Hannah Montana House For Sale $15M

Miley Cyrus‘ Malibu beach house on Hannah Montana is FOR SALE. It will
only cost you $15,000,000. 80 feet of magnificent beachfront on highly coveted Broad Beach Road. This Cape Cod style retreat features a 4 bedroom main house and a 2 bedroom detached guest house..

..a grass covered interior yard, gated access and fenced ocean front yard with spa. Large open entertainment areas and 4 fireplaces warm this wonderful beach location. Also available for lease.

  • Anonymous

    like seriously for the people that say its not used on the set it is. like the interior is prob the upstairs the partt the show does not show. because hannah montana doesnt show the whole house ya know.

    but besides
    that i think the house is amazingg!:)
    and gorgeouss i’d buyy that.

  • Jane

    yeah i don’t think they ever use it, just shots of it. because the interior is totally different. but it would still be awesome to live there!!

  • Lena

    To Peggy and Gabriela:
    Uh, no offense, but wth would your parents buy it, so fake. haha, dumb..

  • Anonymous

    iits not the house they film in its just the outside it think

  • haha

    i purchased the house does anyone wants it i can give it for free

  • Anonymous

    ur dumb
    its real
    like legit, go slit ur writs.
    really legit, kill urself

  • Anonymous

    i already bought it

  • sofia

    aha and know what happens with hanna montana??

  • Anonymous

    i love this house! and so do my parents! they want to buy it and there are looking into buying it! :)
    we have been wanting a new house and this might be the one if they like the inside!!!!
    YAY! soo excited! i lovee having money.
    LMFAO don’t think you have any money like that
    what celebrity is yr parent(s)?

  • Kat

    i guess all the hannah montana fans are going to cry them selfs to sleep now know that theres no more new hannah montana episodes, hahaha

  • Lisa Lisa

    You guys are dumb! I know already others said it, and thankfully they did. The filming is done on a set, but the house is one of those backdrops. Just like on “Everybody Loves Raymond”, the filming isn’t done in the house either. It would be too expensive and obviously impossible to film in, it would look like reality show footage.

    It is a beautiful house though, but I don’t have the money. I would love to see my dog run around that huge area.

    LOL at the kid who said it’s only $15…xD.

    Dang, you can buy a house for $500,000? Mine cost 75,000…now I feel poor. xD

  • Anonymous

    lmfao people on here are fucking redic.
    just admit it, none of you on here can afford a $15 million house. who are you trying to kid?
    it is a gorgeous house though and anyone who gets the chance to buy it is incredibly lucky.

  • Anonymous

    that is is a 15 million dollar house I would love to live in it but it is way to exspecive
    my kids are the bigest fans of hannah montana
    in the world my kids have seen the movie 26

  • Anonymous

    Its such a nice house!

  • http://www.isupportdemi.com DemiFan

    Hey Guys, Jason Earles has confirmed that Hannah Montana hased been renewed for a FOurth a final season. So More episodes are comming! And Miley also said it is up to Disney to decide weather or not they want to renew more episodes for the show or not. It is not her choice to end Hannah Montana.

  • kasidi ray. (:

    cool beans. :]

  • pau

    first, i always wanted to do that. hahaha

  • mileyfan7

    Woah, I didn’t know that was a real house! Lol I thought it was just a set!

    Anyway, that’s a cool house, I’d SO buy it! haha

  • taLoRsWiFtBFF

    WHOAAAAA i wanna buy it

  • wow

    they only use the front and the interior is a tv set GOD it’s not complicated

    “What happens with hannah montana ?” nothing it doesn’t change anything they DON’T use the REAL house

  • Anonymous

    omgggg it was a real house?
    i actually thought it was inside a set????

  • Anonymous

    They do use a set, that is the house that they use for the pictures of the house outside, the inside is a set.

  • corrine =]


  • Hayley

    Craaaaap,why don’t I have 15,000,000 dollars and an additional boatload of money to pay property taxes?!

  • lena

    LOL, Sasha, ANONYMOUS and Gabriela and Peggy.
    DON’T THINK SO. What Liars. If you say I’m wrong, lets see if your names appear in oceanup or whatever. Let’s see if you’ll get. Just say you want it, no ones gonna get mad. HAH, can’t believe you freaks. You’re buying it, yeah right!

