Brittany Snow LILY Gossip Girl Spinoff

Young Lily van der Woodsen, Brittany Snow, was spotted filming the Gossip Girl spinoff at the Sip-n-Pump gas station next to Neptune Restaurant in Malibu. The show is tentatively called ‘Lily’.

Brittany plays Lily Rhodes, who is growing up in Los Angeles in the ’80s. The show will follow Lily’s ‘wildchild teenager’ days. Former One Tree Hill star Matt Barr was recently cast as Keith van der Woodsen, a rich Malibu prince who is rumored to be Lily’s future husband. 5+ Fame

OTHER TV NEWS: Drake Bell has been tapped to star in the CBS pilot ‘Fish Tank.’ The show follows a teen who winds up getting the family house to himself during the week when his parents start commuting.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz
has been cast in the new Melrose Place spinoff, which starts in April. A friend told People: ‘She wanted something stable so she could be close to her baby. She was specifically looking for something in television that filmed in Los Angeles, so she wouldn’t have to be away from Bronx.’