAAAAAAH IHATE HER -_- she played with JOsh, now with Alexander


    She kinda reminds me of a mini Edie Sedgwick :D

  • mileyluver1393


  • sdfsfd

    soooo unnecessary, just saying.
    Anyway, she’s gorgeous and I love her eyebrows, they are perfect, I’m dead serious.

  • sdfsfd

    are you kidding? people diss camilla’s eyebrows because she’s beautiful and they are just looking for something wrong with you so they can feel better about themselves.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hey eyebrows bother me, but she’s pretty-and tiny!
    he’s kinda cute ;)

  • Anonymous

    woah, is it me or did he grow, in the previews he looks smaller!

  • uh huh

    aww, she looks pretty

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  • ddddd


  • Anonymous

    haha, her eyebrows are like…. her trademark.

  • enzo


  • Anonymous

    i love him
    pure hottness right there


    those eyebrows.
    and that dress is not flattering.
    i’m trying to like them.. it’s hard.
    he’s not that cute either. he looks really young.

  • mcycrtz

    is he the actor in the seeker?

  • Anonymous

    wuts up with u people?? u always diss peoples’
    eyebrows. first joe then camilla and now this girl
    all their eyebrows make them even hotter
    fuck u haters

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    that boy should model i can def see him doing vogue in a couple of years

  • Anonymous

    well of course people diss on camilla’s eyebrows
    i mean, girl almost has a unibrow thing going on.
    it doesn’t take THAT long to pluck ‘em.

  • kat

    i like her eyebrows. that is on with the models.
    hate the dress it is like a sack

  • aubreezybby

    he looks goofy and shes ok lookin

    i hope she dont turn out to be a crazy

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