Tays awesome Love Story performance at Sound Relief in Sydney. Pix here.

  • Anonymous

    ha. i love all these vids from australia. she did great. good for her.

    ps. australia has some pretty awesome crowds. defintiely want to go there one day.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve stopped

  • Lindsey

    kinda sick of her long, sleeveless, sparkly dresses.
    i don’t think theyre cute on her.

  • Anonymous

    her performances make me feel like i’m there. especially this one, i ammmmmm so going to try to get tix for her concert in chicagp

  • Anonymous

    thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Bitch get over yourself and Niley. They aint gettin back togetha move the fuck on. Anywho, she is not a good singer to me and love song is corny as fuck. but the crowd is so into it.

  • Anonymous

    People like YOU make me laugh. Is this a paramore post??? NO!!! So fuck off!

  • Anonymous

    Does she only ever wear a gold dress in concert? I’m genuinely curious.

  • Anonymous

    this is amazing.

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2009/03/taylor-swift-sound-relief-sydney.html anonymous

    She was CRAP, you all must have hearing problems.

    I’m a singer as well & if I sung like that no one would turn up to my concerts.

    I think that when she is recording these songs there is someone moving the
    buttons for her to sound good.

    She has good songs but cant sing for SHIT!!!!

    Also is BUTT Ugly as well. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    sound relief was the best time of my life.

    taylor did great even though it was only live streaming
    in melb, everyone was singing along.
    stfu haters.

  • Anonymous

    she is on tour. most artists have the same wardrobe when they go on tour.


    i was so sad taht i wasnt in the mosh pit at THHIS POINT
    but later on i wassssss

  • holly

    Taylor and Miley are my role models. cos they tell the truth, and are amazingly talented, with music and songwriting, and acting :)

  • Anonymous

    does she own anything beside that dress, c’mon she has a couple of dollars to spare on new dresses doesn’t she?

  • Anonymous

    She was SICK you dumb ass. You can’t blame the poor girl. Give her a break. And she likes that dress. So FUCK U

  • Anonymous

    again. she is on tour. most artists do the same costume changes when on tour. she starts with the hoodie and jeans and quick changes on stage into the dress. most artists do the same exact thing when they are on tour. when performing for award shows and what not she wears other things.

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    you americans are just jealous you werent there ahahah

  • Anonymous

    shes way better than Camilla! Even my brother says so!! Hes 22 and he said that taylor was beautiful and that he didnt find camilla attractive. And my friends Mike and Aaron are like, in love with taylor..

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  • michaela

    im sorry, like i lover her and her music and all
    but i just dont think she is very good live
    at all!
    and no, im not saying just this performance
    most of them ive seen arent too good.
    sorry. =/

  • Paramore<3

    And who said we care who your brothers like?

    *rolls eyes* Another Taylor teenie…

  • Anonymous

    Their on a boat mother fuckers

  • Anonymous

    no, you’re just another Jonas Teenie- The most pathetic species of teenie there is…….

  • Anonymous

    shes way better than Camilla! Even my brother says so!! Hes 22 and he said that taylor was beautiful and that he didnt find camilla attractive. And my friends Mike and Aaron are like, in love with taylor..

    lol my older brother is the same,and my younger brother loves miley!! haha, BROTHERS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahahahaha, I love oceanup.

  • Anonymous

    this has nothing to do with the post, but i miss the old jonas brothersss…..:(

  • Anonymous

    Move over Miley, finally someone with talent! This girl’s prettier and more talanted than Miley, I hope she overshadows her!

  • Anonymous

    she was amazing
    and she was sick
    she even said so at the begining of her set
    she sang like 3 or 4 song
    and at the start shes all
    “i woke up this morning and felt sick like i had the flu
    but NOTHING can keep me away from performing with you guys here tonight”
    she was srsly amazing

  • Anonymous


  • its good

    she wasnt feeling well here. i remember she wrote on her twitter that she was sick that day. she sounds like she’s got a cold

    i <3 her

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • erica


  • Anonymous

    the crowd was so into it haha
    she is amazing, i love her!

