Taking The Stage is a new MTV show that revolves around a group of teens, dancers/ singer-songwriters at Cincinnati’s famed School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Do YOU think they have what takes?

  • Anonymous


  • Molly

    i live right near cincinnati and a girl i go to school with has friends that go there and shes said its nothing like the show…
    like the talent show actually isnt that big of a deal…
    they over dramatized everything…


  • kylie.

    dude, im from cincinnati. i know these kids, they are amazing.

  • Anonymous

    i love this show

  • cdk

    I literally live right around the corner from this school. its on sycamore street. and there’s like a park or something across the street from it. and if u go a little further down the street there’s this old fashion diner type thing

  • i

    i think this show may be fake like the whole lunch romm dance off was a toatal rip off from fame

  • anonymous

    the story between jasmine and tyler totally reminds me of the movie Step up:)

  • laaaauren

    I go to brians school.
    haha he isnt a dick,
    he is wicked funny.

  • Katelyn

    i’m from cincinnati too!!!!!!!

  • popfan

    yaya cincinnati!!!! haa

  • shan

    Mia is amazing! Get this girl a record deal asap.

  • Anonymous

    haha duuuude im from cinci!!!

    Anyone else love frichs?
    its that restaurant with “big boy”!!