Nick Jonas College At Northwestern?

Jonas Brothers press call information. From MTV &  were there. Their new album will out June 15! World tour is going to be in the round, which means every seat will rule. They are NOT on Twitter, Garbo and John Taylor are.

Nick said he wants to go to college some day, maybe at Northwestern. Refer back to August 9, 2008, Day 2 of MTV’s ‘Jonas Brothers: Live & Mobile,’ when the boys were driving to Madison Square Garden with their parents, Nick said he wants to live in Chicago someday.

From Bop Tiger Beat: Kevin said the stage is 144 feet end to end. Their 3D movie was a gift to the fans and a way to say thank you to them. Kevin said they always have an extra bunk or two on their bus for friends and family to visit while they are on the road

They hope the President and the first family comes to their DC show! Joe said they love Canada! They have a great time up there. Kevin said the tour is all new songs, all new stage set up and they can’t wait for all of you to come out and see them! They are 9 songs into their new album.