‘I Met Ashley Tisdale At Coffee Bean!’

Stephanie & Kate met Ashley Tisdale at Coffee Bean in Toluca Lake, Friday. 1+

  • Anonymous

    I love Ashley she’s one of my favorites.

  • Jane

    if you want to meet her just go to coffee bean, i think she spends a majority of her time there. haha

  • Erica :)

    Love ashley’s jeans!

  • lauren

    cool! she looks sooo tan though

  • Laura

    lucky girl! FIRST?

  • Krystine


  • sofia

    awww she is so cute love her hair and her outfit

  • Anonymous


    ps. ashley love your hair long like that

  • :)

    cool …

  • Krystal

    Wow, gorgeous as always …

    I love her, her new album is going to be fucking sweeeet.

  • Maggie

    She’s actually smiling!!! She always looks so sad in candids..


    I went to that coffee bean a couple of months ago when I was in LA!

  • Anonymous

    ashley is so gorgeous!

  • oucanapsucks


  • Anonymous

    She looks so beautiful! I cant wait for her album i am getting her album and JB’s album for my bday (June 11) i cam so freakin excited..i knw her album is going to be awesome…and yay!shes smiling again!

  • Anonymous


    but i love herr

  • Jissette

    She looks so beautiful…i LOVELOVELOVE her hair long…its way better than her hair being short….I cant wait 4 her album…I LOVE YOU ASH!

  • stephanie

    SHE IS SO NICE. SO SO SO NICE, didnt have an attitude or anything and was incredibly sweet
    btw, im 5”10



  • http://playlist.com/libs :)

    Ash is so pretty! :)

  • Michelle

    wow! ashley has been looking prettier than she has ever been….she looks better brunette than blonde…and ow she is really short…i remember her saying that she is short and i never realized that she was actually really short…but she still looks beautiful!!!and havent you noticed that ashley has been smiling alot now? HMMM…I WONDER WHY??

  • mary amanda

    i think that other girl is just really tall. ashley said in an interview that she was like 5’3 so thats not too short.

  • joose

    she looks too cute as always! i love ashley :B
    lucky fans!

  • Anonymous

    She is gorgeous!<3

  • Anonymous

    she looks a little orangee,!

  • Anonymous

    i love her tan <3

  • http://CAMILA. CAMILA.


  • Anonymous

    she looks really good

  • bray

    i love her hair that way!!
    how’d she get so tan?
    it looks good!

  • Anonymous


  • kate

    she was wearing heels too!

  • Anonymous

    lol sshe’s soo short!!

  • Caia

    She’s so gorgeous.
    I love her.

  • ariel

    she looks amazing!!!!!!!!! i am in love with her outfit!!!!!!!!! i want it!

  • camm

    i love ashley!!
    maybe she’s smiling because she’s taking a pic with a fan and not being chased by some sweaty pap.
    she looks waay cute!

  • alyssa

    aww. she looks so happy and pretty :) im happy for her.

  • sarah

    i really really love her tan. ashley is gorgeous :)

  • Cami

    She looks great!

  • Anonymous

    that’s it?
    was she nice?

  • Anonymous

    wait how tall are you??

  • Solange

    IKR? Luckily she’s not spening her time at home taking nude pics. Phewww!

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAH hi kate and steph. they go to holton. halla

  • Danielle

    i want too met ashley!