Check out new Taylor Swift straight hair pictures from 2007 @ TaylorSwiftWeb.

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  • alexis aka joe lover

    look taylor u look way better no offence 2 camilla but she looks alot like joe’s twin brother u are waaaayyyy beter than camilla belle at least u look like a chick not a dude (camilla belle)!!!!! my friend jerah doesnt like but i do she only doesnt like u cuz u dated joe jonas well she loves ur song love story and so do all mi all mi other friends 2 so keep up the good career!!!!
    ur fan alexis aka joe lover bye

  • kay

    miley’s aim is alljuic3dup

  • http://www.lastfm.com.br/user/isabelahudgens Isabela

    so cuuute *————-*

  • Frances Montoya

    I think Taylor looks insanely georgeous with straight hair…. and curly hair. But it’s not what I think, If she likes it, that’s all that matters, but I think she’s beautiful curly or straight…. I look good with curly and straight hair….. I’ve gotten compliments all the time! Taylor, you’re beautiful inside and out, you’re a good person and a good role-model, keep up the good work, I’ve got your back!



  • Anonymous

    wow rats make me wanna throw up youch yet again dusgusting

  • Boop

    She looks super pretty with both curly and straight hair.

  • Anonymous

    she looks better with curly hair.

  • KaiRob

    She’s gorgeous.

  • it’s me.

    she’s so gorgeous!
    i love you tay :)

  • Anonymous

    joe jonas is defenetly gay… seriously, how could he dumb her?!

  • Jane

    she us insanely gorgeous. love taylor!!

  • Lovesick.Melody.

    And you’re probably obese if you have something against Anorexic people, huh?
    Just because you say more than once, doesn’t mean we’re gonna see it.
    It actually makes us ignore it.

  • Anonymous

    looks arent everything. she may not have had a good personality or something.

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  • Anonymous

    He’s so concieted that he wants his babies to look more like him.

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  • crystal<3


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  • Anonymous


    ^ My favorite one =}

    Lovelovelove Taylor Swift

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  • Anonymous

    do you even know what the meaning of anorexic is?
    I don’t think so if you think she’s anorexic

  • Anonymous

    she’s so gorgeous!
    luv her

  • RandomPerson

    *throws up*
    that’s disgusting….

  • Anonymous

    Oh hunny.
    Grow up.

  • Anonymous

    she needs to do that more often , cause the curly hair looks like pube hair .

  • Anonymous

    Well, someone’s mom raised them right….



  • Carol

    I hate how gorgeous she is! Ahh I love you Taylor :)

  • Anonymous

    *throws up*
    you’re disgusting, its disgusting that you feel the need to hate on people just because you have nothing better to do, what did she ever do to offend you?

  • Steph

    It’s crazy how different she looks with straight hair. Almost like a completely different person. I wear my hair curly most of the time, but sometimes I straighten it. I don’t think I look that different with my hair straight.

  • brie

    man tay is so pretty w/trait hair and she was amzing on csi!

  • Anonymous

    her hair looks a whole lot better straight

  • Caroline

    She is sooo gorgeous!

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  • Castillointhemiddle

    i like that picture its amazingly goregous as always uggh she make jealous of her i wish i had her persona im shy and she isnt thats why ill admiit she one of my rolemodel but i look up to her for anything. Cant wait for the new cd Tay. Love your boyfriend too *cough* hes *cough* amazing too. “But i cant stop loving” “oh with half of my heart” loooooooooooovvve!!!! YOU VERRY MUCH!!!!!!!!
    “common common say that well be together” i seriously have a ” i <3 ?” wrtien on the back of my hand.

  • Anonymous

    i think that it is pretty. i wish that i was her . that is how much i like it . i think that she is so lucky. i just can not with for her new cd to come out . i just won’t to be her little siter so much.i love you Taylor Swift.i love you so so so so so so so so so so very very very very very very very very very very M U C H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frances Vanessa Montoya

    Taylor is so beautiful, i wish i had her eyes and hair. i’ve dyed my hair 5 times and highlighted it once; so i’ve done a lot of damage to it, but taylor’s hair looks so healthy and shiny and beautiful. i wish i had her hair. my hair is naturally curly too but i don’t know how to work with it so, it’s always frizzy. Taylor, could you please give me some advice on as to how i could take better care of my hair; i never blow dry it, blow drying damages ur hair. my natural hair color is dirty blonde and i miss looking at it. please help me and love the music!

  • Mizz Madi

    It almost makes me want to touch it… lol