Robert Pattinson DOESN’T SHOWER

Robert Pattinson, who is currently in Vancouver shooting New Moon, doesn’t shower. An insider who works with Rob, dished to E! Online: ‘He stinks. I mean, it’s awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy.’

In related news, his costar Kellan Lutz talked to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. Ryan spilled: ‘Rob is the lead, but you’re the better-looking Cullen.’ Kellan, ‘Ooh, I need to hang out with people like you more often! His
accent and his crazy hairdo get the girls swooning.

Rob’s kind of shy, and he does this thing, when he’s really shy, or when someone asks him something, he lowers his head down and the girls
love it! He’s such a humble guy and I’m very impressed with him.’

  • Anonymous

    he showers only when he’s filming, it’s bullshit tht he smells on set.
    he stops showering after production is over of whatever he’s doing.

  • brittany

    he obv. doesn’t take showers that often,
    just look at his hair in that picture lol
    but it seems to be working for him :)

  • Anonymous

    i hate how he does that thing with his eyes, and makes him look like a molester. I know that’s the part for the vampire, but does he have to do it 24/7? I mean can’t he raise his head a bit higher, so not everything he’s seeing has to be higher?

  • meagain

    it’s so true about when he lowers his head down, it’s very sexy! btw, ryan is so WRONG, kellan is not hot at all! he barely comes out in the movie, he has a small part and wouldn’t make a huge difference if someone else played him

  • Kanessa

    he doesnt shower? oh that is just NASTYY!

  • Mrs. Pattinson

    I can’t believe anything of that -.-
    First I have to know him personally, so then I could talk..

    P.S: He’s so HOtt! (:

  • what?

    who ever said that is a liar!

  • veronica

    psssh idk care if he smells
    or if he doesnt take a shower..
    he still HAWT..
    and with that sexiness,
    im pretty sure he can get away with it
    cause i know i dont mind

  • omg your mom

    he can shower with me anyday.

    n i like guys who arnt afraid to get dirty..

  • Anonymous


  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Kellan is SO HOT!
    And when he does this with his head its creepy…
    Its much better when he faces upwards, although he isn’t that hot in general imo.
    Although he was cute with the short hair!

  • lezzy:]

    see…this is way im Team Jacob. lol and i like Taylor Launter MUCH better than him! ewwww….!

  • YouKnowULoveMe

    rob is hot in the movie but nothing special about him in real life
    kellan is ehhh in the movie but HOT HOT HOTTT in real life…as long as he is styled right lol
    but Cam Gigandet(James) is the fucking sexiest man i have ever seen in my entire life

  • Lauren

    Totally what I was thinking! Idc, his looks totally make up for that! I love u RPatz!

  • Anonymous

    ewww I love Peter Francelli(sp?) aka Carlisle Cullen he is super sexy


    he does lower his head a lot.. and i too find to extremely attractive :) guys who are shy.. who don’t need to be shy are so hot.

  • Isa

    haha. good one

  • Jonas 4 Canada !


  • http://google Corina

    Wow first was Zac and now Him!

  • Tory

    i don’t find him attractive….at all!!
    and he doesnt shower
    thats disgusting

  • Maggie

    thats why i love the jonas brothers, their spify and clean :D and smeellll goooood too! they take care of themselves

  • kirstie

    ugh. im sure he showers.hes not a twelve year old boy.
    he might not wash his hair everyday,(which many people do) BUT THATS NOT NEWSWORTHY! this is so stupid and its everywhere. eonline, perez and now oceanup. find something that is actually interesting.

  • Anonymous

    you can tell he doesn’t shower. My god it’s just one ball of oil on his head. I personally think it is the grossest thing ever.

    and that is one of the reasons i think he is not attractive.

  • Brit

    Check out my flickr photo page!

  • anna

    pschhh hes still sexyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Ariana

    It what makes him different. It makes him more attractive if he’s different and not like everyother
    guy in hollywood

  • junelle

    like duhh.. if the place is cold he would not smell..

  • Diana

    I find him, ugly, full of it, and much often disgunting. He drinks and smokes so much. I really don’t like his type. I find healthy guys a lot more atractive. His hair is not really nice, or sexy at all. This guy is just famous because of stupid girls who actually see him as a manipulative, controlative, boy friend a.k.a Edward Cullen. Really If I had bad taste I would probably go for Joe or Nick Jonas, If I had no taste at all I would totally go for this stupiod boy who thinks he can act. and yes He and Kristen totally ruined that crappy movie. I prefer Zac a million times to this guy or at least Lucas Grabeel and the guy who plays Jasper was so much cutter than Robert sparkling butt.

  • jonas lover

    ewwww his hair is so greasy

  • sahar

    This is so stupid. He obviously takes showers, he just doesnt wash his hair often.

    Im suprised by the number of people who think that he doesnt shower…

  • Paige

    haha! amen to that! but seriously i hope this is a rumor,
    if you have access to a bath i strongly believe he should
    invest in some Mr.Bubbles and clean himself up.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares,
    Hes so freaking hot.
    i love it.

  • f;sdfdjf

    actually its true, my cousin works on set once a week and and she said he does kind of stink…haha

    weird right?

  • Anonymous

    can’t stand him. he ruined twilight. actually so did kristen. fail.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i cant stand this guy. i think hes so full of himself and i think twilight its a shitty
    book and movie.:]

  • shower

    Ew, ew, ew, this is gross. I can’t see what all those girls see in him? Wash your head, Pattison! Seriously!

