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Race To Witch Mountain star Alexander Ludwig interview withTeen Vogue. Have you seen the original 1975 film? Believe it or not, I was a huge fan of the original. My mom was a fan when she was a kid, and she kind of passed it down to me. I had such a crush on Kim Richards, who played the sister.

Favorite movies? Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, E.T., Saving Private Ryan, Goonies, and Stand By Me. TV shows? I don’t really have time to watch too much, but I like ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Entourage.’ I’m also obsessed with the YouTube series ‘Balls of Steel.’ It’s hilarious.

Fave Bands? Jet, The Beatles, AC/DC, The Beach Boys.  Lately, I’ve also revisited Sum 41. I actually write my own music whenever I have a chance. I play guitar and sing. Celebrity crush? Jessica Alba.  I have the biggest crush on her. I met her in Vancouver when she was filming Good Luck Chuck.
Hardest thing about being a young actor? It‘s so tough trying to keep school up.  Every twenty minute break you get, you have to go back to the school trailer, while everyone else gets to go back to their own trailer and read their lines and prepare for the next scene.
What’s up next? I’d love to do a more character-driven movie. I’m also looking at universities in Los Angeles. I definitely want to study film. I’d like to have my own studio one day and just make a lot of movies. New interview clips under!


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    he is soooooo cute omg

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    he seems really nervous..

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    he’s sorta hot.

    and also oceanup, i thought i should let you know when i was scrolling through this thing popped saying this site is not safe because it contains something from creative.serivcesbanner (idk something like that) and that has malware. but i proceeded anyway

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    FIRSSTTT!!! =D

    Finally… lol

    I don’t think he’s that cute though =/

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    I watched The Seeker: The Dark is Rising. Good acting on his part, but it sucked compared to the book.

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    hes preetty hot i really like his last two movies they were really good. i am really lucky i even got to watch it cause i have had competetive travling girls volley ball and saoftball. and rec league sucks if your wondering why i am playing competetive. i know he really love surfing and skiiing lots.

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    Alexander Ludwig and AnnaSophia Robb are both REALLY good actors!!!

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    He’s kinda cute.

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    that guys looks really like lucas gabreel.

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    I think so to

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    he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo underage to watch BALLS of steel

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    will he be with annasophia rob togther and felt in

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    Ews someone hit him with a stick of ugly

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    of course he does

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    I think he’s cute

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    your so great actor.ilove your movie so much,and you are my favorite actor.

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