Private High Musical MTV HSM Parody

MTV is developing a weekly series, Private High Musical, which will parody
Disney’s High School Musical. Private High Musical, is based on an online series and may debut on MTV in Fall as a half hour show, according to HR.

MTV’s head of programming Tony DiSanto revealed that they developing a number of scripted half-hour projects.: ‘We’re going to apply the same tenets of creativity and genre-busting to scripted comedy that ‘Laguna Beach’ used to makeover the documentary.

..It makes sense as a progression for us when a lot of our shows like ‘Run’s House’ and ‘The Hills’ look scripted to start going forward with actual scripted shows.’

PHM Tayrn Souther added: ‘I’ve always been an avid musical fan, and when Disney’s ‘High School Musical’ became this big phenomenon, I thought it was funny that nobody ever did a musical that told how high school really was.’

  • Anonymous

    you know not all high school is about sex and drugs. if that’s all this musical is gonna be, that’s a letdown. it puts a bad image to the kids at high school who are actually straight edge.

  • Anonymous

    lmao! that was so funny!

  • xoWelcomeToMyLifeox

    lmao, that was fucken AWESOME!!!! wayyyyyy better than the original in my opinion, sooo funny!!!!! TACOS!!!! xD

  • Ironic

    that guy looks so familiar

  • jennymaks

    lets hope Evan Taubenfeld is working on this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    that is pretty hilarious but it sets a REALLY badd example in a time that we dont need one. =[
    i dont like it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • corrine =]

    omg thats so innaproprate

  • Anonymous

    this is some crap right here!i’m a big hsm fan and if they go show this crap!?i ain’t watchin’ it!i hope that show is so stupid they have to cancel it!!no true hsm fan is gonna listen to that foolishness!!i know i’m not!.who tht hell thought this was a good freakin’ idea!they must of a really been on some weed when they wrote this crap man!!!i’m so damn pist right now its not even funny!this is not why they came out with hsm in the first place!and telling kids?expecially the non self minded ones that follow everyone else to smoke weed?is not a smart thing to do!!i hope president barack obama does somethin’ bout this!!and if kenny ortega or any of the hsm stars are going along with this!?i’m gonna be very disapointed……..

  • Anonymous

    bahahahhh that’s so awful… but it was kind of funny…

  • jessica lynn

    So funny :)

  • Anonymous

    this shit is dumb and look less than 20 comments im surprised i ended up here
    idk why everyone copies HSM it doesnt even work out!
    spectacular and the american mall never came close in succeeding HSM at all american mall failed while spectacular end up with less ratings disney’s dadnapped!
    they should leave it as just a parody clip not a series cuz it’ll fail

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha i love it.
    its so dumb, its funny.

  • Anonymous

    soooooooooo gooood better thsn he actual one

  • haha

    it’s better than the original.

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  • Anonymous

    MTV has lost the ability to do anything remotely clever.

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