Joe Jonas Shirtless SUMMER Concert?

Joe Jonas interview excerpts from Birmingham News. How does Joe feel about being called the cute and funny one? ‘I think it’s fine, because we’re so used to it now, and that’s what people say. And it’s kind of true, we’re all different in our own ways. My brothers are great guys and they definitely live up to their nicknames.’

Joe said he cannot discuss the tour special effects, which will include a circular water screen that’s supposed to be one of a kind. Nor is he positive that they can beat the Backstreet Boys, who made a spectacular entrance at the BJCC in November 1999, flying from the ceiling on neon-lit surfboards.

Joe, ‘It would be a hard thing to top the Backstreet Boys. but we have an amazing team that has ideas that would blow your mind away.’ Their publicist revealed this: a 140-foot stage, multi-colored lasers and a giant crane that will levitate over the audience. Every high-tech gizmo employed by the band has one ultimate purpose, and that’s ‘connecting with the fans’ in the most thrilling way.

The concert will remain family friendly, that means setting strict limits on stage behavior and exposed skin. In the past, other boy bands have been known to strip off their shirts during performances.

Joe, ‘I don’t really judge people on their own thing, but for us, individually, we don’t think that’s necessary to get the audience excited. We do play with the audience, do play with the girls sometimes. I don’t know about taking our
shirts off right now, maybe we’ll do short sleeves or tank tops.’

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