Samantha Droke Savvy & Mandy Madison Pettis RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN Premiere Girls

Prince Protection Program star & Tisdale BFF Samantha Droke along
with Savvy & Mandy and Madison Pettis attended the Race To Witch Mountain premiere. Bailee Madison thrown in for fun. Sam misses Selene Gomez [So doesn’t everyone in America!]. Photos: Fame, PR Photos.

  • Maryyy(:

    who? idk who they are.

  • Natalie

    who is savvy and mandy

  • Anonymous

    Bailee is so cute! Everyone else in this post is ugly and/or not even famous.

  • Anonymous

    beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  • rosemary cynthia

    who are Savvy & Mandy wtf do they do?

  • Anonymous

    you can already tell that fame is gonna get to savvy and mandys heads.
    they look like they’re egos are gonna blow up

    omg i know
    first thing i thoughtve when i saw them

  • Lol idk

    Lol at all of these D-list “actresses.”

  • Anonymous

    miss her? More like glad she’s in puerto rico. Hollywood doesn’t need the streets filled up with non celebrities

  • Anonymous

    you can already tell that fame is gonna get to savvy and mandys heads.
    they look like they’re egos are gonna blow up

  • Anonymous

    f-listers! who cares

  • Anonymous

    they are singers.

  • Anonymous

    Madison is kind of ugly.
    That other girl is adorable though.

  • Anonymous

    you must be f-list

  • Mitchie.

    Ag, sam’s very pretty.
    but her voice annoyes me!

  • Jane

    this is like a collection of z-listers. samantha droke is creepy looking

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • kellz

    i’m on of the firstss

  • Anonymous


  • idk

    so whats new….

    ^^and u hav no life if u give a crap if ur first

  • Anonymous

    awwe madison and Bailee is so cute

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • lunstro

    okay those two blone girls AREN’T FAMOUS
    I don’t know where they came from but they bother me!!!!!!!!!!

  • aliceinwonderland

    ha, so DOESN”T everyone in america, funny.

    although i do like selena, its just funny he wrote it

  • Anonymous

    her eyebrows though

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lol, madison pettis knows how to dress better than some of the older disney chicks

  • Anonymous

    samantha droke is soooo pretty :D

  • Anonymous

    i love savvy and mandy!

  • Aimee

    Bailee is adorable, but that dress looks silly on her.


    savvy and mandy annoy me…why would you name your child savvy?

  • jessi.

    her voice ew.

  • Anonymous

    samantha drokes voice is fucking annoying.

  • yomama

    the 2 blonde girls look like aly and aj wannabees

  • Anonymous

    Sam misses Selene Gomez [So doesn’t everyone in America!].


    hahahahah :)

  • Anonymous

    savvy = savannah smart one.

  • sam.

    add miley on twitter!
    (mandy posted it on her myspace!!)

  • Anonymous

    savvy and mandy are popular in southern california or so i’ve heard. their music is okay but definitely hannah montana’s old stuff ranging for middle school and under crowd.

  • ray.

    wtf? who in the world are savvy and mandy?


    I KNOW RIGHT!! THEY JUST LET ANYONE WALK THE CARPET NOWADAYS! LOL most the time im like who is that???

    i mean i know of them two , but there not all that famous enough to walk the red carpet in my opinion

    i love how curly madison’s hair is , i luv curly hair

    oh and WOOP WOOP SELENA!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I really want Madisn to leave Disney Channel.
    She could go so much further, and be given a lot more credit.
    In “Game Plan” (Yes, I’m 16 and saw it. It was really good) she actually cried when she was supposed to cry.
    You know how actors/actresses do that fake cry so badly that tears don’t even well up in their eyes? Well she actually had tears.
    It’s not that easy to cry on the spot, especially since she’s so young and doesn’t have as much experience as older actors.
    She’s got potential.

  • kellz.

    i guess i have no life.
    but you’re the one pressing a thread that means nothing to you once you see the photo iyhn :L

  • Anonymous

    savvy and mandy annoy me…why would you name your child savvy?

    Her name is Savannah

  • <3 peace everyone

    FAIL OCEANUP u spelled selenas name wrong!

  • Gossipland
    [Teen] Gossip

    Check it out guys!

  • meeeeeee


    madison’s hair is crazzy cute.

  • Anonymous


  • eh

    i dont really like savvy and mandy that much or what ever there names are.
    sorry :/ there like trying to become famous and its not happening

  • Anonymous

    she’s an awesome actress. i think she’s going to keep with disney but def do outside work and the outside work is whats going to keep her going for a long long time. with disney stars, you get super famous quickly because its all within the channel and soon enough everyone is sick of them. only a few actors/actresses in disney could branch out and still have a good career.

    i think miley definitely will but only in music, not acting.
    jonas, as much as i love them, will be gone for the most part.