Jonas Brothers ‘Camilla Is A Dream’

PopstarOnline chatted with Jonas BrothersLovebug‘ music video director Philip Andelman. Did you come up with the yesteryear concept? No, they did. They wrote the initial treatment, which had some great elements, a very romantic tone, the rose petals, but some impractical ones as well.

They wanted a bunch of couples ‘coming together’ over the course of the video, which I felt would take away from the intimacy of the piece, so the end result was basically a combination of their idea and a few of my own..

What it’s like working with JB? It was a blast. They are some of the most professional people I’ve ever had the chance to work with. They retain a wonderful, youthful playfulness and combine it with meticulous focus
when necessary.
Do you think they’re good actors? I do.

Did you cast Camilla Belle, how did that happen? I asked the band for a list of dream choices for the part and Camilla was at the top of the list and we were all really excited when she agreed a few days later!

What was it like when Camilla first showed up on set? I’m not really sure because I was already busy shooting when they arrived.. Where, when did you film?

We shot at the Cicada Restaurant in downtown LA, which we converted into the grandparents’ apartment and ballroom, and then down in San Pedro on the..

..second day to find the house, boats, beaches, etc. The Cicada ballroom was my executive producer’s incredible idea, and the other locations were all found by our location scout/manager.