  • erica


  • Anonymous


  • alison

    she looks different…
    but i lovelovelove her :)

  • Anonymous

    I thought everyone was over that whole thing..
    ok, they’ve grown up, this is how they are now,
    accept that and move on.

  • Anonymous

    those stupid people on each others shoulders..
    they don’t even know the words.
    drunk assholes.
    i don’t know why they bother me. they just dooo.

    anybody else feel this way? xDD

  • Ty<3VFC

    oh i’d absolutely love to go to one of her concerts!
    she rocks! & is super sweet. :)

    btw whats all this hassle about being first?
    its so lame!

  • natascha

    please visit my youtube account:


    she looks different

  • Anonymous

    and the funnest :D

  • Carolyn

    and lol this is hilarious:

  • Anonymous

    not first

  • Anonymous

    have you actually been to a concert? i would not judge until you have actually been there. actually being there is such a great experience, talent including. granted i have seen videos are her sounding great but being there is a lot better.

  • Anonymous

    aw. great. i saw vids from yesterday. great crowd. great performance. love it.

  • Anonymous

    i saw that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and this one was my favee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adrew



  • Lisa Lisa

    I LOL when I saw that random topless guy dancing. xD

    This song is catchy, but the lyrics are so corny.

  • Anonymous

    eh, no…

  • anonymous

    I used to not like her at all, but she’s growing on me a lot. I think she was sick in this performance, you can see her cough after the first verse. but she did great, I’m so envious she gets to do this as a living, it looks like the best job in the world

  • mimi

    she look like she got the attention of the audience everyone loves that song love story is beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    omg, she looks gorgeous <333
    shes not even wearing any makeup, or atleast it looks like it lol, shes so freaking pretty!

    wow, thats a packed stadium, and theyre digging her :D

  • Anonymous

    oceanup sucks ass!! they’re like a day and half late on most stories! lame!

  • twatter

    i love Taylor :)

  • Paramore<3

    lol actually I don’t like JB
    I’m a Paramore fan….

    hahahaaa SUCK IT BITCH!

    Just because I don’t like Taylor doesn’t mean I’m a Jonas fan.

    lol people like YOU make me laugh.

  • Kewl

    Has any one heard about her sex tape she has with that guy from boys like girls
    apparently that’s why joe dumped her
    THEN he meet camilia
    Now that’s one real love story

  • Kewl

    Yeah right she’s the biggest cake face in the world

  • mel

    i was watching it on tv and she preformed 3 other songs.
    Look them up on youube if u want to se them
    oh and she was great :)

  • Nay

    Okay I love her and she is an amazing singer and she is drop dead gorgeous but this performance is not amazing AT ALL…
    She sounds sick and her voice is very horse-ish
    Not her fault, I get it sometimes artists have their ups and downs while performing (and they all do at one point)
    but I don’t understand why everyone is saying it was awesome

  • Speak

    So your saying by her going to a concert that would make Taylor have a good singing voice?

  • mimi

    she has a lot guy fans and good looking to from the few i saw. She has a lot of young adult as her fans. It’s like miley she getting a lot of guys lately watching her.
    wow! a lot of adult loves her she had the audience she did good!

  • nicoleswift

    well she was actually sick, she wrote it on her twitter…but i think she did great! she always brings happyness in every show, she’s never tired of it…even when she is sick…love you taylor!!!!

  • Sophie

    Go fuck yourself you moron, at least realize what she’s performing at. A sound relief for the tragic bushfires and all the people who were affected. Who gives a fuck if the people are on eachothers shoulders or they dont know the words, they’re supporting her and supporting a good cause.

    Do yourself a favour and dont post anything in the future. At least this way you can avoid coming across like a brain-dead dipshit.

  • Anonymous

    no im saying relying on a couple of LQ youtube videos should not be your basis for judging.

  • Niley

    I have never seen anyone mosh to contry music

    There all sooooo drunk

    Team jonas niley miley demi

    Niley09 never stop beliving