Madison Delagarza SO FAR SO GREAT

Madison singing ‘So Far So Great’ at a Sonny With A Chance taping. Thx Joy!

  • taylorV..?

    aww she is so cute..maybe she will also have her own album one day!

  • Anonymous

    shes so cutee
    she inherited the singing gene

  • Anonymous

    There half sisters, they have the same dad, (:
    She is so cute, and I bet she’ll have her own album out one day ! :D

  • Anonymous

    shes going to be amazinggggg

  • Anonymous

    aww madi is the cutest she’s so lucky not only does she have a super star sister she’s a star herself. Yay Madi!!!!!

  • Bitches

    yea dallad actually also has a few videos of hersellf singing and she featured in the song im hott by cali

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Demi and Dallas have the same dad. Madison and Demi have different dads, but the same mom. Which is the reason for the different last name.

  • demi lovato’s wife

    madison is sooo adorable. she sounds like she’ll be a great singer in a few years time. :P she’s so lucky to have two awesome step-sisters. :)

  • emily

    awww she has a great voice!

  • Kamilah

    Aww.She kinda sounds like Demi!

  • tonyaa.

    she is to adorable.

  • Anonymous

    oh wow that girl can sing

  • Yo

    it’s funny y’all say she sounds like demi even though i don’t think she’s demi’s full sister.. ahaha. she’s cute, she really does kinda sound like her though!

  • Joy

    thats my video :P

    shes adorable and sweet!

  • Krystiana

    she has a good voice for an eight year-old! When I was eight my voice was high-pitched and squeaky!

  • Anonymous

    i don’t think she SOUNDS like demi i think the way she is singing sounds like it, you know?

    like it’s pretty amazing how she’s NOT singing through the nose for someone so young… and we all know that’s like demi’s BIGGEST thing, idt i’ve ever heard her sing through her nose, like she’s belting it out — which is good obvs, that’s why she’s sounding like her haha i don’t think it has to do with genes.

  • Anonymous

    wow! she gooood! i’d love to meet her.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like Demi! :D:D

    love her!

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    Wow, she’s goood xD :)

  • gloriaaaa[:


  • Haley

    Aren’t they half-sisters, not step-sisters? I thought they kinda looked alike, but maybe I’m wrong. xD

    Aw, she’s good. xD

  • Anonymous

    lol (x she`s cute <3

  • pa


  • Anonymous

    The whole fam can sing dang! Maddie is the cutest :)

  • boldfaced jb / miley fan


  • boldfaced

    not dallas .

  • mahima

    how old is she?

  • Anonymous

    shes so cute.I love her on desprate housewives. Shes adorable LOVE HER!

  • CDK

    I guess when it comes to news this day is starting out slow…

    Anyway, cute. I hope no makes any mean comments in response to this post. She’s just a little girl

    Team Semi bitchez! Haters to the left!

  • boldfaced jb / miley fan

    6 .

  • Meg

    she sounds pretty good!

  • Rachel

    She has some nice pipes for being only what, 8???

  • eden

    YEAHHHHHHH SHES CUTE!!! she izzzz!

    nw probably the next person might say, ”oh she sucks, the next disney slut”! get a life all u jealous haters!

    gooo madison!!!

  • Lena

    aww : D
    she’s adorable!

  • Anonymous

    aw! she’s so cute!!! :)
    she sounds kind of like demiiii…
    and she’s like 7 years younger!

  • Anonymous

    Well, I think she is pretty good.
    She sounds great in this vid.

  • TIffany V

    She’s such a cutie! :)

  • Anonymous

    pretty good :)
    she just needs to get healthier..

  • Anonymous

    Definatly better than Noah Cyrus. No Question.

  • nathalia

    she’s such a cutie.
    and she kinda sounds like demi (:

  • Anonymous

    so cutee

  • Anonymous

    i think dallas can sing.
    it’s not amazing but she’s still got a pretty good voice.

  • Ignorance01

    Awwww… so cute!! :D

  • Madison Delagarza

    thank you for the nice words