Chelsea Staub Witch Mountain Premier

Blond JONAS beauty Chelsea Staub looked cute in satin yellow mini at the ‘Race To Witch Mountain’ at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Wednesday night. Fame. 2+

  • Anonymous

    she missed the mark with this outfit

  • Shanze Zar

    uhm. i really don’t think she’s pretty. her face creeps me out! :O

  • Chels is ma girl dawg-WORD!

    Yoyo cuzzz this is defo for reals not good! She aint complimentin’ her anythang! I aint no stylist but yo, even in the ghetto you would not see anything as fugly as this. I mean LOL cuz!

  • T

    Her face is so weird looking! She’s pretty, about her chin is just…BLEH!

  • Blaise

    Chelsea is always truly stunning,
    anybody who says shes a ‘creep’ or anything, you dont even know her, youve never met her. shes amazingly nice, and super sweet, and shes one of the most down to earth celebs i have EVER met. shes truly a goddess.
    Love you chels <3

  • Aya

    I love chelsea and she looks so pretty :)

  • rach

    I think she looks lovely.
    She’s got a different look, but she’s gorgeous x

  • Martha from Austrailia

    Excuse me, do you mind? You have highly disrespected her womanly rights to be a woman and to wear what she wants oh yes, I did go there!ha-ha, in your face that i have never seen! Uh, but I would never want to! Chelsea if you ever read this, Im your biggest fan and Im in love with you! Whoops! I mean . . um . .um . . never mind ha, love you bye! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Lots of hugs and kisses from your new BFF Martha

  • lulu

    she looks real old.

  • Anonymous

    She is the most stupid blond who thinks that is bff of the Jonas!what the hell is she wearing ?Please she needs a personal stylist(or a new one) and a mirror oh no, it will break when it see her dressed like that

  • KaiRob

    She has a wierd looking face.
    Not ugly.
    Just wierd.

  • bamfs

    she looks weird ha

  • Anonymous

    her face looks really…mushy? idk she looks weird

  • A

    i’m sorry i know people like her but i just think she’s really ugly. and i do not like this outfit.

  • Anonymous

    Ashley t and brenda song have that dress

  • Jane

    ewww she looks old and her boots DO NOT MATCH!! plus, ashley and brenda dhave worn that dress before. they looked much better

  • Anonymous

    Brenda Song has the SAME DRESS , but in purple , she wore it to the 2008 Kids Choice Awards !

  • mileyluver1393


  • Anonymous

    She’s beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    areyou guys crazy? as a guy i think shes one of the sexiest and most beautiful girls out there. and on the inside too.

  • Anonymous

    the dress is adorable, but the boots look terrible.
    still love her. she’s so pretty!

  • Maggie Jonas

    eww shew looks really bad, could her dress get any shorter?

  • Anonymous

    BRENDA SONG already wore that dress in purple

  • Janice

    She has a big chin but i still luv her.

  • Anonymous

    ewww look at that dress!!!!! how come every body likes it? ewwwww…. i like the boots but they dont even look good with that hideous dress…

  • Anonymous

    thats not cute together..haha

  • rii

    wow that seems pretty short lol.

    i dont think that fits as a dress. if that design was like on a tshirt it would be cool.

  • Anonymous

    i love her style. i think she looks so cute!!!!

  • kat

    thats a cool dress but shes a creep/ wierdo.

  • Hayden

    omg! i was there and her nd nicole were sooooooo nice they stopped and took pictures with everyone:) it was awesome:)

  • Anonymous

    she has an apple face

  • Anonymous

    sometimes she looks super pretty. but uhm…
    her face is really scary sometimes.
    i still love her though.

  • Anonymous

    noot the best outfit choice

  • Anonymous

    ….that is not a very good outfit together

  • Chelsea

    Her hair is Palin-ized! :)

  • Anonymous

    i like her but thats not cute

  • Anonymous

    ewww. get a stlyist, please. and her chin/smile bothers me…. its crocked!

  • Chelsea

    She seriously needs a stylist….

  • Anonymous

    shes really pretty shes like perfect except shes a little on the thin side. I think thats y her face looks different in these pics.

  • Anonymous

    her face freaks me out