Something you won’t see in Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience is a prank that Joe Jonas recently played on JONAS costar Chelsea Staub. Chels revealed [Via The Independent]: ‘The other day I came back from a fitting, and all my furniture had been moved out of my dressing room, including all my clothes, all my hangers, even the light bulbs.’

Joe confessed, ‘That was me.‘ Chelsea, ‘A note was tacked on the door ‘Please go see Roger [Schulman, executive producer] and Michael [Curtis, executive producer].’ I thought I had been fired, and I didn’t even get an opportunity.. clean out my own dressing room.’ So I walked on the stage shaking and terrified, and it turns out it was all in Joe’s bathroom, all my furniture. They got me really good.’

Nick added, ‘I think we consider ourselves normal guys who are doing our
best every day to make our mom proud. That’s what we’ve been saying from the beginning. Live like you’re at the bottom even if you’re at the top. For us that just means stay humble and do your best every day. Nobody’s perfect, but we’re doing our best.’


  • Anonymous

    what’s up with her chin?

  • Grace Jonass

    haha first?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I should do that prank :-P
    Man, right down to the lightbulbs …
    He’s good …

  • Carolyn

    lol love Joe

  • Anonymous

    haha good job joe!!

  • Anonymous

    haha. hes hilarious!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    OMG !
    If Joe Jonas & Chelsea Staub don’t date soon ,
    I’m gonnna freak !

    Screw Camilla Belle !!!
    Ew . I don’t like her at all .

    Chelsea looks so much nicer !

  • Anonymous

    joe looks fine as hell

  • Anonymous

    oh man, look at the first picture, joe was so gorgeous!
    and that sweet smile..
    i miss this!

  • Anonymous

    I think Oceanup just threw Nick’s addition into the conversation to start and stir some shit … again … OceanUp just knows it’ll cause trouble. This website posted this a hundred times by now … It doesn’t even have anything to do with the prank.

  • yo

    hahaha Joe is amazing!!!

  • taylor.

    ‘Live like you’re at the bottom even if you’re at the top.’
    they should really follow that.

  • Anonymous

    haha joe :)

  • jerseygirl

    Get in line, sister!

    God, he’s just insanely adorable in that first pic!

  • YO



  • Anonymous

    nick, will you SHUT UP about doing your mom proud and living at the bottom, blah blah. be original for once, that’s all you ever say anymore.

    anyways, joseph and chelsea should date. bye.

  • Anonymous

    man, they say that all the fucking time, it’s not oceanup’s fault!

  • Carolyn

    I know right?
    I hate Oceanup but its so freaking addicting haha

  • Anonymous

    ewww i really don’t like joe’s hair.

  • Anonymous

    i need to try that ! lmfao , joe , NICE xD

  • (:

    lmfao , joe NICE xD i have to try that one <3

  • http://4:39 natalia

    i don’t get it?? and NOW JOE IS ACTING EMO I LIKE THE OLD JOE!!!

  • (:

    ‘Live like you’re at the bottom even if you’re at the top.’
    they should really follow that.


    that`s what they LIVE by . hater . it`s not like they think they`re the shiz and show it off . they ARE the stuff , but they`re so humble about it . so stfu

  • it’s me.

    what a gorgeous smile!
    he should smile like this more often…
    i love you joe :)
    i love the jb’s.

  • (:

    I think Oceanup just threw Nick’s addition into the conversation to start and stir some shit … again … OceanUp just knows it’ll cause trouble. This website posted this a hundred times by now … It doesn’t even have anything to do with the prank.


    hahahaha , NO KIDDING . that has nothing to do with the prank , and nick doesn`t just spontaneously preach like that . stupid oceanup .

  • Anonymous
  • KaiRob

    Brenda is not creepy.
    And why do you call her ‘Song’?
    You sound retarded.
    Just because she talks about the JoBros doesn’t mean she’s obsessed. Did you ever stop to think that maybe a) all of the vids of her talking about the JoBros are from one whole conersation but split into little pieces or b) she was ASKED about them?
    I guess you’re excuse is that you’re an asshole.

  • Rain

    Wtf does Nick have to do with the prank?
    by the way Chelsea & Joe look cute together.

  • Gaaaaaaaabby.

    Frreal OceanUp,you cause draaama.

    Anyways, I should really pull that prank.
    & I can totally imagine Joe doing that ;D

    If I were Chelsea I would’ve done the same thing. HAHA.

  • speak

    I agree with that one anonymous person. Oceanup just threw that Nick comment in there to cause problems. Assholes! Anyway Joe is hilarious and he should not date her. He doesnt look cute with blonds.

  • Lindsey

    omg joe is so hot chealea isn’t pretty enough to be near that gorgeous man

  • Carolyn

    I have that poster on my ceiling lol

  • Anonymous

    Ocean added the Nick part coz its in the same dam interview not to stir shit…you guys are so

  • Anonymous


  • Sarah

    Nick is seriously a talking robot. Stop repeating yourselves, Jonas brothers. Your flame is almost burnt out.