  • LittleWasserman

    So no more Hannah?

  • Anonymous

    i saw the Miles To Go book at Target.
    I laughed and walked away.

  • Anonymous

    well, some of the people on here are only 9.
    they’ll get it eventually. (:

  • Kayla

    It dosn’t really look like the actual house. Besides, wouldn’t they use a set? And the interior looks nothing like it… I’m not so sure I really believe this.

  • :)


  • Christina

    ONLY? \

  • Anonymous

    are the KCA’s tonight?!!??!

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  • Anonymous


    OMFGGG i want that house

  • Gabby

    on hannah montana the inside of the house is
    an inside set.

    but the shots of the outside
    are of this house.

  • richard fierciocity (beastiality is a way of life… am I ri

    HEY BITCHES! They use a set for the inside of the house and film a house to show the exterior. Most tv shows do. They just one day trottled up to this house and filmed the outside for a few minutes and use that as an INTRO for when scenes from the SET of the house are going to be shown

    DAYUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM This is not rocket effing science!

    Now I have to vent by doing more small woodland animals.

  • kimjonas

    oh my gosh! hahah

  • Katie

    They only used the OUTSIDE of the house for the show.
    So the inside of the ‘house’ on tv is a set, so of course it doesn’t look anything like the set in the pictures.

  • Anonymous

    They’re tonight.
    I voted:
    Reality Show- American Idol
    Tv Actor- Dylan Sprouse
    Cartoon- Sponbebob [FTW!!!!]
    Female Athlete- Candice Parker
    Book- Twilight
    Movie- Iron Man[YEAH!!!]
    Movie Actor- Well, i was caught between my boys Adam Sandler and George Lopez.. so i voted twice and voted for both of them LOL
    Movie Actress- ANNE HATHAWAYYY!!!!
    Animated Movie- KUNG FU PANDAA! sooo cute, my neice LOVES that movie! lol it’s adorable
    Voice from an Animated Movie- Jack Black [FROM kung fu panda lol]
    Male Singer- Jesse McCartney!!!
    Female Singer- Miley (:
    Song- I Kissed A Girl/Katy Perry
    Music Group- JB
    TV Actress- Selena Gomez :D
    Male Athlete- TIGER WOODS !!!!! <3
    Video Game- Guitar Hero, of course :D

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t look like the real one…

  • Anonymous

    only $15,000,000?

  • Anonymous

    Its the same house they only show the exterior they have on the show but the inside they film is just a set.

  • donald trump

    i got pocket money from myents today of 20 million dollars so i think i will buy it

  • DemiandMileyPones:)

    thats is a really beautiful house!

  • Mich

    Disney probably has enough shots of the outside of the house for them to not need to make any new ones, and, if they need any new ones, they can always pay the house’s new owner(s) to let them take pictures of it and/or let them film scenes on its outside.

    Again, this is only the outside of the Hannah Montana house. The scenes inside the house are filmed on a sound stage as with most other “houses” on TV.

  • DemiandMileyPones:)


    Miley is on live chat!!
    well, not yet but shes gonna be on any minute:]]]]]

  • Anonymous

    live video chat with miley cyrus
    saturday, March 28 @ 1:30pm ET / 10::30am PST

  • Anonymous

    no more hannah fuck.

  • Anonymous

    they only used the outside of the house for a cut
    scene the inside and the other places are set’s

  • Anonymous

    what the hell you guys are idiots
    this only the house that they use for those pointless filler shots
    all the acting and crap is done indoors. on a set. at a studio. my god.]
    so yes there still will be hannah montana unless miley cyrus pulls out. and do believe it.

  • Anonymous

    hey can people who do not have twitter acount can view the chat since i dont have one

  • ac

    wow its nice but too much

  • Anonymous

    does this mean hannah montana is ending?! with the “choice” in the movie and now this..oh no! i really like hannah montana the tv show!

  • Anonymous

    in about 38 minutes

  • briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    so if they are selling the house does this mean the hannah montana show is
    really over?
    uughh i really want to see the movie!
    it will answer all the questions!!
    peace,love, miley!

  • Anonymous

    u can still watch it but u cant ask her anything

  • Anonymous

    it’s only the outside of the house they use and maybe for other parts they use the inside. only 15 million?

