Hoedown Throwdown Miley Dancecraze

Miley Cyrus featured in Billboard on HMTM & how Hoedown Throwdown might be the world’s newest dance craze. Miley attempted to teach the interviewer the Hoedown Throwdown, the big dance number from ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie,’ and it didn’t go well. Miley, ‘We did it in one day!’

On the YouTube instructional video: ‘We just all kind of made it up as we went along.’ Miley offered this consolation to the interviewer who was struggling to follow the video: ‘Well, you have to be semi-coordinated to do it.’

On Hannah Montana ending: This movie was never meant to be the end of Hannah Montana. The thing is, a lot of people put where the show’s future lays in my hands, and it’s not up to me. It’s up to Disney and whether they want more episodes, and we hope that they do.’

[A Disney Channel representative said it’s retaining the option to renew the show for a fourth season; a soundtrack with the music from the show’s third season is expected in July.]

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