Emma Roberts GQ GORGEOUS

Emma Roberts wearing a sexy white tank top in the new issue of GQ: ‘I don’t really ask my aunt [Julia Roberts] or my dad [Eric Roberts] for acting advice.’ On watching herself lose her virginity on screen in her new movie Lymelife: ‘The first time I saw that scene in the theater, I just got up and walked out.’

Video of Emma entering the Bedford Medical center in Beverly Hills,
where she went for a ‘check up’. Anastasia salon is right outside,
where Aly & AJ always go.

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  • Anonymous

    F.RIST!! LMAO!!!
    Emma looks cute.

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  • Jeff

    I heard that Emma signed an exclusive deal with high-end lingerie retailer Kitten’s Lingerie… can anyone confirm? I hope so… it would be a really lucky deal for her.

  • Jeff

    I heard that Emma signed an exclusive deal with high-end lingerie company Kitten’s Lingerie. I hope it’s true, it would be really good for her career.

  • Anonymous

    She does not look like her aunt.

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