Travis Garland DEAD AND GONE

Travis Garland
for pop boyband NLT just posted his remix of T.I and Justin Timberlake’s ‘Dead and Gone’. Also another NLT member Kevin McHale is starring in Fox’s new sitcom ‘Glee’ premiering May 19 after American Idol.

  • Anonymous

    wooo go travis!! love it.
    and for the people saying ‘who is he?’ have u been living under a rock lol. i live in australia and i know who NLT is. they’re awesome. one of my fave bands and i dont classify them as ‘boy band’ and even if they are, who cares. its about the music, not the title.
    NLT <3

  • lozzielou

    global domination has only just began!

  • Anonymous

    I think I’m in love.
    I don’t know who he is but he has a beautiful voice.

  • lozzielou

    NLT rocks my socks off!

  • popsitaa

    maybe he just related to the song in a different way… i mean his version doesn’t really sound like a sappy love song to me .. it sounds kind of like when someone screws you up and you let them… when you get back from that you realize all the harm that person did to you. i’m sure he didn’t mean to offend T.i. or anything T.I.’s songs are always very heartfelt… :)

  • Anonymous

    your resourse is not reliable. JB is a boy band. GAY!

  • soulie

    omg, i got so excited to see a member of NLT on here! thanks oceanup. Those boys def deserve the recognition.

  • Jasmine

    Really Oceanup?
    Kinda Late on the NLT/Travis Garland BANDWAGON Don’tcha Think??
    Wasn’t this like the sexiest remix EVER!

  • http://4:39 natalia


  • Anonymous

    Wow, you’re quoting wikipedia.

  • Jelissa

    NLT have been out since 2007, geeze catch up oceanup.


  • Nikoleta

    Travis Garland…he was in NLT(group)…but now he’s goin solo..

  • Davonna

    um no. I sent that in. My own words thank you very much.

  • A

    YAY!! I love you Travis!! haha.
    Finally! Some kind of update on NLT!… sort of.
    When’s their cd gonna come out? I’ve been waiting forever!!

  • aaliyahnoelle

    i heard they broke up too. but still i loved NLT. im just glad that travis is still recording because im inlove with him. andkevin is doing some big things with his show. i havent heard from jj or v though. if they changed their management then thats good because TUG and chris stokes wasnt doing shit for them.

    their song she said i said still never gets old. i play that song on a regular basis.

  • Melz

    NLT!!! YAY

  • xclara

    who is he anyways?

  • quiche

    EW , BOYBAND !

  • quiche

    jb`s not a boy band . they`re FAR from one . proof ;

  • quiche
  • lala

    travis garland has the best voice i’ve ever heard!

  • alice

    damn, he has a good voice.

  • alice

    how did jb come up.. on a travis garland post..
    so random and irrelevant.

  • brittany

    <333333 travis garland is amazing. did you hear about NLT breaking up? travis posted a blog confirming it..its really heartbreaking :(

  • Anonymous

    i saw boyband and thought “jb” and how they`re NOT one .

  • aaliyahnoelle

    i love travis garland. he is such an amazing vocalist and song wriiter. and why are you just posting nlt now. they’ve been out for a WHILE.

  • Anonymous

    vote for miley, hannah montana, and bolt at

  • brittany

    whoops my comment didnt show up :P

    travis garland is SOOOOO amazing (haha and he’s my biggest celerity crush)
    i dont know if you’ve heard but he posted a blog on myspace and confirmed NLT is over :'(

    i literally cried when i found out/read it!

  • alice

    why does that matter… and who cares.

  • alice

    i dont know about you… but i think NLT broke up. i
    mean it’s been like MONTHS since ive seen a video
    or ALL of them together. and travis and kevin’s
    doing their own thing with acting and singing..
    so im just assuming that travis is going solo or
    something. or maybe their on like a breakkkkk.

  • Melissa

    Travis Garland is an angel.
    He is the coolest guy in the industry..and yes, I have met him so I can say that lol
    His voice is beyond amazing..and if NLT did break up..I reallyyyy hope he goes solo :]

  • Anonymous

    I think NLT is an awesome group! Not a typical boyband…they are something different. they are really fun to listen to. plus all of the guys are really nice :)

    Travis totally kick ASS on this remix. Im blown away!

  • Anonymous

    I think NLT is an awesome group! Not a typical boyband…they are something different. they are really fun to listen to. plus all of the guys are really nice :)

    Travis totally kick ASS on this remix. Im blown away!

  • nltfan

    nlt did not break up…. they just changed their managment, and because the majority of their songs were leaked had to record more…. thats why kevin is doing their hopeing the popularity from the show helps them so they can finally release their album

  • Anonymous

    i like the version better than the original! good job

  • Mimi

    HE is TRAVIS GARLAND from this amazing group that r over but i wish they was not but if you must know go on youtube and look them up type in NLT the best damn group that was ever put together.

  • bridget

    Well that sucks for them. Hopefully their new material won’t leak. I love Travis’ voice and I get that he did the cover to get more exposure but I wished he would have picked a different. “Dead and Gone” and is a really heartfelt song that deals with T.I. tryig to find redemption after one of his best friends was murdered so turning that into a sappy love song is kind of lame. I’m not hating on Travis I just wished he would have picked a different song.

  • Anonymous

    *claps hands* yay one more aboard on Travism/ NLTism lol

  • Anonymous


  • Krystina

    Yay! I’m sooo happy you guys finally decided to post
    something on Travis/Kevin/NLT.
    Travis is way too talented to not be recognized, and
    the new song proves it!
    I love NLT, but if they do happen to offically break
    up, i seriously hope they all do well successfully,
    cause there all mega talented.
    Hey, first step ocean up, right.

  • Booooo

    he killed the song.

  • tiffani

    YES i’m sooooooooooooooooo happy they finally posted something on NLT/Travis Garland

  • Annoyingperson

    YAYY! I love NLT! Travis’s voice is awesome. OCEANUP POAT MORE ABOUT THESE GUYSS!

  • OrangeeeyFbaby

    This is the most awesome song of my life.
    I listen to it all day while drinking orange soda.
    NLT rocks my world.

  • Anonymous

    Travis’ cover is not a sappy love’s more about how he lost himself in this industry and how he is now moving on standing up for himself…that’s what i got…listen to the lyrics.

    check out for those who don’t know who he is.

  • Anonymous

    YAY. Travis and NLT are amazing.

    They’re amazing artists.

  • M!

    yay, finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    a travis post!!!!!!!!
    i love him <333333
    he is AMAZING :)

  • Cassie


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