• Anonymous


  • dsfs

    that yellow dress and those boots do NOT mix.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    first? probably not…i like brenda’s better!

  • liz


  • mememe

    i love chelsea!
    i met her twice :D
    shes so nice
    and she gave me some good tips on my acting! (:

  • http://www.myspace.com/jobrohoe885 ArdenMarie

    and brenda:D

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck are those boots?!
    also haaaay lopsided chin

  • Anonymous

    …is that a christmas tree made out of flowers? where’s the NEITHER, FUG EITHER WAY option?

  • Maggie Jonas

    whats with the boots chelsea?
    ewwww she does NOT look pretty!

    BRENDA all the way!!!! (:

  • Anonymous

    i KNEWWW that looked like brendas dress!!

  • Anonymous

    chelsea’s cheeks are wayy too big for her face and her chin is too narrow. its annoying.

  • uhh…..

    Chelsea Staub looks pretty
    up until i saw her boots

    Brenda Song looks better tho!

  • Lol idk

    Chelsea needs a stylist asap. She’s frumpy as hell.

  • CinderElla

    Chelsea is so pretty!!!!!

  • boyznite2145666

    brenda is not cute but she is funny. oceanup has a thing for wannabes.

  • Anonymous

    chelsea makes it look cheap.

  • asianLuver

    do they have an oriental web site for us asians who love to support our peeps like brenda?

  • Mandy


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  • Anonymous

    i love them both, but brenda wore it better, defs!
    chelsea, those boots are cute, but they look horrendous with that dress!

  • kay

    miley’s aim is alljuic3dup

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  • http://google.com idk

    91% of the people who voted are correct…

    the other 9 are either racist or stupid

  • Anonymous


  • =)

    Can you please post something and bet you can’t guess who this is lol this is my name =)ok post something

  • Anonymous

    Dang! it LUCKY!!!

  • Anonymous


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  • haha

    the bird is pecking where a PECKKER would peck. hehe heheheh

  • KaiRob

    Poor Chelsea.
    Brenda has over 4,000 votes nd Chelsea isn’t even at 1,000.
    Well, Brenda DID look better.
    Team Brenda!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    Brenda wore it MUCH better!

  • http://4:39 natalia

    i think chelsea wore it better but thats MY opinion!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/kristenlyn Kristen Lyn

    i think they both wore the color that suits their skin color best.

  • Jane

    brenda by a mile

  • BlondeKia

    CHELSEA is so pretty. BrendaSong has a good PR person. But, the reality is Song is not that cute. Maybe her PR will recommend a face makeover who knows. Chelsea got dinged Wednesday for wearing that outfit and then then Brenda PR machine ran with posting the outfits together Thursday knowing it was a safe win. Kinda nasty of Songs PR eh.

  • Anonymous

    thats why i love chelsea she always looks comfortable and has her own style. and she was going to a movie not prom!

  • Anonymous


    like, not that superficial kind of prety…
    she actually has natural beauty and just gahhh. im jealous.

    but i lover her.

    her eyes are stunning too. :]

  • FamilyGuyKid

    BrendaSong = BigRoundHead
    Chelsea = Beauty wearing the wrong boots

  • Anonymous

    …hmm interesting joe jonas dated both girls. remind me to wear that kinda dress the next time i meet him. JK, wow, i have a lame sense of humor -.-

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you all the way….. Dumb racists

  • Anonymous


  • marsha

    brenda for sure

  • Anonymous

    brenda is ugly the shoes dosent match her dress red shoes with purple dress OMG u go 2 hell brenda in ur face doofus