Jonas Brothers concert pictures from ONE YEAR ago in London. Thx Claire, Olivia, Tierney, Daniele & Katie. Thx to Anna for the logo. Rolling Stone on the boys’ new album Lines, Vines and Trying Times.

Nick: ‘The title is a bit of poetry we came up with on the set for the TV show. Lines are something that someone feeds you, whether it’s good or bad. Vines are the things that get in the way of the path that you’re on..

..And trying times, well, obviously we’re younger guys, but we’re aware
of what’s going on in the world and we’re trying to bring some light to it.’

They decided  to explore a few new sounds, like the horn section that fleshes out the Weezer-ish ‘Poison Ivy’, a song about a toxic girl you can’t resist.

We were really inspired by the Zutons. We heard their new record, You Can Do Anything, when we were in Europe last year and got everyone around us hooked on it. The horns just keep sounding good!

The players are these amazing Minneapolis cats who have been doing it for years and are just unreal.’ Expect JB to bring some brass on the road with them this spring, as well.