Gorgeous hair extended Miley Cyrus, Mammie Loretta, Sophie and Mile’s
hair stylist Ricardo Lauritzen posed outside the B2V Salon in Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon. Photos: Fame. 10+ Pictures of her arriving there here.


    OMG i LOVE miley’s hair i WISH her hair was mine bur NOT ALL of her hair styles but i STILL LOVE HER DUH BUT I DNT LOVE HER AS MUCH AS I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER :) !!!!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    I really want to know how to make my hair just like miley cyrus I want to get some extensions…I just don’t know where to get them at?..
    I also would like my color to be just like hers?..

  • Anonymous

    you can get some hair extensions for a good price and sally beauty supply for human hair:
    12 inch-20 dollars
    18 inch-50 dollars
    but the clip on extensions are way more expensive! i highly ecemend the regular ones and plus there are even tutorials on youtube that can show you how to put them in by yourself!

  • Anonymous

    so how about i love miley. haha. and i want hair extensions SO BAD! i have been doing research for like 2 and half years, so i don’t damage my hair. Maybe my mom will FINALLY let me get them!