Jamie Lynn Spears WEDDING IS OFF!

Jamie Lynn Spears has called off her wedding to Casey Aldridge, the father of baby Maddie Briann, reports OK! Jamie has persistently denied that Casey is cheating on her and that she will marry him one day. The source dished:

‘The wedding’s off. They are still in love, living together and very happy, but they have no plans to get married. Jamie Lynn has everything she wants and feels no need for a ring and piece of paper.’

On her acting career being over: ‘She has told friends and family she’s never coming back to Hollywood. She feels that part of her life is over. Jamie Lynn enjoyed every minute of doing Zoey, but since she’s had Maddie, her life
has changed completely.

She’s happy being a real hands-on Southern mother and hopes to continue that for years to come with Casey right by her side. Jamie Lynn knows she needs to make a living when she grows older, so she’s already discussing her career options with advisers. She wants Maddie to grow up in comfort.’

PR Photos. Her KCA days are over!

  • Anonymous

    lmao hillbilly teeth. EXCELLENT

  • iheartvfc

    even though she may not have made the smartest decisions, she is handling it very well. love her decision to stay out of hollywood for a while to focus on being a mother. that needs to be her first priority and im glad the hunger for fame has deterred from that. i’m really pullin for her. she seems to have remained very grounded in all of this, staying out of the media. i wish her the best.

  • Dumm Blonnd


  • Anonymous

    shes 16 and living with a guy? i mean if i was stupid enough to get preggers at 16 my parents would NOT let me live with him!
    she’s actually almost 18
    also the same things not gonna happen twice andddd they’re living together to raise the baby together so she has a mother and father, it makes sense, that’s what a lot couples do if they stay together.

  • http://Ireland Hannah

    she’s actually 17

  • zerbles!

    Joe jonas could be picking his nose for 15 secs n it would have 115 comments in 5 secs. love him ;) n he should def do that.

    member when he sat in that chair for that radio host, n nick tied his shoes, n kevin drank that water


    oh n I think this spears gal is doing the smart thing. Good job taking the time to think it through Jamie!

  • Sav

    How has she ruined her life? She has a baby, a house, her own land, and a great boyfriend. She’s living the life most people strive for. Plus she has money and she’ll get royalties from Zoey101 for the rest of her life. Having a baby doesn’t ruin your life. It just changes it, and usually for the better.

    And she’ll be 18 next Saturday…

  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    I like her hair brown way better. Anyway, Zoey 101 used to be my favorite show! I’m so sad that she’s not doing it anymore. :( She mad a huge mistake though. She shouldn’t of lost her virginity, then she got pregnant, and now she’s living with him? I’ll be praying for you Jamie.

  • Boop

    Sucks that she got pregnant, but I’ll give her props for not just shoving the baby aside and trying to salvage what would be left of her career. At least she’s trying.

  • Jane

    that was the worst mistake ever, getting pregnant, but at least she’s happy?

  • Anonymous

    jamie lynn can marry me!

  • Lisa Lisa

    Hey Sav, I think people just meant that it would have been better if she had her baby later in life, b/c now she has a responsibility while everyone else her age is having fun. But you are right, a baby does not ruin your life and saying so is a terrible thing. I would not like to be known as the person that ruined my mother’s life.

    Glad she is staying out of the spotlight, and she’s not going to have her money go down the drain any time soon.

    Zoey 101 was a whack show though. She really is a bad actor, but everyone else on it was fine.

    Dang, put her hair in two pigtails and let her wear a red cat suit and she is identical to her big sister, Britney.

  • Anonymous

    the hell? is she missing a tooth?

  • Anonymous

    she turns 18 this month

  • Megan

    Shes becomeing a country singer.. I think she has an okay voice Don’t know what it’ll sound like with country music guess we’ll have to wait and see. but her “hollywood” days are not over, they are just getting started just in a new direction. Not acting but music. I think shes a good role model i mean not that she got pregnant at a young age, but i mean you see these girls who do get pregnant at a young age and just leave there kids with there moms, shes atleast doing the right thing and raising her adorable daughter :) I support Jamie Lynn 100%

  • Anonymous

    *is off

  • jonas

    shes 16 and living with a guy? i mean if i was stupid enough to get preggers at 16 my parents would NOT let me live with him!

  • Anonymous

    i’m glad jamie is choosing the right path. choosing the path away from hollywood to raise her kid, and not work in the business anymore will save her from going down Britney’s road. i hope jamie all the best and even though she won’t marry him hopefully he’ll be there for her. ily jamie and hope you the best

  • Anonymous

    bullshit. we all know he’s cheating on her.

  • Jess

    i feel bad for her, her life is completely ruined. she’s so stupid for getting pregnant. like seriously, wtf?!? you’re only 16!

  • http://oceanup.com teamdisney:)

    hhaahhah this has like 5 comments and its something… big.

    joe jonas dances for 17 seconds and there is like 115 comments.

  • Anonymous

    me too I was so mad at her…and nowshe is completely finished acting!?

  • Anonymous

    HAAH that made my day

  • Noah

    miley and justin do NOT live together!

  • judi

    justin gaston lives with miley and they sleep together.
    money changes everything. especially people.

  • lalala

    i liked zoey 101 =[

  • Anonymous

    oh no, no she is not missing a tooth… that picture was from whenshe was like 12 or 13. I remember reading a tween magazine when years ago when I was 12 and that picture was from the KCA’s or something lol.

  • Erin

    poor girl! :( Hopefully she has enough money to last her a LONGGGG time!

  • http://dd rr


  • Anonymous

    umm no… I highly doubt that Miley and Justin sleep together at this time.

  • http://twitter.com/laaaurrrennn laurennnn :)

    lmao “wedding if off”
    haha oh oceanup
    you and your silly typos
    lol i read that and i was like wtf?

  • http://dd rr

    Yeah Gr8

  • Lexi

    Good for her, at least shes not following after her sister, Maddie need to grow up away from the fame, but I will miss Zoey 101, it was a good show, but good for her, i think everyone being total bitches about her getting pregnant, and living with Casey, at least she is taking care of the baby, and is taking responsibility for her actions! I love you Jamie!!

  • Anonymous

    i miss her :/ she was actually cool
    waaaaaay better than miley
    until this

  • Anonymous

    The wedding is a woman’s most fantasized about event, and everything has to perfectly adapt to that, from the Wedding Invitations to the wedding gown. So I totally understand her.