  • anita

    um… i think he/she was being sarcastic. dont be so rude.

  • http://google.com idk

    Yes, the outside of the house is the one they use for the show, but the inside of the house on the show is just a set you retards. And i saw an unaired version of the hannah montana pilot, and they had a different house on the outside, it was like big and white and kinda like jesse mccartneys..just saying. but this does not necessarily mean hannah montana’s over.

  • Anonymous

    aw man i dont want hannah montana to be done :'(

  • Anonymous

    yea, just go to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/miley-cyrus and watch. the twitter thing is just so you can ask questions.

  • http://www.plurk.com/omjitsmiriam OMJ it`s MIRIAM

    Well. It looks like a hot house. XD I WANT IT!

  • Anonymous

    u can still watch it but u cant ask her anything
    ok thank you.

  • It is the house

    It is the real house they don’t actually film in the house they just shoot the outside of it then they film the rest on a studio set so they never really used the house it’s just featured on the show and they film on the beach.

  • chrissy

    that doesnt look like the house

  • Anonymous

    omg!!!!! omgggg i want thissss….
    only $15?? i thought it would be at LEAST $30..but it looks kinda fake..
    nobody here can buy it
    use common sense little kids
    $15,000,000,my parents can only afford a half million dollar home
    which is $500,000
    unless you parents were CELEBRITIES than you can
    so stop saying your getting it dumbshits!


    Your parents don’t have to be celebrities to be rich sweetie.

  • Anonymous

    they use the outside of the house for the look… but the inside is fake

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    woowwww I ever loved that house :)

  • Anonymous

    anyone got $15 million i can borrow? :)

  • Erinnn

    i live on cape cod!!!!!!
    beautiful place :D

  • http://real-wishes.com :)

    They use a set for the inside of the house. This house is the one when they show it from outside.

  • bojo

    It doesnt mean the show is over. Disney never owned the house in the first place: they got permission from whoever owned it to use outside shots of it to represent miley’s house in the show. They’ll either continue using the shots they have or try to get permission from the new owners for new shots.
    Whenever you see the inside of the house on the show, or characters interacting with the house (i.e. on the porch or roof, etc) it is always on a disney studio set. So nothing will change.
    Television shows and movies often use shots of real buildings to represent the outides of houses and buildings, but the insides are almost always separate sets.

  • Anonymous

    it doesn’t mean hannah montana is over, they still have all the outside shots of the house, so they’ll just keep using those. Or maybe in an upcoming Hannah Montana episode, they’ll move. Change things up? Maybe the movie will tell use more.

  • Anonymous

    man some people are stupid.
    yes this mean no more hannah…its been no more hannah for a while. this is the last season.
    and the inside is a set. they only use the outside of the house so if youre thinking of buying this house, your not going to be living in the house they shoot in cause it doesnt exsist.

  • Anonymous


  • megan

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! im like shitting myself, i want it!

  • Anonymous

    If i won the lottery or was suddenly rich, I would totally buy that house. It’s a beautifl house, is in a location I would love to live, and with being featured on HM has a certain kitsch appeal.

  • Anonymous

    aww thats cheapppppp im gonna get it

  • Anonymous

    hmtm soundtrack is #2 on itunes

  • Anonymous

    i love when they do that! ONLY 20,000,000 dollars!!hahahaa! only!

  • http://facebook.com gabriela

    my parents are buying it! hahahhah im so lucky!

  • vicki

    i love this house! and so do my parents! they want to buy it and there are looking into buying it! :)
    we have been wanting a new house and this might be the one if they like the inside!!!!
    YAY! soo excited! i lovee having money.

  • bojo

    Some other famous locations you might recognize from television that are real buildings include the Brady Bunch house, the house and highschool from Buffy, the Cheers bar, and the Tanner home from Full House, among many others. Lots of tourists and fans drive by these locations to see the “real” place in person! But the insides of all these places are different than they are on the show, cuz the show shoots the interiors on sets.

  • Anonymous

    Its such a nice house!

  • andrew


  • Anonymous

    I doubt disney owns the house they just pay the owner to use the front in the show!…Miley said herself that the film was never meant to be the end of the show and that it is up to disney! She said they are all hoping disney wants to do a 4th season!!!

