Kristen Stewart on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk Adventureland & Cake Eaters. From Steven: We waited in the back for hours and were told she would not come over because it’s not her ‘thing.’ When she arrived one of the guys in line asked her to come over.. AND SHE DID!

We were told we were lucky by the photographers there saying she never does this. Despite what people may say, she was really nice and really chill. She signed everyone’s things and took pictures with everyone.’ Interview under. Fame. 10+

  • http://oceanup samiej

    i wanna see adventureland
    its sounds good!
    kristen stewart is very good and talented

  • Sara

    I was in the audience, at the very front right near her, and like during the clips
    she was like I sucks at interviews to jimmy kimmel!!! and then when the whole thing
    was over, she was leaving and i yelled”kirsten!” she turned around all surprised
    and i wave and said hii.. and she said hiii back she is sooo sweet and sooo pretty!
    she is one of my favorite actresses!! i love how awkward she is!

  • lisa

    first!!! awesome!!

  • Mercy

    KStew is such a douchebag sometimes

  • Anonymous

    seems like everyone is wearing ray bans these days !

  • den

    Haha I love her awkwardness. It’s apart of her and it makes her endearing… to me :D

    I really enjoyed the interview. She was funny.

  • Anonymous


  • jonas

    she always seems disinterested

  • Anonymous

    It seems like she’s so afraid of stardom… =/

    Like so tense, ya know?

  • Anonymous

    she smiles!

  • Anonymous

    Aw, I think she was nervous.
    I felt a little awkward watching this.
    Because of it. I feel bad, but I love her. She’s a great actress.

  • Nicole Turner

    She is so boring.

  • sarah

    i think she’s awsome ; i love her originality and all….but she’s so lost in interviews :(

  • Jane

    that’s surprising, maybe she’s trying to change her reputation

  • Anonymous

    You can tell it’s all awkward for her.
    Notice when she comes out and they keep yelling,
    She looks down at her hands at start to play
    with them.
    That’s why I love herrr. bahaa.
    She’s great.
    She’s kinda cute, NO HOMO. hahaa.
    If you know what I mean?

  • eRRe .sC.

    bañiiitooo kiki!
    luv her!!

  • Anonymous

    She’s a horrible actress.

  • Anonymous

    she’s so rock’n’roll.
    i love it.
    she’s awesome

  • ytel

    always steven morales.
    what a queer…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    haha, yeah xD

  • me ;)

    omg she was COHEREANT! guess she’s laying off the pot
    no but rele, shes amazingly talented and gorgeous stay off the pot and she’s good!

  • Anonymous

    I love the way she is
    i mean she is not like all the celebrities in
    she’s different :)
    she doesn’t like the fame at all
    she just wanna do her job :D
    she’s great!
    gotta love her :)

  • camilla

    no, she’s not you idiot.
    i love you kristen!

  • Anonymous

    i feel really awkward watching her.
    it’s like she’s contstantly tense and like, uptight.


  • kamilah

    i always feel bad for her when i watch her do interviews like this because you can tell shes so self-conscious. she looks likes she always worrying about looking stupid or saying the wrong things. i think she’ll get better at it in the future after she has time to really get use to the attention and publicity. i thinking meeting her in a chill setting with her friends would be a cool experience. i would just like to see what shes really like when shes just kicking back

  • Anonymous

    kristen is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    exactlyyyyyyy :)
    love her

  • it’s me.

    gosh, she’s so awkward xD
    haha, gotta love her!
    she looks gorgeous :)
    love you kristen!
    ignore the stupid ass haters ;D

  • (:

    she doesnt seem like she cares.

  • miriam

    lol wow shes soo awkward! hahah her legs dont match
    the color of her upper body…they are pink!

  • Anonymous

    I love how nervious she was :)
    she’s so different from the other celebrities!
    she is amazing

  • Anonymous

    Dude, what’s up with the rocking thing she was doing?!
    She was like rocking & swaying side to side.
    Well SOMEONE’s going through some withdrawal…

    She’s amazingly pretty though.
    I love her like, dry sense of humor.

  • Anonymous

    I like her, I’d be pretty awkward to if I was thrust into stardom seemingly overnight. She’s awesome, and I don’t think she should have to change herself to prove anything to you judgemental assholes.

  • Anonymous

    i dont know why but this story made me smile. in a good way though.

  • Anonymous

    i really love her personality
    Yeaaah :D

  • Anonymous

    yaay, i love how people are starting to stand up for kristen!! :)
    few weeks ago everybody was hating on her!
    she’s amazing, and well, different, haha ;D
    ily kstew!

  • Anonymous

    my god, i love her DGAF attitude!
    she’s so awesome. she dresses cute too.
    i agree on the rocking thing though..
    that was a little awkward.

  • anonymous

    i love herrrrr.

    no homomomomomomo.

  • Speak YOUR Mind

    lol, kristen’s so weird, oh my god, love heer :)
    she’s gorgeous :)

  • Anonymous

    she doesnt smile a lot…
    she seems a little rude too..
    but i dunno. maybe shes nerveous

  • shauna

    omg i felt awkward wathcing this too. shes so weird. it seems as though shes afraid of attention.

  • Anonymous

    i love how awkward she is!

  • Anonymous

    i love kristen’s interviews, i always laugh the whole time! she’s so awkward and nervous and shy! lol, poor girl x]

  • Anonymous

    i can totally see where kristen coming from because i act sorta like her. im not as ackward and uncomfortable as she is but people always accuse me of being stuck up or bitchy sometimes because i get really quite and stand-offish if im worried about looking dumb or what people are thinking of me. but when people actually get to know me that all goes out the window because im not like that at all. i think people need to give kristen a chance and not judge her so quickly

  • gabi

    she’s not rude, and she does smile alot, it’s just that she never knows what to say and she’s always nervous!

  • Anonymous

    yes, she was nerviuos
    and she’s shy
    that’s why I love her :D
    I mean, she’s so different :D
    she’s awesome :P

  • salsep

    she’s cool :)

  • Anonymous

    poor girl ????
    it’s awesome she is like this!
    because it differentiates her from the others

  • Anonymous

    OceanUP can’t even spell her name properly.

    I love her! She’s awesome. :)

  • Anonymous

    sorry I meant: on the contrary:D
    not unlike :S
    idk why i wrote that =/

  • Anonymous

    her style is so damn COOL!!

  • anonymous [:


  • anna

    i love herr!
    she is amazingg and really pretty!

  • cdk

    the title of this post can be taken in more ways than one…

  • Tiffani

    Kristen ALWAYS comes over and talks to fans unless she has to be somewhere ASAP.

    I don’t know what this bullshit is that its not her ‘thing’.

    She may be shy and uncomfortable but she still always talks to her fans. Everyone who has met her has said she was sweet.

  • Orls

    She has such a refreshing personality in comparision to other celebrities.
    And she is so unique and gorgeous :]

  • anonymous

    Kristen is juuust like me. im totally awkward and totally self conscious. i totally get why shes nervous all the time. i would be like that too if i were put in the spotlight so quickly.