  • kk

    He always looks, like he is a homeless, and here is a prove he soesn’t shower! ew ew ew ew!

  • f;sdfdjf

    My cousin works on set once a week and she says he does stink..haha but she thinks he’s hott so what ever…but she says its hard to stand really close to him…..i feel bad for kristen haha

  • Anonymous



  • gel

    does his asshole smell good too if not showring for days? who attempts to lick his hairy asshole, please vote…

  • Christina

    that’s disgusting.

  • Robynnn

    Oddly, I think it’s attractive.
    Rugged, stubbly guys are my thing. So, I think it’s fine that he doesn’t shower.
    I mean, my brother showers everday and I think he smells like shit :]

  • hannah

    im sorry but thats nasty

  • Jane

    ewww that’s really gross. he’s not even that hot, i like taylor lautner much better!

  • jolene


  • Anonymous

    who cares.
    he probably does it becuz he doesnt want to wash away all his sexiness.

  • Jocelyn

    I knew that. He admitted it on Jay Leno. During filming of Twilight. He is really cute when he acts shy.

  • eg4example

    he looks like hes on drugs no wonder he got the edward cullen part scary!!!!!

  • Annoyingperson

    In other news the grass is green today and the Pope is Catholic.

  • sarah

    not trying to be mean, but that’s nasty! :o
    i mean idk what people see in him.
    he looks like a hobo..and drunk..totally not my type..

  • kimjonas


  • Cloeeeee


  • Blair Brown

    who the hell cares!
    he could smell worse than a fucking dump truck and he would still be better looking the ZAC EFRON and the JONAS BROTHERS!!

    In other words: I’d fuck him anyways!

  • Leah

    Ugly motherfucker.

  • http://Myspace:i_thank_you Bri

    Ew however likes this fag is rly sick, he is a random actor who looks like they found him on tye streets, look at taylor hes tan perfect teeth( brushes teeth) Showers wheres deoderant robert its not that hard u idot ur so lazy

  • lollipopz

    ok this sounds like total bs plz don’t b dumb enough to believe everything tabloids say. and even if he doesn’t shower FREQUENTLY he is still smokin HAWT. i love him…so sexii…and i love his accent =]

  • courtney

    that is extremely gross. guys that take showers , will get more girls . now we see why he never has a girl friend.


  • Deanna

    Come on now,who is going to belive dis..
    I think he does..
    If he didnt then why would they put him in da movie..

  • Laura

    that’s disgusting.
    I don’t even wanna meet him or I will die because of his smell…
    That is gross, that is really gross.

    Taylor Launter on the other hand…

  • Anonymous

    That is absolutely disgusting. You would think he had the common courtesy to shower, or at least put a shower cap over that rat he calls his hair. He’s disgusting looking and I dont give a crap who he is, just because hes some UGLY, WANNABE celebirty, doesnt mean he shouldnt shower

  • CarmenAndujar

    Awwww.. he is my stinky boy!.. I dont think this is true..but ..

  • rpatz

    lmao bullshit i do too. once a week.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • maya


  • Anonymous

    he’s disgusting….and really not all that attractive.

  • kayla

    i wouldnt be suprised.

  • Kayley (:

    lol i heard tht before … but thts wht makes his hair looks so amazing! … but seriously if he smells he needs to shower (:

  • FearlessBitch

    Probably a rumor. That same rumor happened to Zac Efron too but it was false. W/e he is still hot anyways.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    rob should shower. with me

  • Anonymous

    who cares, he’s still hot! i seriously doubt these people on set said that, why would he show up to a movie set dirty, the director would send him off to shower-c’mon!

  • Joanie

    Whoever said Rob ruined the movie is crazy. The director and the screen writer are the ones that screwed up Twilight. New Moon is going to be amazing. I think the new director looked at Twilight and saw where he didn’t want to go with New Moon and he saw that the fans wanted much more than they got.

  • chanell

    ha. That’s kind of weird!

    I bet he’d shower if he had a girl with him! lol

    (I’m not implying me, I’m just sayin!)

  • Mercy

    Do any guys shower, really? Haha.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    I don’t get the hype over this guy!
    Taylor Lautner is so much more yummier!

  • Anonymous

    ugh. this is lame. i’ve met him before. he definitely did NOT stink. this was made up by stupid Ted from e-online.

  • CabbagePie

    I mean come on, the boy clearly does shower.
    These are just jokes gone out of hand.

    In interviews he always jokes about how he never washes, this probably means he does like only once a week instead of the recommended 3 times a week.

    Bet he smells good

  • CabbagePie

    Well im not surprised you said ew, because its slightly bias: they use a picture where he looks really sleazy, and accompany it with that kind of headline!

    Basically he was joking when Rob said himself that he stank, now its gone out of hand

  • olivia

    oh once a week huh? thats cute…..

  • veeroh

    i’d still do him :) hes so fkn sexy and i couldnt agree i love that hes a shy guy it makes him that much sexier

  • CabbagePie

    Lol thats what i was thinking

  • priscilla

    i dont care im dating him anyways. no joke.

  • random person

    id belive it, he looks like he lives on the streets. . . .

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this is fucking bs.
    I was watching MOD, the canadian trl
    and that rachelle girl
    who plays victoria
    webcamed in. and they were talking to her
    and she said, flat out, he does NOT smell.
    he just smells normal.

    so. this is stupid.

  • freak :)

    im i the only one that thinks thats hot…..yes probly :)