Zac Efron & Sterling Knight 17 AGAIN

Zac Efron & Sterling Knight new 17 Again stills. 15+ Credit: OutNow.

  • Anonymous

    he’s SO hot.

  • Lola

    damn vanessa is lucky
    i’ll deff see this movie

  • Anonymous


  • :)

    tia and tamera already did this movie….on disney.

  • Anonymous

    sterling knight is so hot…but when he’s standing next to zac efron, he’s so ugly!

  • Anonymous

    zacs so hottt

  • Jane

    zac is so sexy!! sterling looks a lot younger and chubbier

  • Anonymous

    not as hot as mr.Guentag!

  • Leah

    seriously- this looks SO good. sterling looks like a little boy!

  • highschool

    This looks awsome :)

  • Anonymous

    Sterling looks so…. much younger?

    Like baby-faced… Huh.

  • http://lhuang Maggie

    Listen people sterling knight is way better than zac
    efron this is 2009 and he is on sonny with a chance.
    That movie is way better than what dumpster zac movie
    is on.SO in this febuary and march so far i think
    sterling knight got alot hotter so watch him and you
    will die

  • Anonymous

    sterling = a cutieeeee<3

  • Anonymous

    not feeling it… first

  • CDK

    first??? second?? third???

  • Anonymous

    well fuck me, Zac, you are hot

  • angelica


  • Kristina

    That’s a different story line.

  • Anonymous

    zac is hotter than ever

  • kamilah

    the body that he has is just ridiculous!!
    he’s to pretty for my taste but he def.
    attractive. im embarrassed to say this
    but im actually excited to see this movie

  • Anonymous

    4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whoo hoo

  • ytel

    zac efron = hot
    sterling knight = NOT!

    simply stating facts…

  • Anonymous

    Sterling Knight looks younger than the 20 years old he is now

  • Anonymous

    i think its the haircut?

  • danielle

    O M G, zac’s sexy & hot.

  • sexygurl101

    i wish he was emo.
    so bad.

  • alexis wood

    thats soooo mean

  • Youve Got Mail <<<<<<3

    This film actually looks pretty good,
    and it always helps that Zac’s pretty easy on the eyes. Haha.