Sonny With A Chance FAST FRIENDS

New Sonny With A Chance episode ‘Fast Friends’. P2 & 3 under!

  • peace Out!

    i love swac~!
    sonny and chad R cute~!

  • Anonymous

    :] swac is lame.

  • Tiffany Victoriia

    SAWC is amazing. :)

  • michaela

    chad/sterling is fucking hottttttt
    loveeeee himmmm!! :D

  • What

    She’s annoyingly adoreable

  • beccaa?

    love demi, the show is pretty stupid :/
    its sad that disney has so much power, it can make all these 11-13 year olds think its funny/good :/
    watch some old school disney && old school HM/ suite life && old school cartoons like the prince of egypt, all dogs go to heaven && etc.
    i mean walle was cute, but seriously, it was a total ad or the whole “go green” && deff. didnt deserve all those awards it stole from bolt, but w/e

  • cdk

    second? ur lame

  • monica

    if it was so amazing u would know its SWAC not SAWC

  • Anoymous

    I love Demi, but this show is an epic failure.. I don’t
    like Disney Channel anymore. I really miss the Classic Disney >_<

  • Katherine

    Tiff you told me that
    you wont post here
    anymore! =)

  • friikie
  • Tiffany Victoriia

    I made a typo, sue me. :]

  • Joy

    the shows pretty good.
    in my opinion
    i mean did you watch the whole thing? or just the first episode and judged it?
    i went to a taping and it was HILARIOUS!
    the first few episodes i admit suckedd really bad.

  • sarahjuana

    Can it air on tv please?
    I swear whoever runs this site is a fag beyond belief.

  • monica

    ok i will
    wats ur lawyers number?
    lol jk

  • Tiffany Victoriia

    haha, you’re funny. :)

  • Anonymous

    I love Demi as an artist but not an an actor.
    This show is pretty bad.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t really like this show, it feels like the actors are trying too hard to be funny.

  • Anonymous

    i can’t wait for JONAS to begin in MAY. now THAT show looks funny, plus the clothes they’ll be selling are awesome!

  • Jess

    sonny and chad will kisssssssss in the episodes coming up. demi said that she had her first on screen kiss on swac

  • Anonymous

    I love Demi but this show is not that good…their is really no point to it

  • marie

    haha..bite,wipe, and GLOSS!

  • jen

    i hope they get this show out off the air…so demi cen get out of it..she’s too good for disney! and jonas wiil be succesfull cus of the gilrs that omg they think they’re so hot..they cant act! i hope the show is succesfull so they can stay on disney where they belong!

  • Jess

    demi likes what she does

  • Lauren

    whats your point……

  • :(

    STOP POSTING THIS!!!!!!!!!!
    DISNEY, THEN STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Has anyone noticed that she always wears long sleeve shirts in every scene.

  • Anonymous

    Your fucking stupid this doesn’t affect ratings at all. A few hundred thousand is nothing in ratings. And one week they didn’t post an episode and the ratings were even lower than the previous week.

  • Anonymous

    CAN YOU FEEL THE CHONNY LOVE!?!?! CAUSE I SURE CAN!!! gah! i love them together. when chad said sonny was adorable and that she was his favorite on so random i started choking on my water. even if he was faking it, it was still cute. and at the scene near the end when chad said that they should hang out some time i started squealing. yes, i am a dork. XD

  • laurennnn :)

    okay has anyone else noticed that all the demi/swac hate comment are from “Anonymous”?
    hmmm…suspicious much?
    and i loooooove this show
    even though i’m 14 haha
    swac never fails to make me laugh

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