Jesse McCartney Departure Recharged

Jesse McCartney roundup. ZENA: Pictures from Valentine’s day
at 95.7 in Houston. CHELSIE: Indianapolis, ‘He was sooo good. The whole night he was like, grabbing himself so that was kind of hot.’

MOLLY: ‘Jesse McCartney did an acoustic performance for a small group of people at Bar Louie in Newport, KY before his show that night at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, Feb. 21 morning. I won the passes through Q102 radio station.’

ASHLEY: Videos from his House of Blues in Los Angeles concert here. ‘MIRANDA COSGROVE showed up to the show, and was dancing along
with her mom. She was very sweet.’

  • JessicaMcCartney

    Jesse is AMAZING! aaaaaaah! i loooove him! <3 :-) , x

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