Sterling Knight IS FAST & FURIOUS

Sonny With A Chance stud Sterling Knight hit up the world premiere of ‘Fast & Furious‘ at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City on Thursday night. Do YOU think Sterling is Disney’s newest heartthrob? 1+

  • Eve Cullen

    That scared me!!! I am not lying! I thought it was an Alien!!!!

  • caitlin

    yeah uhm, how about not. he is ugly! Joe Jonas, Zac Efron, and David Henrie are the only hot ones. but nice try! not.

  • Anonymous

    he looks like that bug looking thing from monsters vs aliens in 3d or whatever lol

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  • Anonymous

    you are so right! :) I totally agree with you about him needing to gain some weight. He was really cute in 17 again.

  • Anonymous

    he’s ugly

  • Kelsey

    He’s really hot, this picture is just a bad one though.

  • courtney

    the right eye kind of looks bigger than the left eye….a little weird..

  • ThatGirl

    I love him on SWAC.
    That first picture of him
    Is slightly scary though. LOL

  • Kristen Lyn

    im thinking these just aren’t the best pictures.
    he looks really attractive in others.

  • Emily

    you guys are crazy. sterling is amazing. youve just never met him, so you dont know that. lol

  • Anonymous

    EW,who could have a crush on him.

  • Anonymous


  • Amira

    No offense to Sterling lovers but STERLING KNIGHT looks like a cat.
    NO, I’M SERIOUS!! Like-look at him carefully and look at his big eyes just-BULGING out! It’s amazing…
    he’s really ugly in my opinion.
    sorry! b

  • <3 peace everyone

    ugly as fuck -_-

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I think he’s pretty darn hideous.

  • Anonymous

    he looks wierd

  • Anonymous

    hes cute on the show. not like OMFG YOURE SO HOTT but cute.
    here–no. just, no.

  • Anonymous

    ew? yes ew

  • Anonymous

    isnt fast and furious an old movie

  • Carolyn

    woah that first is a little scary no offence..haha
    hes actually pretty cute

  • anaaaa


  • Anonymous


  • NOT

    Ugh! he looks hella nasty! I never knew why anyone thought he was hot

  • Anonymous

    hes so fucking weird looking and he has nothing to do with the movie so why is he there? id be pissed if all these disney ppl kept showing up to random premieres

  • nelena <3

    fug -_-

  • jib

    he looks rough

  • Anonymous

    it just came out. it’s a sequel to the first one 2 movies later.

  • Anonymous

    when he’s on TV, I think he looks HOOOOOOOOT
    but then I see him in these pics
    and he looks fucking CREEEEEEEEEPY!

  • xxJadexx

    HES SO FUGLY!! EWWWWWWW, and hes freakin 20. gross. =[[

  • Anonymous

    NO WAY.

  • Anonymous

    eww hes ugly and wierd looking

  • Anonymoussssssssssss

    I’m not like one of those annoying people who uses Caps Lock often so this is new for me.
    He looks so ugly it’s ridiculous.
    It’s unreal.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    it’s because
    1. His eyes are not similar at all (shape wise)
    2. He needs to put on some chapstick, so his lips don’t look so dry and chapped.

    The reason why he looks so good on Sonny is because they have makeup artists that probably cover these things.

  • Anonymous

    omg. he scared the SHIT out of me, no lie.
    he’s kind of cute on the show…i guess…if you’re desperate. im just sayin.

  • Claire

    ew hes so gross

  • Anonymous

    Now I know that he wears make up.

  • Anonymous

    the boy is butt ugly

  • Anonymous

    He needs botox LMAO

  • Anonymous

    scary smile.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Oh god, he’s such a creeper!
    I bet poor demi will have to kiss him eventually too..

  • Anonymous

    WOAh his face is like bam! first post! and its really scary looking in the first pic!!

  • Jane

    he’s not cute AT ALL! he’s really ugly and creepy, his smile is so weird!! HE’S SO UGLY!!!

  • Anonymous

    did you hear? did you hear?
    sterling knight is a QUEER!

  • Anonymous

    He’s a cute guy but in the first pic his look either super thin or just weird but like i said he’s a cute guy.

  • Love him.

    He’s so hot, but not very photogenic.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    vote for miley at for best actress, best voice in an animated movie, best female singer, best show/hannah montana, best animated movie/bolt)

  • Anonymous

    ewww he is ugly!! his face scares me!

  • Danielle

    the 1st picture is a littttle scary, not gonna lie.
    but i guess he’s just not photogenic, whatev- he’s really cute on Sonny :)

  • Anonymous


  • Emily

    hmm i love how most of you are anonymous b/c if anyone knew who you were, you’d be ashamed to be insulting anyone like this.

