Taylor Lautner Restless Leg Syndrome

Taylor Lautner revealed to TWIST that he has an uncontrollable urge to
shake his legs all of the time: ‘I have Restless Leg Syndrome. I can never stop bouncing my knee. People always tell me to stop, but I can’t force it to stay still. It’s totally unconscious! If I we’re in the car, I’ll end up shaking the whole car!’

On dates: ‘I like different things. You know, not going to the movies, but
maybe going bowling or coming up with something creative to do!’
He’s also up for renting DVDs and chillin’ on the couch: ‘I’m gonna have to go with Iron Man and I like The Dark Knight as well!’

Taylor also likes talking about his favorite activities: ‘I played football for seven years. It’s my favorite sport, but I gave it up about two years ago.’ PR Photos.

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    I have that too!

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