Taylor Momsen QVEST SULTRY Shoot


Taylor Momsen featured in QVEST. Credit: Taylor-Momsen.Net. How did
you get started in the industry? I started when I was three.

It all happened quite organically. I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, going to Catholic school there, and one of my mom’s really good friends was a photographer and she asked us..

..if she could take some pictures of me for her portfolio. So we did a shoot which apparently turned out really well, and, subsequently, the photographer secretly sent it out to Ford..

My mom then got a call from Ford asking if they could sign me, and of course she said yes. That got me doing print modeling for about a year, before I got thrown into acting by another photographer, doing commercials – all at the age of three. That’s where it all evolved from. It was never like my parents were pushing me into doing this for a career, it was all very happenstance.

How did you get the Gossip Girl gig?

Well, I went to audition for the pilot,
and because I had read the first couple of books beforehand and knew the characters. I thought there’d be absolutely no way I’d get the part, because I don’t look anything like Jenny. I was blond, she was a brunette. But within two days I was flying to LA, shooting the pilot, it’s been a whirlwind since!

How is your personal style?

Well, I don’t work with a stylist. I pick out what I
wear myself. I feel that is important, because I think real style is something that comes from within. If someone else dictates what you are wearing, then it’s not something that really reflects you, is it?

I would never categorize what I wear, because it is always evolving and depends on my mood, but I definitely always try to throw in something
black into any ensemble

How does it feel to almost be a household name in countries like England and Germany? Ever been to Berlin? No! But I definitely want to go. One of my friends just went, she loved it, and I got quite jealous.

It is absolutely insane to think that people all over the world are watching this show. I couldn’t be more thankful.

OK, let’s move away from acting a bit. You’ve been getting noticed in gossip columns and style journals a lot these days, for your style sense and other things.