Miranda ‘Gwen Stefani’s My Beauty Idol’

star Miranda Cosgrove talked to Popstar! about her beauty idol Gwen Stefani [Plus Anne Hathaway] and her fashion idol Betsey Johnson under.

  • Anonymous

    aww she seems really nice

  • Anonymous

    5th :D

  • kelly

    shes not annoying like miley…shes laidback

  • carly

    i love icarly and hannah montana

  • Anonymous

    13thh! lol

  • Anonymous

    she is a horrbiel actor….thats all i got to say

  • Anonymous

    Miranda is the star of Nicks #1 show and her song “about you now” just came out on the Now 30 cd. I’d like to see you top that!!!

  • Anonymous

    haha 2 comments.
    wow. no one cares about her :(

  • allie

    this is sad,
    I love Miranda,
    but not Gwen.

  • wateradd

    hahaha 6th.
    no one cares about this bitch.

  • m

    boring why is she on oceanup or anywhere? no one gives a shit about her and her old lady face.

  • bobby

    shes hot

  • sarah

    shes really pretty!

  • Anonymous

    she rox…her show is so popular

  • nina

    omg i love gwen stefani and miranda

  • Anonymous