  • Dumm Blonnd

    Yes he does! >:D

  • Anonymous

    Joe, you funny little bad boy you! I can just see him hiding and giggling and jumping up and down all excited at his little prank. I love the little boy in him. Awwww Joey, you sweet thing.

  • KaiRob

    that’s funny.

  • Anonymous

    Joe Looks fine as hell.

    What a gorgeous smile.

    I agree with both of you!

  • Carolyn


  • Jessica


    how the hell did Joe fit all that JUST IN HIS BATHROOM!! how big must his bathroom be!!!?

    Nick quotes Hannah Montana LOL XD nobody’s perfect (8)

  • anonymous

    awwww i love joe! he looks sooooooo gorgeous in the first picture ;D

    he’s a cutieeee :))

  • Anonymous

    love him
    FOR LIFE<3

  • Jane

    hahahaha that’s a good one

  • Dumm Blonnd

    You put a cute image in my head. :)

  • Anonymous

    How did all of Chelsea’s furniture fit into Joe’s bathroom.

    joe must of had a huge bathroom.

  • Anonymous

    Are you guys kidding!?! Joe DOES look adorable in that first pic (Camp Rock era), but he looks even MORE adorable now!!! I LOVE HIS HAIR TODAY!!! AND HIS SMILE FOREVER! CUTIE!

  • yum

    i want to squeeze joe so bad
    in a cute way of course lol
    he is soooo cute <3

  • Dumm Blonnd

    You’re not the only one… :)

  • Yvonne

    I dont care who yells at me, but I pissed that its been 2 weeks since Kevin has had his own story. Since then, the kissing pics, its been all Joe and Nick. I want some K2

  • :)

    I love how JB’s got such a great sense of humor. Love these boys. TEAM JB all the way XD

  • Jessica

    ahaha me too!
    i just wanna hug him
    people say Nick is the most sensertive
    but i think joe is
    …like hiding it behing all his jokes…
    im honestly the same
    i am confident and funny but extreamly sensertive at the same time and see some of the same qualitys in him

  • Anonymous

    Not ALL the time actually. This wasn’t even part of the prank conversation. Why would he all of a sudden spontaneously say it right after the Prank was mentioned? Oceanup starts shit all the time. You should know if you were an Oceanup Regular.

  • Anonymous

    vote for miley at for best actress, best voice in an animated movie, best female singer, best show/hannah montana, best animated movie/bolt)

  • Anonymous

    Haha joe is solo funny when I’m famous I wanna pull a prank on him

  • KhimmyCane

    man, nick say the same old things again and again and again and again and again… blah blah blahhhhhh

    its like he memorized and recorded it

  • Anonymous

    how long did that take him … must have free … his bros were probably writing songs … joe go do something … haha i love him

  • Maggie Jonas

    aww looook at josephs belttt (:

    they are so normal and i love themm :D

  • Anonymous

    ocean up stop stirring drama w/ nick quote … i hope people notice that kinda shit ocean up pulls

  • sdfs





  • laurenj

    typical of joe he makes me laugh……as for ocean up and the supposely comment from nick (god bless him always) that is an old quote from like a year ago…what games are you playing now OCEAN UP….let it go……

  • Anonymous

    haha…i love joe!!!

  • Anonymous

    joe! always the jokester!good one, chelsea is gonna be great on JONAS

  • knowitall

    Ocean up luvs stirring it up. I like how they keep trying to make you think Brenda Song (giant round head) is a gorgeous, talented, awesome, best thing ever. Song must be paying oceanup cuz she is one giant round head. Lets be honest she is odd looking and her personality is even worse. Oceanup made fun of Chelsea’s outfit yesterday and the day before. Ocean up favorite = giant round head.

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, but Joe has the MOST amazing smile.

  • kaila

    LMFAO! what a great prank.

    aaahhh i love joe <3

  • kaila

    i really don’t like your hair.

  • Anonymous

    joe is such a beautiful man :)

  • lezzy:]

    oh great now theres gonna be a million comments the joe and chelsea should date…bring it.

  • amberJONASS

    how cute.
    i love chelsea and the jobros!
    there amazing!

  • Anonymous

    well if you go to actual article nick did say that. there was just a lot mroe to the article then the prank and nick randomly chiming in.

  • Anonymous

    i fucking love him

  • knowitall

    Chelsea is adorable, so pretty. I’m glad that the big giant head brenda song is not in their show. song pays oceanup to be on here, she is ugly and creepy – just watch those videos of her where song wants attention from jbros. really creepy.

  • Anonymous

    joe is amazing!! i love him!!!!!!

  • P

    Haha. Dude has a lot of time on his hands.

    Lmao. Now I just pictured him moving the furniture into his bathroom. Fuck I’m lame. But Awesome.

    With potato chips. Dipped in a hotpocket.

  • Anonymous

    love her. and joe always looks happy when theyre together

  • alisha

    hiiii JB’s you are soooo coool and handsome…..u look brilient with chelsea…i love uuuuuu sooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh….i wannna talk to u …..i wanna hugh uuuu………i wannna…..u just rock dude u r …………. no words for you