  • Anonymous

    oh damn. 15 million? shiiit.
    thats one hella paradise spot tho.
    PSH! i want it.

  • DemiandMileyPones:)

    Cant wait for kcas:]

  • Anonymous

    They made the set.. They just use the outside of the house for the outside of the show.. So the inside isn’t real in the show.. get it??

  • Anonymous

    yeah but, they should, and i think they DID ask the owner. and anywayz, in for instance the HMTM theres the actual BEACH. and it is
    atleast in Los Angeles cuz if you look at that
    pic you can see Hollywood Hills [i think its those] behind 8)

  • Shai

    they do have a set. they just show the outside of the house for the show

  • carrie

    i’ll tried to convice my dad but he said it’s too horrible, i belive it’s beautiful, anyways i’ll try again later

  • JB fan123

    The Movie ends the show im guessing she picks miley. since all that drama went on abotu miley and billy ray coming late so they would fire them but it didnt work then miley was like i would rather work on my music..that is suck a pretty house though!

    God Bless

  • Allie

    That’s really cool!
    Ahh, If I ever bought that house (which..of course won’t happen. xD) It would be like, just awesome..

    Don’t they still need the house for the show?
    That’d be cool if they still shot there,

  • Anonymous

    That is one beautiful house! I wish I could afford that haha.

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait for them to play i kissed a girl infront of 10 year olds

  • anonymous

    guys are u freakin retarded? Every show you have ever watched uses a set. The producers of Hannah Montana picked a random house that looks like it’s in Malibu(maybe it is, who knows) and they take a lot of pictures of the outside of it. Then they leave and never come back. None of the cast has actually ever been to that house. Even the beach in the show is a set. Notice how they never actually show the beach, just the area with rico’s stand. So guys who are saying “i dont believe this, it looks nothing like it does on the show” should start using their brain and get that its not fake and oceanup isn’t trying to trick us into thinking something. The outside house that everyone sees on tv is selling. Not the set that they use for it. AND that also means that Hannah Montana isn’t ending (at least for the reason that the house is selling) because they just use the shots they took before.

  • Anonymous

    that house was also used in ryan cabreras music video shine on

  • madi

    so does this mean that they’re moving, or the end of the whole show? cause this confuses me

  • Charo

    No more Hannah ? :( … Anyway I wanna buy it

  • Anonymous

    miley live chat in 2 min

  • Crystal

    If I see more pictures of the house (inside and outside) I can probably convinve ;D

  • anonymous

    none of the hannah montana cast has ever been even near that house, so what’s its significance?

  • wow

    ok so MANY of yall are suck retards. of course it doesnt look like the inside of the house on tv. its called they went and filmed the outside of the house and then used it. they paid the ppl to do that. retards, also to all the people who say they bought the house ur fucking lying. think the jonas brothers and miley bt have expensice homes bt not even that expensive. mileys is like over 6 mil jonas is i think round 8 mil. 15 mil is WAYYYYY more u really would have to be like angelina and brad pitt to buy that. or oprah. or have parents who r fuckin rich. so dnt say o i bought it. and i went to the website its already off market. been bought. yall r such liars. and u wouldnt be on here probably if u had that kind of money and leaving comments.

  • jazmine

    so does this mean they are stopping the show ??!!!! someone please answer lol!

  • Caia

    I would kill for that house.

  • Anonymous

    Man, seriously? This isn’t even where they film it. It’s just shown as if it is the actual house. But the clips of the house were used in older shows in the 70’s and stuff. They don’t ever use it. It’s just clips shown of it. They film the actual show in a studio. even the outside of the ‘house’ on the show is set up. This is not THE hannah montana house, okay guys? :)just thought i’d try clear things up for ya’ll. But it does look pretty awesome. Lucky whoever buys it. :)

  • kellz

    daaang girl.
    you know i live next door.
    we’ll be neigbors ;]

    i just met bill gates daughter?
    15 million is a lot sweetie.

  • http://www.twitter.com/disneyfan4eva rosemary jonas

    wtf! only $15 mill i dont even have $1 mill


    I want this house. Watching the show, I always thought it was really cool.