  • Anonymous

    looks like the joker

  • Anonymous

    I think he looks pretty cute on-screen, but he’s not very photogenic. He doesn’t look good in pictures, but pretty hot sometimes not in pictures. You know?

  • Anonymous

    we don’t know that? lol! we don’t know what we’re looking at? is that what you’re saying?

  • Shaunae

    this kid

  • cho

    this guy is fucking disgusting!

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna puke!!

  • alexis

    hes so fucking weird looking and he has nothing to do with the movie so why is he there? id be pissed if all these disney ppl kept showing up to random premieres
    you dont have to be in the movie to go to a premiere.
    you get invited to go.

  • Anonymous

    He’s fucking ugly.

  • Anonymous

    ahhhhhh he looks like a star wars alien

  • meagan

    no, i dont think he’ll be the next ‘hearthrob’, but i think he’s nice. i even had a dream about him lst night! we were talking and he was sweet. lol im sure hes nice in real life too

  • Emily

    no, i meant you dont know how amazing he is. lol

    i find it sad that people are so shallow and frankly rude on the internet. i bet you wouldnt say these things to his face.

  • Chanel


  • What’s with the jokes all the routines they play?!?!?!

    I’m sorry but his creeper status is way through the roof. He is hands down one of the most creepy people I have ever seen in my 16 1/2 years of living. I don’t mean to be rude or mean but just…Wow.

  • Anonymous

    BAHAHHAHA omg what the heck? he actually looks cute in sonny w/ a chance.

  • Anonymous

    hes cute

  • Anonymous

    definitely NOT, where are pictures of Paul Walker???He’s so hot!

  • Lisa

    Yuck he’s soo ugly. Sorry Sterling

  • Anonymous

    so hot.

  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    I’m sorry but his creeper status is way through the roof. He is hands down one of the most creepy people I have ever seen in my 16 1/2 years of living. I don’t mean to be rude or mean but just…Wow.

  • Anonymous

    he’s cuter on the real life, not so much..

  • amberJONASS

    ahh i love sterling!
    i met him at the jonas brothyers 3-d movie premiere.
    he is really STUNNING and supper sweet tooo!
    i looove him!
    haha but this is a creppy pic of him.
    but other then that he is STUNNING!

  • amberJONASS

    honey i have seen him in real life.
    at a movie premiere.
    he is really cute.
    these are just bad pics.
    he is supper cute.

  • Tx

    WTF – its not a great pic, as if everyone here never had a bad pic. He has cool friends in the movie and was invited. Good for him and his new movie 17 again comming this April is a different look too.
    Losers love dumping on others

  • vanessa,

    he looks weird here

  • Anonymous

    hes creepy looking

  • Anonymous

    oceanup asked “Do YOU think Sterling is Disney’s newest heartthrob?”

    people are saying hes not attractive to that

  • lezzy:]

    i think he’s really hot. :D

  • Anonymous

    looks like the joker

  • Anonymous

    wtf? sterling knight is not disney’s next heart throb. bleh. gross, ew. he’s ugly as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO, gross.

  • kate

    yeah, on the show he’s super cute. :)
    his eyes are gorgeous!

  • calgboi

    is it just me, or when me smiles it looks like he has gills, ahahhha
    crreepy smile, and he like really wrinkly ahha

  • Peyton

    He’s shit ugly but in 17 again he’s a cutie and its cuz he’s chubbier so a lil advice 4 him GAIN SUM WEIGHT! And sonny with the chance is a stupid sho its not funi at all

  • isabella

    lmao :)
    haha i think he has a shark-like smile
    idk why,though

  • =)

    post somthing

  • Anonymous

    in the picture?ewwww he doesnt look cute at all but he looks really hot in sonny with a chance probably cuz they dont put the camera up close to him…

  • =) guess who


  • ytel

    sterling got beat with the fugly stick.

  • Anonymous

    he needs : teeth whitening, chin reduction surgery, & something with his eyes because they’re different on each side.
    he also needs anti-aging cream for his wrinkly smile &some chapstick.

  • Anonymous

    I love his aristocratic features! Its what makes him unique. He’s not the stereotypical guy.

  • Canary

    Sterling knight isen’t handsome, he’s creepy looking, especially when he smiles.

    he’s ugly as hell.,
    just sayin..

  • WTF

    Sterling Knight is handsome. It’s just that his features are unique and this picture is so close up and dead on in his face. But he has a very striking face, high cheek bones, full lips, blonde hair, almond eyes. Unusually ethnic face for a non-ethnic person.