Rihanna‘s sexy new gun tattoos by LA artist BANGBANG.  Source. 1+

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even care about her anymore, since she’ll probably die like my best friend did. we all told her she needed to get out of the abusive relationship she was in, but she denied there was a problem. she died a week later. she was fifteen, head jv cheerleader, liked by all, her whole life ahead of her.

    too bad, Rihanna’s so pretty and talented. but you know what they say about love.

  • WOW

    okay forget the tattoos of the guns does anyone see the tattoo in the first pic on her hand????? 0_0

  • Anonymous

    nobody likes her anymore, she’s a HORRIBLE example for girls and she never learns. She aint even that talented either.

  • Anonymous

    I DO NOT LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://4:39 natalia

    those gun tattoos are pretty much sayin come here chris i have gun tattoos!! lol i’m funny

  • Jane

    it seems like her life is going downhill, she’s so promising, but chris was not good for her

  • .

    What the hell is she doing with her life?

    omg, how many tatoos she have?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    tsk, tsk, oh rihanna! getting guns tattooed on you will not protect you from chris…

  • melissa

    lol that wont be good when she walks into an airport.

    love her though

  • Brittany

    Bahaha!! dont give Chris any ideas now RI :D

  • Amy

    She was honestly a crazy bitch. She deserved an ass whooping from Chris and probably drove him to it. Rihanna did say back a while ago she broke a glass over her brothers head because he made a “smart” comment to her. The bitch probably does voodoo or something. She has lost her mind a long time ago and can’t see to find it.

  • Anonymous

    I dont think thats her because she usually has roman numerals tatoo on her Left shoulder.
    no thats def. her because of the tribal tat on her hand but thats true. where is the tat on her shoulder? thats strange.

  • kamilah

    i use to like her but after the way she handle the situation and took chris back so quickly….i have no respest for her. its good that they finally realized that they need time apart but she hasnt even address the issue of abusive relationships. by her not speaking about it, shes basically condoning that kind of treatment. thats not a message you should be sending to the fans that she has left

  • xD

    shell need them to shoot chris with xDD

  • Anonymous

    despite her actions, she’s still very pretty
    especially in the first picture

  • quiche

    i agree xD no one likes her anymore . she`s ok with getting her butt whooped by a man

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is she doing with her life?

  • Anonymous

    wow I love her music but she needs to stay away from
    Chris Brown :(

  • Anonymous

    vote for miley, hannah montana, and bolt at http://www.kidschoiceawards.com

  • Fal

    she’s just trying to look “bad” again. Her whole image is fake anyway. Everyone knows she ripped off Fefe Dobson’s haircut and star tattoos. She was a Beyonce knowck off for two whole albums.

  • ash123lou

    wtf.. those tatooes look RIDICULOUS!.. hope they’re not permenent.. although i think they are =|


    ‘What the hell is she doing with her life?’

    More like what the hell are YOU doing with your life? She is a superstar doing sold out tours, singing at this place and that place and you’re behind your computer. STFD!

  • amanda

    im happy that she still looks good.
    & those tats r amazing.

  • j

    miley sucks

  • Anonymous

    loveeee the tat’s.

  • Hhmmm….

    Omg people!!
    She did get away from Chris…THEY BROKE UP!!!
    It may have took her a while to make the descion
    but come on its way easier said then done to
    walk away from someone when you love them no matter
    Especialy when the whole world is critizing your relationship
    hes young ; shes young
    Just leave them alone!!!!
    LOVE YOU RIRI!!!=]]

  • Alyssa

    for what?

    do they have a meaning?
    are they for her empowerment?
    idk dude she has like a million tats!
    she needs to slow down.

    dun dun dun

    i wonder what chris is doing right now lolz?

  • Jasmine

    I dont think thats her because she usually has roman numerals tatoo on her Left shoulder.


    What the hell is she doing with her life?’

    More like what the hell are YOU doing with your life? She is a superstar doing sold out tours, singing at this place and that place and you’re behind your computer. STFD!

    you just contradicted yourself, you are doing the same thing, sitting behind the computer.

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  • Anonymous

    theyre ugly, :X

  • aaassh

    love her
    but those tattoo are not cool
    like seriously what the hell was she thinkin

  • Anonymous

    lol dotdotdot

  • didosh

    Rihanna rock!

  • Fal

    she had that on so he can tat her there idiot


    Her music is still good and all.. but liking her in general.. i think a lot of people are surprised for her actions… not that she took chris back.. but how quickly she forgave him. in a matter of.. what..? two weeks? Rihanna.. i love your music. but i don’t think i like you.

  • Anonymous

    she got a tatoo…
    calm down.

  • Anonymous

    she only got the one under her arm done
    the other ones are drawn on to
    see what they would look like
    geez, calm down
    its her body, not yours

  • gloriaaaa[:

    woah she dresses so slutty.
    ucan practically see her bra/

  • Anonymous

    fucking niggers and their silly tattoos. those look like godamn stamps, what a loser.

  • Anonymous


  • patsy

    what the heck do you mean nobody likes her.
    it seems like your the only one bashing her.
    your pathetic, and jealous.
    shes an amazing girl..
    give her a break.

  • Anonymous


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    wow..scary tattoo.
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  • Najala

    I definitely love this tattoo. Now, i want to have one myself. =)

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    Arizona firearms

  • Anonymous


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