  • Anonymous

    it is a set, its just the outside of the house they use. so all they’re using is the imageee

  • Judy

    wow this is like my dream house i want this house so bad

  • Maryy<3

    myy parents are thinking about buying ittt!


    omg!!!!! omgggg i want thissss….
    only $15?? i thought it would be at LEAST $30..but it looks kinda fake..
    nobody here can buy it
    use common sense little kids
    $15,000,000,my parents can only afford a half million dollar home
    which is $500,000
    unless you parents were CELEBRITIES than you can
    so stop saying your getting it dumbshits!


    Your parents don’t have to be celebrities to be rich sweetie.

    Well actually, “sweetie” your parents would probably be pretty known if they had a 15,000,000 dollar house…

  • Anonymous

    if it wasn’t featured on hannah montana, it wouldn’t cost that much. its an ordinary house.

  • Anonymous

    omg!!!!! omgggg i want thissss….
    only $15?? i thought it would be at LEAST $30..but it looks kinda fake..

  • Anonymous

    15 million? umm let me check my piggybank…

  • http://mileyc-site.blogspot.com Martina

    yeah they already use a set in a studio but when she goes out the house they film at this house…i´m not sure…perhaps they will do longer hannah montana, neverthless…??

  • Anonymous

    well, disney announced that after the hannah movie, hannah montana is sadlyyyyyyyyyyyy overr

  • Anonymous

    What do you think i mean taht she sai that she did not want to be a Children showss anymore and also she gave he body away so a lot of directors might want her

  • pamela

    i hope i will live there

  • http://facebook.com Anonymous

    sasha your such a liar “oh yeahh my parents are buiyng it ” LIAR!SUCKER! omg people obviously that they so the iniside of the house on a set!

  • aaliyahnoelle

    they only use the outside of the house. the actual show is shot on a set.

  • Anonymous

    I WANT IT!

  • sasha

    my parents are buying it!

  • hahah

    that was funnnnyyyyyyyyy
    her parents are bums
    she has noo money

  • erin

    they have satellite…

  • kimberly

    yeah right sasha your parents wouldnt buy a house that cost so much! “hi my name is sasha, people you know my parents are gonna buy that house!” LIAR!

    but i actually love it!<3
    i wanna live there!:@

  • kiky

    wow! I wish my parents could buy that house!

  • Peggy

    Omg,, My Mom is already buying it !!

  • Anonymous

    I actually don’t really like the house, but the location is freakin prime. It would be so sweet to just go outside and be able to surf :D

  • blablabla

    i knew this is not inside the set.
    but what??
    the living room is so different from Hannah’s one
    ts so crazy!!

  • Coolness

    My parents saw this house to buy… It’s really not as cute as it is in pictures. I like living in orange county better.

  • alyssa

    wow. thats alot of money. I always LOVED thst house since the first episode its so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    The house is UGLY

  • Anonymous

    I would want to live there for the view of the ocean and it being so near.

  • Anonymous

    they only shoot this house from the outside and thats it.. they use a set at the studio for the inside. they never tape inside it…just the outside.

  • Anonymous

    you guys are stupid. they use a set, but they film the outside of the house. i highly doubt they’ve ever actually been to the house. just like any other show.

  • Isabelle

    actually its a set…..but they use this house..for picture

  • Anonymous

    hahahhah thats so cool if you got to live there. that house is peeeeeeeeeeerty!

  • Anonymous

    omg!!!!! omgggg i want thissss….
    only $15?? i thought it would be at LEAST $30..but it looks kinda fake..
    nobody here can buy it
    use common sense little kids
    $15,000,000,my parents can only afford a half million dollar home
    which is $500,000
    unless you parents were CELEBRITIES than you can
    so stop saying your getting it dumbshits!

  • Anonymous

    Thats not a real house.

    …Its a doll house.

  • as yay!!!!!!!!!!

    the house is like heven i wish icould have it
    it is so so so cool;] ;] ;]

  • as yay!!!!!!!!!!

    cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool
    ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;]

  • Anonymous

    oh my fucking god miley cyrus is such a rich spoiald brate

  • #1 SUPER Miley Fan

    I want it

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  • Anonymous

    the entrance doesnt look like the one in hannah montana. because its a set for HM.
    But i didnt actually know that til i read these 8) i thought they were inside the house 8′)